Sideshow Premium Format Sabertooth Photos & Order Info!

Without a doubt, one of the most out-of-nowhere Marvel collectibles of 2015 was the new Sideshow Wolverine Premium Format Figure, which popped up for sale in June after absolutely no previews or even rumors from Sideshow Collectibles. But let’s face it, Logan’s a fighter, and he wouldn’t be happy without a mortal enemy to brawl with. And luckily, just such an adversary is on the way: the Sideshow Exclusive Sabertooth Premium Format Statue is now up for order! Sabertooth Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Figure Head Close-Up 2016

When it comes to Wolverine, there it literally  no question as to who his most iconic and popular villain is: Victor Creed, Sabertooth (sorry, Cyber and Silver Samurai). So when it came time for Sideshow Collectibles to release a companion piece for their 2016 Brown Costume Wolverine statue, it was a no-brainer that ol’ Creed would get the nod. Those of you who are long-time Sideshow statue collectors may be having a little sense of déjà vu right now. No, you’re not going crazy: Sideshow Collectibles has previously released a Premium Format Sabertooth statue and this is (almost) it. Classic Sabertooth Premium Format Figure Size Scale Comparison PhotoWhile the original Sabertooth PF statue was a mixed-media statue that was clad in Sabertooth’s modern pajamas-looking costume, Sideshow has remixed that statue into a fully-sculpted piece and added a killer new head sculpt to make what was old new again–and better! Officially, this is the Sabertooth Classic Costume Premium Format Figure, as the costume clearly sets it apart as a totally different era’s Sabertooth. Sideshow Sabertooth Classic Costume Statue vs. Brown Costume WolverineI get a little frustrated with Sideshow releasing variants in their expensive Premium Format Figure line, but both of these statues capture the look and feel of Creed’s two most recognizable attires, so I’m okay with this refresh (especially since this is the right costume to make this statue a companion piece to the Brown Costume Wolverine). Back of Sabertooth Premium Format FigureFurther differentiating this piece from the original release is the all-new snowy terrain base: the original base was nice for its time, but this is a far better-looking and more detailed base–and it also matches the base on the Wolverine, so that Logan and Creed can have a bloody, knock-down battle in the snow! Sideshow Premium Format Saberooth Classic Costume FigureThe closed-mouth, menacingly grinning Sabertooth head on the original Sabertooth quarter-scale statue has always been the high point of that statue, in my opinion. And for those who don’t have the first Sabertooth Premium Format Statue, you’re in luck–that head is making a comeback (with what looks to be improved paint applications and the “masked” part of the head removed) for the 2016 Sabertooth Sideshow PF. Sideshow Exclusive Sabertooth Premium Format Statue Second Head

But wait–for those who pre-order early, there’s more! There is a Sideshow Exclusive Sabertooth Premium Format Figure edition, which–for no additional cost–will include a second, all-new swap-out head. Maybe instead of a grinning Sabertooth, you prefer an open-mouthed, openly-homicidal Sabertooth head…? If so, then make sure you get the limited exclusive version of this statue while it lasts! As big of a fan as I am of the original Sabertooth portrait, I can definitely see the pros of this new exclusive head (including the fact that the exclusive edition will ultimately appreciate in value far more than the regular edition), so I’ll be opting to add this Sabertooth to my collection (with FLEXPay–phew). Exclusive Sideshow Sabertooth Screaming Head Alternate PortraitThe Sideshow Exclusive Sabertooth Premium Format Figure statue goes up for order this afternoon, and is expected to ship out in mid-2016. As usual, I anticipate the exclusive edition will sell out long before the shipping date, so if you want that wicked second head included as a free bonus, you’ll have to order early (thank god for Sideshow’s payment plans). How do you think the new Sideshow Sabertooth EX compares to the original Premium Format, Creed fans? Do you prefer the new version for your collection, the old version… or no Sabertooth at all?

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