NYCC 2016: Marvel Legends Adam Warlock & Death’s Head!

I probably sound a little bit smug regarding being unsurprised by the four figures I already posted about earlier tonight that Hasbro revealed at their pre-NYCC 2016 event tonight. But I have to admit, I definitely didn’t predict every figure Hasbro was going to unveil at New York Comic-Con. In fact, I’m ashamed to say I didn’t recognize one of the characters at all–the 2017 Marvel Legends Adam Warlock & Death’s Head II figures debuted tonight at NYCC 2016!

It was probably bound to happen sometime, and I’m ashamed to say that tonight was that night: Hasbro actually showed off a Marvel figure at their New York Comic-Con 2016 ‘Twas The Night Before Party that I had no idea who the hell they were without posting a photo and posing the question to the MTN Facebook Page.

I know, I know–I really must be losing my touch. I hang my head in shame tonight. Please say a little prayer for me.

Anyway, though, the Marvel Legends Death’s Head II figure appears to use the Sentry/Hyperion body mold in blue with all new arms and (obviously) an all new head.

Hasbro’s reps weren’t in a confirming mood regarding this figure tonight, but it seems like a pretty fair bet that this is going to be the Marvel Legends 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 Build-A-Figure.

 Death’s Head II is certainly a very neat-looking toy, mind you, but I’m honestly not sure how many non-hardcore collectors are going to be chomping at the bit to build this guy. I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

 But Death’s Heas II also brought a “friend” with him: an all-new Marvel Legends Adam Warlock figure!

While the 90’s Infinity Gauntlet Adam Warlock is “my” Adam Warlock, I’m happy for all the fans out there who were pining away for a new version of this cult favorite character.

 I know some folks were disappointed to learn that the Warlock in the 2017 X-Men wave wasn’t this guy (though I don’t know why it would be), but it turns out Hasbro is spoiling us with both of Marvel’s beloved “Warlock” characters next year. Thanks, Hasbro!

I’ll continue posting news and photos throughout NYCC 2016 this week, and you can follow the Marvel Toy News Twitter Feed and Facebook Page to have instant updates beamed right to your social media timeline!

Thoughts on the two latest 6″ Marvel Legends 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy figures to be revealed, Marvel collectors? Will you buy a wave of figures just to build Death’s Head II, or is this one BAF that’s just too obscure for you?


NYCC 2016: Marvel Legends Adam Warlock & Death’s Head! — 22 Comments

  1. Death’s Head as BaF is a little silly. I want to say that he looks no bigger than Stryfe, but that guy was in a wave where Jubilee was the BaF, so crazier things have happened. If he is the same base torso, arms, and legs as Colossus, I really hope he is a regular packed figure and we get someone slightly more relevant and way more awesome as the BaF. If the Jubilee trend were to hold true, we’d probably get Hala the Accuser as a BaF. If the Titus trend were to be more applicable, a Giant-Man scale Korvac or The Stranger would be interesting.

  2. I’m pretty convinced this Deaths Head (which is on the new colossus mold) isn’t the baf. Also, to be fair, I’m not ENTIRELY sold (despite everyone else being convinced) that there will be a 2nd wave of GOTG figs. These two could simply be a part of the wave and the wave very well might just be 8 figures like Strange and they simply call it a day after that. That’s my $0.02 anyway.

    • GOTG will really need at least two waves, though–the franchise’s toys are a proven success after the last movie, and 5 slots are needed just for the main five Guardians (plus Mantis if Hasbro does her). Also, Hasbro mentioned at SDCC that *Wave 1* would be dominated by comic-based characters, so theoretically there must be a movie-centric Wave 2. 🙂

      • Star-Lord
        Rocket and Little Groot together.
        BAF (not Death’s Head II, who really has nothing to do with Guardians)

        That’d be a solid wave.
        I could see that being the movie wave.

        Death’s Head II isn’t a cosmic character whatsoever, AFAIK. I’m pretty sure he’s more of an X-Men related character and will be part of the X-Men wave.

        • Deaths head II is not an X-men related character. He travels through time and space, very much fitting the cosmic theme. Where did you come up with your theory? You’ve never read any Deaths Head by the looks of it.

  3. The problem is just that…we don’t “need” two waves. Am I the only one who is played out on core GOTG members? I mean we got the sdcc set…the movie wave…the EE set…there’s not that many costumes for them and we’ve gotten PLENTY of GOTG core members over a very recent amount of time. The idea of yet more core GOTG members re-released and kit-bashed is about as an exciting of a prospect as watching paint dry…but hey that’s me.

