Funko X-Men Collector Corps Box Review Spoilers Unboxing Photos!

I was beginning to fear that I was going to have to spend X-Mas without a visit from the X-Men, but luckily the new Funko Collector Corps X-Men Box turned up on my doorstep this afternoon! So before everyone orders their Superheroes Showdown Box for February, let’s take a complete look at the Funko X-Men Box with a full review, spoilers and unboxing photos!

Marvel Collector Corps X-Men Box Review Unboxing Spoilers

The X-Men have sort of been my “thing” (well, among a lot of my “things”) since I was a kid, so I’m on cloud nine to see X-Men merchandising finally beginning to get pushed again by merchandisers this year and next.

So when Funko announced the Marvel Collector Corps X-Men Box, my expectations were basically through the roof, and my mind has been aflutter with dreams of what might be in the box for the past two months. Now that it’s here, am I satisfied? Let’s find out…

Funko X-Men Box Patch and Pin UnboxingInside the X-Men box we first come to the latest in the continuing series of innocuous pins and patches.

Funko Storm Patch Marvel Collector CorpsFor the patch lovers, we’ve got arguably the most iconic X-Woman ever: Storm. Storm has already had a new POP and Dorbz in 2016, so just a Storm patch in this box is fine.

Funko Magneto Pin Marvel Collector CorpsOn the metal pin side, it’s a Magneto pin! Get it: a Magneto made of metal…? I’m not sure if that’s what Funko had in mind, but I dig it as much as I do any of these pins. Fun choice.

February 2017 Funko Marvel Collector Corps AdDelving further into the box, we come to… the obligatory ad for the next MCC box! The Marvel Collector Corps Superheroes Showdown Box is now up for order, and I imagine it’s all but guaranteed to contain a two-pack of POP Vinyls. Must-have for sure–especially with possibility of a never-before-done character like a POP Bullseye.

Marvel Collector Corps Champions #1 Cyclops Variant CoverUnder the advertisement card, it’s this month’s comic book: Champions #1 with a special Funko Cyclops variant cover.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this choice. While The Champions is an awesome new comic series by one of my favorite writers (Mark Waid), it really doesn’t belong in an X-Men box (particularly since Cyclops only appears in one non-speaking panel in the whole issue). It’s a great cover, but an out of place selection

Funko X-Men Box Shirt Xavier's SchoolI was fairly excited when I saw the “Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters” ringer shirt in this box, as it’s a pretty benign shirt that you can wear in public without the masses glaring at you for having POP Vinyls or whatnot on your shirt.

Funko Xavier's School X-Men Box Shirt Too SmallUnfortunately, I was disappointed that this shirt is super-tight compared to every shirt that’s ever been in a Funko Marvel or Star Wars subscription box (which I know, because I have them all in the same size).

I already feel like a bratwurst in this shirt fresh out of the box–I can only imagine how ridiculous it’s going to feel and look after going through a wash and dry cycle. Big thumbs down.
Beneath all of these exclusive items we come to “the good stuff”: the two exclusive vinyl figures!

Funko Mystique Rock Candy FigureRock Candy Mystique is the first Funko Rock Candy figure to ever appear in a Marvel Collector Corps box.

Side of Box of Marvel Rock Candy Mystique VinylI suspect that this style of figure won’t appeal to many folks, but there’s no discounting that this is a quality sculpt and even the window box with foil “Mystique” logos on it looks awesome.

Funko Rock Candy Mystique Box BackI sort of think it’s a missed opportunity to not show the rest of the Marvel Rock Candy figures off here, as I imagine those fans who do like this Mystique would like seeing who else is available right now (She-Hulk! Spider-Gwen!).

Funko POP Rides Wolverine's Motorcycle Vinyl Box

Finally, we come to this month’s much-hyped “big” item: the Funko POP Wolverine’s Motorcycle Rides set! Considering that a Funko POP Rides set retails for about the same price as a whole MCC box, it’s an amazing value to get this here alongside all of these other items.

I was expecting a costumed Wolverine POP with the motorcycle as there are several Logan POPs hitting stores individually this weekend, but I suppose a Logan POP really does make more sense to be riding around. He looks fantastic and this is a worthy exclusive for the X-Men Collector Corps box. Big thumbs up.

Box Back Marvel X-Men POP Wolverine's Motorcycle RidesOverall: The items in this X-Men box are an outstanding value and a total hit with me from top to bottom. The only reasons this subscription box won’t be earning the coveted “A+” are because the shirt sizing is egregiously off from previous boxes and the comic book isn’t really X-Men related at all. From the awesome Wolverine Motorcycle POP Rides to the Mystique Rock Candy figure and the wonderfully designed (albeit undersized) shirt, this box is a winner. X-Men fans will be pleased.



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  1. This ranks as one of my favorite Collector Corps boxes, if not the best! They covered a lot of ground in terms of characters and I think the Rock Candy and Pop! are really cool. Even though most people predicted Wolverine on a motorcycle, I think it was a great choice with some awesome detail!

  2. I, too, am a long time fan of x-men and was thrilled to see an X-men themed box… I like all the items (though I guarantee the shirt isn’t going to fit… I noticed it looked smaller as soon as I held it up) but I’m left feeling a little underwhelmed with the box in general. I get that the pop with vehicle is a great value, it just feels like something is missing from the box… (maybe it’s because Logan is my least favorite character).

  3. love this box!! I’m a big fan of the Rock Candy Mystique and hope to see other X-MEN ladies done in this style. I think Phoenix, Rogue, Storm and Frost would look great! My shirt fits due to the fact I ordered a size larger. The Wolverine on his motorcycle is nice though I have no where to display it. Overall I’m very happy with this box.