Marvel Legends Nick Fury Figure Review & Photos 2016

I almost fell out of my chair when Hasbro revealed the Captain America Marvel Legends Civil War wave and someone asked why Nick Fury was a white guy. “You know you’re old when…”, right? But while white Nick Fury may not be the most recognizable iteration of the character anymore (to my astonishment), the new Marvel Legends Nick Fury figure is still in high demand and selling for well over MSRP. But should you want multiples of this figure to army-build…? Hmm…

Captain America Civil War Marvel Legends Nick Fury Action FigureThe Right:

Though we just scored an updated 6″ Marvel Legends Nick Fury Samuel L. Jackson figure in a Toys R Us exclusive Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. three-pack last year (which also came with killer Agent Coulson and Maria Hill six inch figures), there are still plenty of fans out there who have been pining away for a new classic Nick Fury action figure (and by classic, I mean “from that time before Nick went loco and blew the Watcher’s brains out).

And what better place for a comic-based Nick Fury action figure than this year’s Marvel Legends Captain America lineup, right?

Hasbro Marvel Legends Nick Fury Six Inch Figure PackagedOrdinarily there might be some grumbles about getting another classic Marvel Legends 6″ Nick Fury figure when he’s been done pretty perfectly before, but Hasbro has included a feature that I think has won over most potential critics: two alternate heads for this figure!

That’s right, Nick Fury comes with not one, but two totally different alternate heads.

Marvel Legends Dirk Anger Figure Nick Fury HeadThe more jaw-dropping of the heads is unquestionably that of Dirk Anger, Warren Ellis’ satirical primary antagonist of Nextwave. This head looks positively deranged, and I love it. The body here isn’t quite right for Dirk, but the head is awesome and full of personality.

Nick Fury Marvel Legends SHIELD Commando FigureAnd for the army-builders out there, there’s a generic SHIELD Agent head. The SHIELD Commando helmet looks like something we’ve seen in the comics on hundreds of occasions, and I also prefer this well-sculpted head to the default one.

Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War Nick Fury Six Inch Figure ReviewThe articulation on the 2016 Marvel Legends Nick Fury figure is terrific. While he only has an upper torso ab crunch and not a swivel waist as well (Nuke and Black Panther have both), the articulation scheme is otherwise pretty complete: ankle rockers, double-jointed knees and elbows, swivel biceps/thighs/boots… the works.

(UPDATE: It turns out Nick Fury does have a swivel waist, but it’s restricted by the belts on his waist. In addition, mine seems to be totally stuck, and as this is the cheap plastic that can tear if you apply too much force, it’s gonna stay stuck.)

Back of Marvel Legends 2016 Nick Fury Action FigureML Nick Fury’s head is especially articulated, with a wide range-of-motion that lets him fully look up, down, and all around. As far as head and neck articulation goes, this is some of the best we’ve seen in the line this year.

Usable Holster on Hasbro 6" Nick Fury Marvel Legends FigureNick’s basic sculpt is complemented by several holsters and belts, all of which are well-done. There’s a dark wash on the white accessories that make the details pop, and the holster on his right leg holds Nick’s sole gun–a pistol–securely.

SHIELD Logo on Shoulders of Nick Fury Marvel Legends 2016 6" FigureThe printed-on SHIELD logos on each of the figure’s shoulders also came out pristine, and are definitely a highlight of the costume from a visual perspective.

Back of Package Captain America Legends Nick Fury FigureFor the most part, this six inch action figure looks exceptional, whether it be as a S.H.I.E.L.D. Commando, Dirk Anger or the head of SHIELD himself.

Marvel Legends SHIELD Commando Agent Figure HeadThe Wrong:

While the Marvel Legends 2016 Nick Fury figure is excellent in design, the actual production of the figure has some issues that frustrate me.

By far the biggest annoyance I have with this figure is that it’s made of the super cheap-feeling rubbery plastic that collectors have come to loathe. Nick’s legs are totally loosely-goosey, and all of his limbs feel immensely rubbery and unstable.

Nick’s default head was also majorly loose right out of the package–so much so that he’s almost a better bobblehead than all my Marvel POP Vinyls!

