Marvel Select Odin the Destroyer Figure Up for Order!

When Diamond Select Toys teased a new “big” Marvel Select figure coming up this year, I heard a huge range of characters guessed, with some of the most popular choices being Apocalypse and Abomination. But the latest “big daddy” Marvel Select figure actually turns out to actually be a real “big daddy”–the Marvel Select Odin the Destroyer figure is now up for order! And this figure is a monster

Marvel Select Odin the Destroyer Figure

Considering that The Destroyer was (sort of) the main villain in the first Thor movie, one would think that there would be a pretty hefty number of Destroyer toys in circulation. Right…?

Well–no, actually! The only Marvel Legends Destroyer released to-date was a Toybiz Iron Man repaint, and even the Hasbro Marvel Universe scale Destroyer figure was a tail-end figure that ended up being nightmarish to find at retail. Bowen Designs did a bang-up job with the several Bowen Designs Destroyer statues they released, but those don’t really qualify as “toys”.

But now, care of Diamond Select Toys and sculptor Jean St. Jean, the Destroyer is finally getting justice in action figure form!

Scale Comparison Photo Marvel Select Destroyer vsJust the way that an invincible suit of armor should, the Destroyer Marvel Select figure will stand an immense approximate 9″ tall and will absolutely tower over the standard-sized Marvel Select 7″ figures!

Although this particular iteration of the character is based off of his comic book appearances, the Diamond Select Destroyer action figure looks close enough to his movie incarnation that I think this figure could look great posed with the Marvel Select Thor and Loki (and Natalie Portman) movie figures!

Marvel Select Destroyer Head Close-UpAnd as usual for Marvel Select, 16 points of articulation will be built-in so that you can place the Destroyer into a variety of cool action poses (which is further facilitated by a really cool-looking sword that’s included with this mammoth toy).

Odin the Destroyer Marvel Select Action FigureBut wait–there’s a super-awesome bonus feature to this figure: it’s not just the Destroyer! This figure comes with an interchangeable Odin head, so that collectors have an option of pretending this figure is the All-Father (and Thor’s father) Odin wearing the Destroyer armor and not just the armor acting on its own.

Marvel Select Odin Head Close-Up

Odin’s head looks like it may be a little bit big when compared to normal-sized DST figures, but it has to be larger than usual so that Odin doesn’t look like he has a pinhead atop the massive Destroyer armor.

Although this figure is much larger and heavier than the standard figures in the Marvel Select line, DST will be retaining their same outstanding price-point with a $24.99 MSRP on this figure. Marvel Select figures are definitely the best value in Marvel collecting!

Marvel Select The Destroyer Odin Figure Diamond Select ToysThe Marvel Select Odin Destroyer figure is now available for order, and is scheduled to be released in Q4 2016. And for pre-orders, BBTS is offered an extra $2 off for early adopters. So if you know you want this Destroyer figure (and who doesn’t?), you might wanna lock yours in early and save that extra two bucks.

What do you think of the latest “big” figure added to the Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select lineup, Marvel collectors? Will what’s hands-down the best action figure of The Destroyer ever be terrorizing your shelves later this year, or is this all-powerful suit of armor just not up your alley (worn by Thor’s daddy or not)?


Marvel Select Odin the Destroyer Figure Up for Order! — 8 Comments

  1. He looks a bit porky. Need in hand images instead of photo-shopped ones to decide….

  2. I don’t know what Destroyer version this is? But it’s not the movie version or any comic version that I’ve ever seen. Hope this is not the final mock of this figure, all wrong in the waistline Let’s call this FATSTROYER!!!

  3. Where’s my 3rd installment of MARVEL ZOMBIES SELECT: VILLIANS!?? Anyone hear anything about that?

  4. I think that with so few figures per year from Select this was a bad choice. There are so many characters they could have done like Beast, Rouge,X23 Iceman or any of the sh*t load of X-Men that could be done,Vision (616 or Movie !!!), CrossBones or any of the myriad of villans. Or even some updates like Cyclops, DareDevil, Punisher !!!! Don’t get me wrong I love collecting their figures and normally when announced I pre-order straight away even if I’m not mad keen as I want them to keep producing them, but this was a miss. I might pick one up later if they make their way to the UK at a reasonable price. But as someone said earlier ‘Weak’.

  5. Can not wait. I’ve wanted a figure of this character ( with Odin head!) since the comic came out! Awesome! I’ve got two preordered!