Marvel Legends Secret War Captain America Review & Photos 2016

I feel sort of bad about how hard I was ragging on the Iron Skull figure yesterday, so today’s review is going to cover a new iteration of a classic character that I think worked out much, much better for Hasbro. He’s not even available in most stores yet, but he’s still selling for below MSRP and free shipping online. Even so, the Marvel Legends Secret War Captain America is a surprisingly fantastic new 6″ Captain America figure…

Marvel Legends Secret War Captain America ReviewThe Right:

With Steve Rogers now being one of the most popular and recognizable superheroes in the world–and this toy line being called Captain America Legends–it stands to reason that we collectors are going to have to deal with at least one version of Cap himself in every series.

But while this could get very old and very boring fast, Hasbro has actually put some very exciting spins on what could have been some very plain Captain America toys this year!

Earlier this year we got Marvel Legends Cap-Wolf (which was all kinds of fun), and now, here comes… Secret War Captain America! (Note the lack of an ‘s’ on “War”.)

Front of Captain America Legends Secret War Cap FigureI’ll admit that Brian Michael Bendis’ “Secret War” limited series isn’t one of my all-time favorites (in fact, I believe I’ve only read it once, over a decade ago), but that doesn’t mean that this Captain America Secret War costume isn’t rockin’!

Back of Secret Wars Captain America Marvel Legends FigureWe’ve become so accustomed to minor tweaks to Cap’s classic and movie costumes that the 6″ Marvel Legends Secret War Captain America figure feels totally fresh visually compared to pretty much any other Cap action figure of the past few years.

Marvel Legends 2016 Secret Wars Captain America Action FigureThis figure doesn’t necessarily have more paint deco on it than your standard Cap, but the way it’s laid out on the toy is different enough to really be striking.

The ever-so-slightly shiny blue paint of this figure look fantastic with the subtle red lining on Cap’s boots, glove and mask.

Secret War Captain America Marvel Legends Figure BeltAlthough it’s an add-on to the underlying body, not only is the Secret War Captain America belt nice and tight (and I believe a new mold), but it also has some really eye-grabbing paint deco on it. The metal-looking belt is the most impressively-painted part of the whole figure!

Marvel Legends Secret War Captain America Throwing ShieldOf course, Hasbro isn’t banking on collectors buying this figure just for a truly obscure costume–they’ve packed in an incredibly awesome accessory as the real lure! For the first time ever, a Captain America Marvel Legends 6″ figure comes with a shield-throwing effects piece!

Hasbro 6" Marvel Legends Captain America Secret War vs Iron SkullYes, now Cap can “swoosh” has shield at evil-doers, leaving a streak of translucent red plastic in his shield’s wake. I was concerned that this effect shield might disappoint, but now that I’ve had time to play with it, I totally love it.

Secret War Captain America Shield Effects Piece Throwing UpThe shield throwing effect is actually attached to an open-handed interchangeable hand and cannot be removed from the hand, so no worries about it falling off or trying to cram it into Cap’s grip.

Hasbro Secret War Captain America Legends Figure ShieldWhile I initially worried that the accessory would be too heavy and Secret War Cap wouldn’t be able to hold it up, that’s not the case at all–thus far I’ve been able to pose Cap without the shield effects piece drooping at all (although eventual joint loosening has be to be a concern).

Shield on Back of Captain America Secret War Marvel Legends Six Inch FigureAnd don’t worry–you don’t have to use the swoosh effects piece. The standard “hold or clip-on” shield can be attached or detached to the effect piece at will, and the shield can be worn on either of Cap’s arms or his back just like usual.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Secret War Captain America Reaching for ShieldArticulation-wise, this figure is also the total package with every single point of articulation that I look for on a Marvel Legends figure: double-jointed elbows and knees; swivel waist, thighs, boots and biceps; ball-hinge head with a great range of motion; hinged ankles with ankle rockers; ball-jointed hips; ball-hinge shoulders and wrists… Everything I want is here and works well.

packaged-secret-wars-captain-america-marvel-legends-figureThe Wrong:

There’s very little for me to complain about with this figure, but if I had to choose one thing to nitpick, it would be the hands.

Cap gets two default grasping hands (for grasping what, I do not know) and his throwing effect hand–and that’s it! No fists to brawl with or even a saluting hand for this Captain America action figure…? Craziness!