Marvel Legends Nick Fury Review 2016In addition, I thought the Nick Fury head sculpt was easily the weakest of the three heads (unfortunately). Nick not being able to smoke his trademark stogie isn’t a surmountable problem, but the soft-looking, almost youthful face sculpt should have been.

Nick simply doesn’t look old and grizzled as he should, and as a result I much prefer the more compelling SHIELD Commando and Dirk Anger heads.

Marvel Legends Civil War Nick Fury Figure and AccessoriesAlso, it’s a bit of a head-scratcher that not only does the Nick Fury Marvel Legends figure only get one tiny pistol, but it has zero paints apps on it.

With the multiple accessories and great paint deco on other figures in this assortment (such as Nuke), it feels like Nick Fury got really shafted in the weapons department, which is a shame since the Commando head definitely looks like it could use a more powerful gun than a mere pistol.

Dirk Anger Marvel Legends Nextwave Action FigureOverall: What I’d anticipated being the second-best figure in this Captain America Civil War Wave 2 set has turned out to actually be one of the weakest. While I love the Dirk Anger and SHIELD Commando heads for the Marvel Legends Nick Fury figure, I’m disappointed in the likeness of main head. The rubbery plastic used for the majority of the figure, the loose joints and unpainted gun are also real disappointments.

This figure has an outstanding articulation scheme and looks excellent, but the figure’s issues prevent it from being one of Hasbro’s best. I’m on-board for a couple more of these figures because I really want a Dirk Anger and a couple SHIELD Commandos, but I’m definitely not as enthusiastic about this 6″ Nick Fury figure as I’d anticipated being.



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  1. This is the Nick Fury I knew and grew up with,I am glad he’s getting an updated figure and looking forward to owning it!

    • Same here. I bought 40 of these guys to army build and I couldn’t be more happy. Black fury is not nick fury and it doesn’t work for me.

      • Is it because black Nick Fury’s personality is different enough from white Nick Fury’s in some way that doesn’t work for you, or is it just because he’s black?

        • No. Social justice warriors and black Nick Fury are the reason we can’t have nice things. All races are protected by the PC police except whites. Go on some tumblr-esque rant about it but you know it’s true.

          • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.

            Oh man, that comment was comedic gold. You ticked off every box: “Ess Jay Dubbleyoos”, “PeeCee Police”, Tumblr, etc. Wow, I’m surprised you didn’t try to make fun of us for being “triggered,” even though that’s not what that means.

            Also, in response to your other comment, what’s wrong with Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel? She’s not even replacing a preexisting character in her case.

          • @Dave Brown Oh, there it is, “triggered”. Knew one of you would use that stock statement at some point.

          • Um, no? He bought 40 of them, so now 39 of us can’t find one at a decent price. Not only do I not have 1 Nic Fury, I don’t have a complete Giant Man.

      • You are a brave and honest person. Those two adjectives have to go hand-in-hand these days.

  2. Have you try to use the agent’s of SHIELD heads of the Hasbro’s 2009 Two Pack with this body? Great review!

  3. Actually, this figure does have a waist swivel (it IS on the Bucky Cap body, afterall), but it’s hindered by the pouches/harness.

  4. OF COURSE it has a waist swivel. This is a standard BuckyCap mold.

    Use hot water to heat up the waist swivel and lossen it up.

    Then use hot water on the joints to soften them up, and then pinch them tight while running them under cold water to freeze them back in place tighter than they were.

  5. Fury’s head sort of reminds me of Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3. Or at least Kurt Russell in a sense.

  6. Huh, I just managed to find one of this guy so far, and yes it has all the rubbery-plastic problem you mentioned. The head bobbles, the ab-crunch wobbles, the hips, the knees, the boots, the ankles, everything is soft and loose like he has advanced arthritis, and he definitely doesn’t want to stay standing for very long.

    I am definitely planning to do the heat and pinch trick to attempt to fix things, but I’m not hopeful it will correct everything.

  7. Thank you for the review; you saved me some money. I have the old Toy Biz one, and that’s actually a pretty sweet figure. I even have the 4″ mail-away one from the MU line, so eh, that’s enough.