Funko Marvel Collector Corps X-Men Box Announced!

When Funko made a huge deal out of the upcoming expansion of their X-Men toys range–including NYCC Exclusives and all-new packaging for the X-Men Dorbz series–I had a feeling that we’d be seeing the X-Men finally appear in a certain subscription box sooner than later. And that intuition has borne fruit–the Funko Marvel Collector Corps X-Men Box is now up for order! What exclusives do I think might be in it? Read on…


Although I’m still waiting for the Doctor Strange Collector Corps box to arrive so that I can review it, the next theme has been announced for December 2016, so let’s begin speculating as to the contents of the Funko X-Men Collector Corps Box!

The number of major mutants who haven’t appeared yet as POP Vinyls or Dorbz is pretty staggering, so let’s take a look at what we know about the box…

Wolverine is on the Funko X-Men Box Itself: It’s not a surprise at all that the MCC X-Men box has been strategically placed to release as far away from both this year’s FOX X-Men Apocalypse movie and next year’s Wolverine movie, as we all know Disney isn’t big on promoting FOX’s X-Men endeavors.

What I am a little surprised by is unmasked Wolverine on the box itself. There’s a Logan POP already scheduled for release this winter according to Gamestop’s database, so I doubt the box will contain an unmasked Wolverine POP Vinyl figure. That said, we’ve never had an unmasked Wolverine Dorbz yet. Hmmmm.

december-2016-funko-marvel-collector-corps-x-men-box-cyclopsCyclops is on most of the ads for the box: The character most associated with the leadership of the X-Men is Cyclops, and he appears on many of the ads for the latest box in his modern Marvel NOW costume.

With no Funko Cyclops POP presently available, could we be seeing a new Scott Summer POP! Vinyl this December? It seems like a longshot (no, not Longshot the X-Man), given that we’ve already had a Jim Lee Cyclops (and visor-less variant) released in the line, but I wouldn’t totally discount the possibility…

There’s Only One X-Men POP Vinyl in the Box: Several of the advertisements for the box seem very clearly indicating that there’s only going to be one singular POP X-Men figure in the box. That’s a real shame considering the crazy number of X-Men team members that still needs their own vinyls.


The Juggernaut and Iceman Dorbz have no counterparts: Currently, there are only two X-Men characters released only as Dorbz and not as POP Vinyls–Iceman and the Juggernaut. Iceman is a media darling right now because of his orientation and is getting his own series in a few months–could he headline the X-Men MCC box as well?

Juggernaut seems like a more likely choice for the box than Iceman, as I feel like Funko wouldn’t make the only POP in the X-Men box a character that’s traditionally a villain, but these Powered by Funko subscription boxes are nothing if not unpredictable!

There May Be Mystery Minis in the Box: Although they still have not been officially announced, a promotional image of the X-Men Mystery Minis Series leaked out last week. With that series likely to hit around the same time frame as this box, it seems only natural that the box might contain an exclusive Mystery Minis figure or two…

marvel-collector-corps-x-men-box-wolverine-coverThe Marvel Collector Corps X-Men box is now available for order, and is scheduled to ship out in December 2016 (just in time for Christmas!). I’ll update when and if Funko post any more hints or clues to help us determine just who (or what) will be in their first-ever X-Men box.

What do you think will be in the inaugural X-Men MCC box, Marvel collectors? What characters and figure types do you most hope to see appear in the box, and which do you think are actually the most likely to appear?


Funko Marvel Collector Corps X-Men Box Announced! — 9 Comments

  1. Hey Dabid, I want you to know that I love reading your posts, and I want you to know that you are most likely going to like this next box! (No Spoilers… and also no hats!) In addition, there is a big card (the one with the summary of contents…) announcing the box, and it has Wolverine (masked), Storm, Kitty Pride, Beast, and **Iceman** on it…

    Keep doing what you’re doing!! Loving it!

  2. Very excited! Hopefully we get an Iceman figure, but I’d also be happy with a modern Cyclops! Loving all of this X-Men stuff coming out!

    • i would like a modern cyclops at some point, but I really want a new character in this box.

  3. Emma Frost has been shown as mystery mini and dorbz without POP! counterpart as well. For that reason, She is my guess for the box, She also relates to advertised Cyclops and the holiday season.

  4. I know I’m in the minority here, but I’m not crazy about Funko Pop! figures and I’m more interested in everything else in this X-Men box. Last December’s Guardian box was Christmas themed, and came with a scarf, a mug, and a couple ornaments- While I’m not super regretting not getting that box, I like the ideas and certainly would have been happy if I HAD bought it.

    What I’m saying here is I REALLY want an X-Men scarf.

  5. Guys I’ve never gotten a MCC box before, but I am interested in this one. However I would be greatly disappointed if I preordered it and I got x men christmas ornaments or something. So my question is: do we find out whats in the box before they go out of stock? Like should I hold off ordering untill later?

    • The contents of the box are never revealed until the ordering period is already over. The ads Funko is running for the box mentioned an exclusive POP Vinyl, so I would say the chances of Christmas ornaments this year–especially considering how poorly they were received last year–are close to nil.

  6. I was super excited by the X-Men theme announcement, but I have to say I will be hugely disappointed if there isn’t a Pop of either Wolverine, Charles, or Erik. I get that people enjoy all the side characters and whatnot, but we definitely need more love for the original main characters. I have no problem with the secondary characters being included in some form, but I really want a Wolverine, Charles or Erik pop (actually, I’d freak for a Charles/Erik double Pop).