    Also, we NEED at least 3 Waves for Ragnarok but we still never got even 1 wave for the first 2 movies so I’m not holding my breath that we will even get ONE wave of Thor 3 until it’s officially official, officially.

  4. Help out a very confused and probably dumb fellow here people.
    Are these figures going to be in the Titus BAF wave? If not what are the characters other then Nova, Angela, Vance and Nighthawk in that wave?

    • Nova, Aldriff(Angela), Vance, Nighthawk, and Adam Warlock, yes.

      I’d guess that Death’s Head II is PROBABLY part of the X-Men wave, since he’s more associated with the X-Men than anything cosmic, as far as I know.

  5. Isn’t Death’s Head II mostly associated with the X-Men?
    I’d more guess that he’s part of the X-Men wave.
    He’s not a cosmic character….

    He’s certainly no BAF. At MOST he’d be Colossus sized.

    • He IS a cosmic character. Go and buy yourself some Deaths HeAd II back issues. His meetings with the X-men have been minimal. They were in issue 4 of the original mini-series, a couple of other meetings, that’s it. Where are you coming up with all this tat about Deaths Head that you’re posting all over here?

      Try reading Kieron Gillan’s run on Iron Man, with the original Death’s Head for a start.

  6. The X-men Warlock wave is all full so unless Death’s Head is waiting until the following X-wave, then he’s in a Guardians wave.

  7. Isn’t Titus the BAF for the Guardians wave? Struggling to remember what’s already been announced.

    I’m not sure I’d associate DHII with the X-Men at all, outside of a guest spot in Excalibur. Unless I’m missing something obvious. I know Kieron Gillen’s used the original DH in SWORD and Iron Man recently.

  8. I will always have a special place in my heart for Adam Warlock for kicking Thanos’ butt. I still have the classic Marvel Legends Warlock. I would’ve love to see a classic one but I like this one too. He looks like he came from the Dr. Strange mold or tooling(?) no idea if I use the right term.

    I cannot wait for him and Old Man Logan. YES!!!!!!! Now if only he comes with a cowboy head or head with cigar.

  9. Death Head can end up anywhere. He isn’t associated with either GOTG or X-men. They threw Ms.Marvel in with the spider-man figures in the upcoming Sandman wave. And he’s def. NOT on a Hyperion body mold and won’t be a BAF(duh).

    • Kamala Khan is in the Spider-Man wave because she’s associated with Miles Morales Spider-Man and will be part of the Champions with him.

      Death’s Head will almost certainly be in a Guardians of the Galaxy wave, as he’s a cosmic character and the X-Men/Spider-Man waves for the start of the year are now complete.

      As for Death’s Head not being a Build-A-Figure… we’ll see. The figure is monstrously huge in person–WAY bigger than any other figure on the table with him and sized far more like Dormammu than a standard figure.

      • Death’s Head (1? Classic? the original one?) could just as easily end up in a Transformers wave, where he debuted, or even in a Dr. Who toy line. Death’s Head II is just a new non-robotic cybernetic body containing the programming of the first with the minds of a hundred other victims. Both iterations of the character were introduced in and remained far more prominent in Marvel UK titles than in mainstream US titles. If Capt. Britain, Union Jack, Black Knight, and Blade can sneak into other waves, so can Death’s Head. Speaking of which, where is the MI-13 wave?

  10. In a recent interview with the HASBRO guys… One messed up and said Adam Warlock and Deaths head were part of the GotG wave. So I assume we’ll be getting at least two waves of the guardians. I’m personally hoping for more of the classic team myself to go with Vance Astro. Starhawk, Charlie 27,Yondu,Martinex and Nikki would be great additions. I wouldn’t mind seeing Moondragon make an appearance.

  11. Wow! I’m really liking this set. 😀 Adam Warlock for me is going to be a definite buy. I love how Legends is now branching out to characters desired. And the Jessica Jones and Punisher are also on that list. 😀
    I really would love to see the figures for Vol. 2 😀 Probably when Strange comes out we’ll see a reveal. You think the way they’re doing the line for Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will follow suit with two movie characters in the first line? (For Strange there’s a third one of him for the movie in an Astral form I know). I bet we’ll see a movie Yondu to be included for one of the waves. I’m thinking Star Lord will be in the first wave, 😀