Marvel Legends Odin Build-A-Figure Review & Photos

Yesterday I kicked off my series of reviews of the Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 1 figures with my Marvel Legends Machine Man review, but I thought I’d shake things up a bit today by jumping straight to the Build-A-Figure… or rather, Build-A-Figures! The identity of the Allfather varies depending upon the time period in the Marvel Universe you’re reading about, but now you can pick from two for your display: it’s the Marvel Legends Odin Review (and King Thor Review)!

Marvel Legends King Thor Figure Close-UpThe Right:

Odin has never been anywhere near the top of my Marvel Legends figure wish list, but he is a longtime classic and prominent character in the Marvel Universe. So while I’m not jumping for joy over his selection as the first Marvel Legends 2015 Build-A-Figure, I’m not disgusted by the choice either.

Of course, for those like me who aren’t in love with Odin, Hasbro has given us another choice for this wave in the form of the Marvel Legends King Thor Build-A-Figure!

Now, neither of these characters will appeal to some folks, but I adore it when Hasbro gives us “two-for-the-price-of-one” Build-A-Figures like this one (and previously the Red Skull/Arnim Zola). So thanks for giving us a little something extra, Hasbro! (Although I imagine the fact that they can sell us extra figures may have more to do with it than generosity…).

Marvel Legends Odin Build-A-Figure ReviewBy buying all seven figures in this series, you get all of the parts necessary to build King Thor or Odin–not both. You’ll need to buy an extra Hawkeye, Thor and Iron Fist if you want to have both Marvel Legends Odin and Thor at once. In Hawkeye’s case, that won’t be a problem, as the Marvel Legends 2015 Hawkeye figure is the only figure packed at two-per-case. Thor and Iron Fist, however, may be a bit tricker with this one-per-case ratios.

Back of Odin Marvel Legends 2015 FigureAlthough I’m not a fanboy for either of these characters, I will say that both these figures are solid and generally well-done. I have my qualms about both (which I’ll get to in a minute), but for the most part I’m satisfied with these.

I’ve heard a lot of complaining lately that we don’t get gigantic Build-A-Figures like the Marvel Legends Fin Fang Foom and Sentinel anymore, but those days are long gone. I’m satisfied with getting a bonus figure with a lot of unique tooling that we otherwise wouldn’t get these days–especially when the figures are as impressive as Odin and King Thor, rather than itty-bitty little figures like Hit-Monkey.

Hasbro 2015 Marvel Legends Odin Figure BackHasbro probably could have cheaped out and just given us a King Thor head and called it a day, but they went the extra mile to make both figures feel authentic. The Odin and King Thor BAFs have totally different heads, capes, left arms and weapons. Odin has his huge and trusty battle staff, whereas King Thor has his recognizable enchanted axe, Jarnbjorn.

Marvel Legends 2015 King Thor Figure with JarnbjornThe joints on these Marvel Legends figures are really tight, so I don’t have any issues getting Odin and King Thor to hold the poses I put them into (although the articulation limits what those poses can be).

Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 1 Odin Build A Figure Close-UpSculpting-wise, these are easily the most impressively detailed figures in the 2015 Marvel Legends line this far. From the layered body armor to the horns on Odin’s helmet and the dynamically flowing capes, these are very finely-sculpted figures, making them worthy of the extra tooling dollars Hasbro spent on King Thor and Odin (which is also likely why these characters necessitated the Build-A-Figure treatment).

And while I have some issues with the paint deco on these figures, some of the paintwork is all-out fantastic. The paint weathering on the armor in particular is excellent–it’s so good that I honestly thought that there was more sculpting detail on the armor than there actually is!

King Thor Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure ReviewThe Wrong:

As you’d expect from any modern Marvel Legends action figure, the Odin and King Thor Build-A-Figure is chock full of articulation. Unfortunately, Odin and King Thor end up having much more restricted articulation than most.

King Thor Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Holding Up AxeThe ball-hinge elbows on the figures (particularly King Thor’s metal arm) have a much smaller range of motion than we’re used to, and the ball-jointed heads can’t look around or up and down very much at all.

In addition, King Thor/Odin’s foot armor restricts the hinge ankles, and he has no thigh or calf articulation T all, which can get in the way of standing the King Thor or Odin Build-A-Figure up stably.

Avengers Marvel Legends Odin Action Figure with Staff

Aside from the articulation, there are some other aspects of these figures that bother me. First off, the color for Odin’s staff and helmet looks really cheap and toy-like. If painting details onto Odin’s staff and helmet was to expensive, it would have at least been nice if they were painted in a shiny, brass-like paint instead of a flat orange-brown color.

And while the Marvel Legends King Thor figure is free from those problems of his father, his red cape won’t snap stably into place and pops out easily and frequently. It’s not a deal breaker, but it really is quite annoying.

Marvel Legends Avengers Series King Thor Build-A-FigureOverall: I have mixed feelings about the Marvel Legends King Thor/Marvel Legends Odin figures. The sculpting on the figures is top-notch and I appreciate the new tooling, but the restricted articulation leaves a lot to be desired. I’m also displeased with the lack of paint deco on Odin’s staff, how easily King Thor’s cape pops off and how plastic-y looking Odin’s helmet is. Overall, Marvel Legends Odin and King Thor are very good–but not great–Build-A-Figures. If you love either of these characters, you should be reasonably happy with what Hasbro’s made for us.



