Marvel Legends Wonder Man 6″ Figure Review & Photos (2016)

While I was spelunking into my huge box of Marvel action figures that still need to be reviewed today, I discovered that lo and behold, I had unwittingly reviewed all of the final wave of Captain America Marvel Legends 2016 6″ figures but one. And as the remaining character continued a near-iconic member of the Avengers by many, I figure I might as well finish the job. If you haven’t seen him locally (and I sure haven’t), he’s available for MSRP online with free shipping–it’s the 2016 Marvel Legends Wonder Man figure!

Marvel Legends Wonder Man Review and PhotosThe Right:

Although the Marvel Legends Captain America 2016 Wave 3 series was by far my least-anticipated Hasbro Marvel set of the year, the series has ended up featuring some gorgeous standout figures that I love far more than I expected to, including Captain Britain, The Eel, and even Secret War Captain America.

So it seems only fitting that the last figure from the wave that I review is another that exceeds my expectations: Wonder Man.

Captain America Legends Wonder Man Figure FrontWhile Toybiz released two versions of Wonder Man back in their Toybiz Marvel Legends series, those were classic West Coast Avengers and Ionic Form Wonder Man iterations, whereas this is a modern comic version of Wonder Man.

Back of Marvel Legends 2016 Wonder Man FigureWe’re fast-building a modern lineup of Avengers figures, so getting a new version of Simon Williams here is a great choice.

Marvel Legends Wonder Man Action Figure PackagedHasbro chose the “beefcake powerhouse” body mold for Wonder Man, which I think was the right choice and the most appropriate tooling available. It’s weird seeing Simon without a red belt, but I can’t fault Hasbro’s designers for making him authentic to the source material.

Marvel Now Wonder Man Legends Figure and AccessoriesThe red bands on Wonder Man’s thighs and biceps are painted on rather than sculpted, but the paint deco here is totally clean and well-applied, so they still look perfect. In fact, the paint on this 6″ Marvel Legends Wonder Man figure is pretty fantastic all-around.

Close-Up of Wonder Man Marvel Legends 6" Figure Head Hair Red EyesSimon’s trademark red eyes look sufficiently piercing, but my favorite paint detailing is actually on his hair–Hasbro added a lot of blue highlights to his hair that really add depth to the hair sculpt and makes it look striking.

Hasbro Wonder Man Marvel Legends Figure with Alternate HandsHasbro was also nice enough to give us two pairs of hands for Wonder Man: both normal grasping hands and translucent purple fists. I prefer the awesome-looking clear purple hands, but I know a lot of folks will opt for the regular hands for their displays.

Wonder Man 6" Figure Hasbro PosingLike Secret War Cap, Wonder Man’s articulation scheme is the total package: double-jointed knees and elbows; ankle rockers; swivel biceps/waist/boots/thighs; ball hips, ball-hinge head/shoulders/wrists; ab crunch… every POA you’d expect in a Marvel Legends figure is present.

Hasbro 2016 Marvel Legends Wonder Man Simon Williams Six Inch FigureOther than a slightly larger range of motion in the hips, I’ve got zippo gripes with this level of articulation.

Wonder Man Marvel Legends Effect PiecesThe Wrong:

When I first saw this Captain America Legends Wonder Man 6″ figure, I was pretty “ehn” about it. But the thing is, looking at the source material from modern Avengers comics that this figure is based upon, I can’t really find much of anything to complain about.

Wonder Man’s costume is totally on-the-money, his articulation is near-perfect, his plastic quality isn’t rubbery at all, the paint apps are well-done… he’s phenomenal.

If there’s one thing I feel like nitpicking, it’s the accessories. As much of an effects piece whore as I am, I just don’t think that Havok’s bubbling energy cosmic effects are right for Wonder Man.

Marvel Legends Abomination Series Wonder Man Energy Effects AccessoriesThe clips on the effects pieces are super rubbery and don’t stay on my Legends Wonder Man’s wrists well at all, and the shape of the energy doesn’t seem like an appropriate portrayal of ionic energy as seen in the comics.

I took a ton of photos of Wonder Man with the effects pieces on because it makes the figure look less plain, but in a perfect world I think Simon would get newly-molded effects instead.

Marvel Legends Captain America Wave 3 Wonder Man Action FigureOverall: While the new Wonder Man Marvel Legends figure isn’t the most groundbreaking or creative figure in this wave, I’m hard-pressed to say what I would do differently to make this toy better other than creating some different effects pieces. The figure itself is a bit bland–but, well… so is Wonder Man’s Marvel NOW costume. If you’re a fan of the modern Wonder Man look or missed out on the Toybiz versions, this is a fine upgrade that I don’t have any major misgivings about.



Marvel Legends Wonder Man 6″ Figure Review & Photos (2016) — 4 Comments

  1. I think this a great figure. However I do agree with you about the effects. I love that Hasbro has upped their game in regards to effects (energy “bubbles”, magic effects and repulsors), but they are running the formers into the ground!!! We have a rainbow of magic effects now don’t we? Back on point; the translucent fists while welcome, are too small. They used hands from another (smaller) figure for Wonderman. I do think however, this gets disguised with those aforementioned effects. You’re also right about how surprisingly good this wave turned out to be.

  2. The “beefcake powerhouse” bodymold is, for the record, the Grim Reaper bodymold.
    Given that Grim Reaper is Wonder Man’s brother, it seems especially appropriate that Wonder Man would use the Grim Reaper mold.

  3. I used the Wonder Man effects pieces with my CW Scarlet Witch, instead of her original effects pieces. Problem solved.

  4. When I get mine, I’m gonna have to get rid of the red bands on his arms and legs. Don’t like those. Seems oddly feminine or something.