Toy Fair 2016: Diamond Select Gamora & Rogue Statues!

A couple weeks back, I placed my pre-order for the Sideshow Gamora Exclusive Premium Format Statue, confident it would be the only high-end state ever made of the character in her comic costume. Well, at New York Toy Fair 2016, Diamond Select Toys made a fool out of me, where they debuted not only a new Marvel Premiere Collection Jim Lee Rogue Statue–but a modern Gamora statue as well!

Toy Fair 2016 Diamond Select Gamora and Rogue Statues

The company who took me by surprise the most at the 2016 Toy Fair as far as Marvel goes was definitely Diamond Select Toys. I had no idea they were going to unveil so many new Marvel figures and statues at the show.

But the one item at the DST Booth that Most caught me off-guard was definitely the Marvel Premiere Collection Gamora statue.

I don’t have any idea how the first two statues in the Diamond Marvel Premiere Collection–Wolverine and Thor–sold, but I suspect the sales weren’t that swell, given the overwhelmingly critical response I’ve heard to those pieces.

Diamond Marvel Premiere Collection Statues Wolverine Gamora Thor RogueIt may be for that reason that DST has changed the line to a completely different scale and type of poses with the new museum-style Gamora and Rogue statues. You can see from the photo above that I took that these two new statues vary wildly from the style of Wolverine and Thor.

Close-Up of Marvel Premiere Collection Gamora StatueThe Diamond Select Gamora Statue is easily the best piece in this line yet, in my opinion. Gamora looks dead-serious and ready to blow someone away with that blaster.

New York Toy Fair Gamora Statue 12" Diamond SelectGamora’s armor looks accurate and is well-detailed, and the rocky terrain base is appropriate.

Diamond Select Toys Gamora Statue Marvel Premiere CollectionAnd while the size and level of detail can’t compete with Sideshow’s Gamora Premium Format Figure, it really doesn’t have to with this figure costing less than 1/3 of what that one does.

Toy Fair International 2016 Rogue DST Statue Sixth ScaleMeanwhile, Rogue is… “okay”. Not the best Marvel statue that DST has done, but not the worst either.

2016 Toy Fair Rogue Statue Diamond Select ToysThere are parts of this Diamond Rogue statue that I think they absolutely nailed (the costume, the pose), but other parts that I think went askew somewhere along the line (the hair, the face, the weird flying base that looks like water).

Rogue Diamond Select Toys Statue 2016 Toy FairIf I hadn’t just bought the outstanding Kotobukiya Rogue Danger Room Sessions statue last year I might be in the market for this one, but my appetite for a Jim Lee Rogue is satiated for now.

Both statues are about 12″ tall, have been sculpted by Clayburn Moore and carry a $150 MSRP (although BBTS offers pre-order discounts on this line). For a 12″ resin statue, $150 is a rock-bottom price that no other Marvel collectible manufacturer can compete with. With Bowen Designs out of the game for now (or forever), it’ll definitely be interesting to see how well these Bowen-styled museum-posed 1/6th scale Marvel statue sell.

Marvel Premiere Collection Gamora and Rogue StatuesMarvel Premiere Collection Statues are available for order online, and both Rogue and Gamora are scheduled for release in Fall 2016. Rogue just went up for order last week, with Gamora to follow soon (most likely in March). Rogue is a limited edition of 3,000, while the edition size hasn’t been announced yet for Gamora (though I can’t imagine it being any higher than Rogue’s LE number).

What do you think of the Diamond Select Toys Rogue and Gamora statues, Marvel collectors? How do these compare with Sideshow and Kotobukiya’s takes on the characters, and are you planning to pick either up later this year?


Toy Fair 2016: Diamond Select Gamora & Rogue Statues! — 2 Comments

  1. *sigh*
    Every time I see someone make another statue or figure of Gamora in her awesome white armor OR her classic green cloak, it drives me a little nuts just how badly generic and forgettable they made her costume in the Guarians Of The Galaxy movie.
    Comicbook Gamora has several amazing designs to choose from, so what happened with the movie?
    Did someone lose a bet with Bryan Singer, so she had to use a lame X-Men movie costume?

  2. I am normally not a fan of movie based statues, but in the case of GOTG I actually prefer the movie versions. I will pre-order this one though, just to support the line. I am not feeling this Rogue though, the Koto one totally kills it. Hopefully Gamora does well enough to warrant the whole team getting made.