Also, while case ratios never count against a figure’s actual grade, my mind is still boggled that Hasbro thought it made sense to double-pack an obscure Captain America with very limited kid appeal instead of doubling up at the movie Scarlet Witch Marvel Legends figure that seemingly everyone wants. Alas.

Marvel Legends Civil War Secret War Captain America Figure ReviewOverall: While my excitement level for a figure called “Secret War Captain America” would typically be pretty low, this Hasbro Marvel Legends Secret War Captain America  figure is top-notch. Creative costume choice, exemplary paints, perfect articulation scheme, and an especially inventive accessory make this figure a total winner. Highly recommended.



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  1. Why is it called Secret War Captain America because this costume didn’t appear in that series or the new Secret Wars from last year either did they? Just womdering.

    • In 2005, Marvel released a comic called Secret War (no S- not Secret Wars) which was about a team of Marvel heroes covertly doing a stealth op in Latveria after Nick Fury found out bad things were happening and brought it to the government, who told Fury they couldn’t take action. Captain America was one of the heroes involved, and they call got stealth versions of their costumes.

      Most of the comic takes place after all of that has already gone down (the heroes had their memories erased) so the actual panel-time of those costumes was pretty minimal, and mostly relegated to extras and concept art.

    • There was a Secret Wars in the 80’s and one in 2015 that were both similar in concept which is what you might be thinking of. There is also another miniseries titled Secret War in the early 2000s which has nothing to with the other two. In this series Fury recruits Cap, Cage, Spidey, Wolvie, and Daredevil to run a secret mission in latveria and they all get new costumes for the occasion.

  2. I think I’m in the minority here, but… I REALLY don’t like the shield-tossing effect.

    Ignoring the fact that this figure’s color scheme makes the hand incompatible with the classic Captain America figure, it just… doesn’t make for a natural throwing pose. I think I’ve seen Cap throw his shield with his arm extended outward like that in, like, ONE piece of stock art for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and it looked really awkward.

    Usually when Captain America throws his mighty shield, his arm is extended at a perpendicular (or at least oblique) angle to the direction that the shield is being tossed. When the throwing arm is extended outward roughly in the angle that the shield is being tossed, it looks less like he’s throwing it and more like he’s… casting it forward, or tossing it gently, like a frisbee. Seriously, google “Captain America throwing shield” and compare the actual movie screenshots and comic panels to some of the movie stock art, and how this figure looks throwing the shield. There’s a WORLD of difference.

    Beyond that, I don’t have any real problems with this figure. . Secret War was… honestly a COMPLETELY forgettable comic (par for the course for a Bendis comic- hey, at least it’s not Civil War II) and this costume appeared in, like, three panels of it, so my emotional attachment to this suit is exactly zero. It looks kinda cool, but there are much better Captain America costumes (including Commander Rogers, which technically isn’t a Captain America costume. I feel like an updated CR figure would have sold better than this one.)

    If I DO end up getting it, I’ll probably end up customizing it into Captain Carnage or something. (I have some spare symbiote pieces laying around I’ve been itching to make into something cool.)

  3. I was very pleasantly surprised how much I liked this figure. It’s different enough that it doesn’t feel like just another Captain America. I really like the costume and shield effect.

  4. I’m fairly certain that Hasbro still hasn’t molded fists for the Grim Reaper body yet. The only Grim Reaper-based figure that’s come with fists so far is Wonder Man, and those seemed to be for the Buckycap body, so they looked kinda small. I’m still baffled why Hasbro hasn’t put in the small amount of money and effort to mold fists for the Grim Reaper body, because lots of characters that use/would use that body use their fists frequently.

  5. I hate the new Marvel Legends shields. Ever since my USAgent figure’s shield (which, by the way, should have had a black center and not a star, Hasbro) just spontaneously broke I have had a deep seeded loathing for that cheap wrist clip Hasbro has been using.

    Unless or until Hasbro starts using the Face Off scheme for their shields or, at very least, the Avengers Movie Captain America straps I will never purchase another Hasbro Marvel Legends figure that wields a shield.

    Also, I just don’t like this design. Silver Age or no thanks.

  6. Hey Dabid, the Abomination wave has indeed begun hitting the B&M’s! I saw a couple shield slingaz on the pegs at TRU (in the San Diego area) today.