Marvel Legends Odin Build-A-Figure Review & Photos — 14 Comments

  1. In all of the pictures that you’ve posted, the shoulder pauldrons on the arms are rotated fully down towards the elbow, making it obvious that they are riveted into their shoulder. That is going to bug the crap out of me.

    Could you possibly take a picture with the shoulder pauldrons rotated up towards the neck? Or do they only lie in the one orientation?


    • I’ll upload a photo later tonight or tomorrow, but the shoulder pauldrons can absolutely be rotated upwards. I just liked them how I had them, but they can freely swivel.

      • I like this Odin for what it is; A Marvel Legends BAF. The wave of characters are both excellent and a means to an end for Hasbro to keep their promise of getting out the so-called lost legends. I like one-of-a-kind figures and Odin is a character that was on my list, but after building him and placing him on my shelf next to Ronan and Ares,it has awakened a few minor nit-picks. I’m using “Thor’s”head because it looks more like definitive Odin to me, despite the wrong eye thing. I’m using (“Thor’s”) the red cape also, and it kept bugging me that something was missing,so I did an image search. It’s the lack of primary colors and lack of size. The size thing was obvious next to Ares and Ronan(Ronan’s taller than the allfather!) My Odin has a red cape,golden chain mail,blue body armor, and very prominent horned helmet.
        This BAF seems to be based on the color scheme of movie Odin! I won’t be spending any more money on building another. The arm seems rather pliable and swapping the heads and capes won’t be an issue. Now perhaps marvel select will make MY massive primary colored Odin,then this BAF can assume the King Thor identity?

        • Totally agree that Odin needs to be bigger and have a shiny armour. You hit it right on. I am pushing Chuck at Diamond Select on their ask DST asking for a Marvel Select Odin and Walt Simonsson Thor in full armour. GO there and push him too. Maybe he will finally listen to me or us?

  2. I LOVE the fact that we can get two great figures out of these parts!

    BUT does anyone else feel like these two figures will ultimately look a little too much like each other? I completely understand the intrinsic limitations of this variant BAF approach (having them share many parts) and am impressed they have as many distinct parts as they do (arms, head and cape!), but I do wish that they somehow wouldn’t end up LOOKING like it lol.

    In fact, I plan to customize my Odin figure (considering so much of the figure is actually based on King Thor’s design).
    My plans…
    · Odin AT LEAST will have his own belt buckle (and not Thor’s “T” lol)
    · sculpted fur around his shoulders and waist
    · repainted armor (and helmet/staff) to have more of a gold/copper palette

    (While I’m at it, I will likely repaint Thor’s thighs to be weathered silver, as all the illustrations I’ve seen so far show his entire legs armored.)

    • You’ll have an extra non-king-Thor if you’re building both, so why not swap out the armored legs to get the look you want? You’ll end up with a King Thor and Odin that look more different, and end up with a Thor that doesn’t look as much like the SDCC version rehashed again.

      • Ooh, good thinking. Thanks for the reply. I’ll give it a shot!
        That SDCC/SERIES 1 Thor is pretty huge, so scale should match up with the King Thor/Odin body…

  3. I am so happy that there is finally an ODIN figure. He is my top favourite character. Now I hope Diamond makes a Marvel Select comic Odin in their big figure scale with a nice gold shiny armour. I have been posting this on their questions site and seen many others ask for Odin too. Chuck from DS replies maybe. I’ll keep bugging them and keep my fingers crossed.

    • A marvel select Odin would be MARVELOUS!
      If they can make it large and in primary colors like some of the customs I’ve seen on figurerealm website that would be excellent! So cool!

  4. yo estoy muy feliz de ver a odin en legends .. creo que es uno de los personajes mas poderosos de marvel y merecia su lugar .. me gustaria algun baf gigante como tubimos antes aunque estos no me molestan .. es mas me agradan mucho .. mas cuando son personajes que merecen un lugar .. no me gusto la idea de los mini baf tipo puck o rockett o hit monkey .. pero terrax arnim zola ironmonger y odin/fey thor me parecen exelentes!! Hasbro les doy alguna idea mas para usar como baf .. mr hyde .. rhino .. juggernaut .. juggernaut colosus .. mephisto .. lafey .. atlas ..goliat .. strong guy .. bomb- a uuuy si habran !!

    • A Strong Guy BAF would be awesome! What costume would be best? I imagine his X-Factor uniform would be outdated now (though it’s my favorite). Does he currently have a signature look in the comics?

  5. It’s a nice figure, but the legs on mine don’t snap on at all. He stands nicely, but as soon as you move his legs they pop-off at the hip. Anyone have any problems with his? I could put some force onto the leg to click it in but i am not sure if it is supposed to.

    • I had the same problem with Odin and way back with Mandroid. I takes a lot of force to click in the legs. There was a nice fan that told me to use a hair blower on the torso leg holes to soften them and expand as well and it worked so amazing. I will always now remember this and do it overtime now. How this helps.