Funko X-Men Mystery Minis Series Revealed & Photos!

For reasons that I think most of us are well aware of, the last few years have been rather quiet as far as X-Men toys go. But the world, it is a-changin’! The stonewalling of X-Men merch seems to be coming to an end, and the flood of new toys is beginning! Hasbro released a Marvel Legends X-Men set this summer and has another slated for next year, Kotobukiya has teased more X-Men in 2017, and Funko not only has more POP and Dorbz X-Men on the way–a whole Funko X-Men Mystery Minis series has now been revealed!


Funko has gotten exceedingly good at keeping their products under wraps until they’re ready to reveal them, but every once in a while a couple drips manage to leak out–and such is the case today with a whole series of Mystery Minis X-Men blind boxes!

I heard the telltale groan from many of you when you read the words “blind boxes”, but don’t fret–this looks to be another series where Funko puts one of each of all twelve characters into a case of 12.

The X-Men Funko Mystery Minis Series 1 lineup is as follows:

  • Professor X
  • Cyclops (Jim Lee)
  • Wolverine (Jim Lee)
  • Beast (Jim Lee)
  • Colossus
  • Storm
  • Emma Frost the White Queen
  • Logan
  • Magneto
  • Sabertooth
  • Mystique
  • Juggernaut

Now that…┬áis an all-star lineup if I’ve ever seen one. I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that every one of these characters has previously had an X-Men POP Vinyls figure either released already or scheduled for release this winter (except Juggernaut… Hmm.).

funko-pop-marvel-x-men-logan-on-pre-order-gamestop-list We’ve to-date only seen a movie Logan POP Vinyl figure released, but oddly enough, a listing has recently turned up on GameStop pre-order lists for a new Funko Logan POP Vinyls figure. Coincidence…? I think not.


The only character that feels like a weird choice to me is Emma Frost as far as mainstream recognizability goes, but I guess Cyclops would be lonely without his real OTP, right…?

I know there’s going to be plenty of naysayers upset that their favorite X-Men character didn’t make it into this first series, whether that character be Rogue, Jean Grey, Iceman, Gambit, Jubilee, Nightcrawler or Maggott, but hey–Funko’s gotta leave some headliners for a potential Series 2, right? And honestly, I think we’re more likely to see those characters introduced in the X-Men Dorbz or POPs series before they get their own Mystery Mini figures.

funko-x-men-mystery-minis-figures-seriesThe Funko X-Men Mystery Minis Series is expected to go up for order this week, and should be released this winter. The series is most likely to hit in Q1 2017, but whether or not it makes it out early in time for the holidays remains to be seen. As it looks like one case will contain one of each of every character, I’m in for a full case (as if you couldn’t guess).

What do you think of the first series of Funko Mystery Minis X-Men figures, Marvel collectors? Is this a good series to kickstart the line, or would you have gone with a different lineup? And are you happy with a comic-based lineup, or would you have preferred FOX X-Men from the movies?


Funko X-Men Mystery Minis Series Revealed & Photos! — 9 Comments

  1. AW MAN I’m all-in. Especially with 90’s Cyclops and Beast, HELL YEEEAH. The 90’s X-Men cartoon is my jam, and the designs from that show (and the comics they’re sourced from) are, to me, the quintessential X-Men. Suck it, Bendis!

    I’m so glad we’re seeing a resurgence of X-Men merch, I’ve taken a new interest in the X-Men arm of Marvel and the X-Men merch drought up to this point has been no fun at all.

    And Funko Pops are fine and Dorbz are pretty cute, but I’m glad these are Mystery Minis. I DESPISE blind-boxes (especially ones that cost more than four bucks, it discourages buying large numbers of them and trading them, which is THE POINT of blind boxes), I’ve always liked the style of Mystery Minis over most of Funko’s other offerings, especially Pop figures. Mystery Minis so much more fun and they have so much personality, while Pop figures will just stare at you with their… tiny, beady eyes…

    Those terrible, terrible eyes…


    Hey, y’think Wave 2 will have a Deadpool that isn’t absurdly hard to find?

    I’d like that.

  2. When did Kotobukiya tease more X-Men stuff?? I would KILL for another statue set, I loved the Marvel Now one.

  3. I agree…no Rogue no go for me. Okay it’s a maybe but definitely not as excited for the set.

  4. I’d look forward to more funko marvel products if they weren’t all bobble-heads. Crossing my fingers that this series is straight vinyl figures. ?the first several series of marvel minis sculpts were lackluster due to the bobble heads.

    • Funko cannot produce non-bobble Marvel figures. That license isn’t available to them at all.

  5. Lets hope we see a second wave with Jean, Rogue, Gambit, Psylocke, Iceman and Archangel in it!!