Spider-Man Marvel Legends Lizard Series Up for Order! 2018

Over the course of the last several weeks, the second Marvel Legends 2018 series (which happens to be first Spider-Man Legends Wave of the year) has begun popping up frequently internationally (including in nearby Canada). This has left loads of U.S. collectors asking “Hey! Where’s my Marvel Legends?!” But have no fear and wait no longer: the Spider-Man Marvel Legends Lizard Series of 6” figures is now up for order!


It was just one month ago that we got the first 2018 Marvel Legends Wave—the Black Panther Movie series—but it sure feels like eternity, doesn’t it? Thankfully, the (not really) “drought” is over, and Hasbro has finally given the go-ahead for stores to open pre-orders for the first Spider-Man Legends figures of the year!

For those who need a reminder (because we started seeing this wave revealed way back in July 2017), this is the Lizard Build-A-Figure series that contains single-packed figures of Spider-Man Noir, Mysterio, Prowler, Lasher, Spider-Punk, Gwenpool and Spider-Woman.

Marvel Legends Prowler Figure PackagedI think the case ratios for this particular series of Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2018 Wave 1 figures may be a bit controversial:

  • (2) Gwenpool
  • (1) Spider-Punk
  • (1) Prowler
  • (1) Mysterio
  • (1) Lasher
  • (1) Spider-Woman
  • (1) Spider-Man Noir

Marvel Legends Gwenpool Figure PackagedIn what I think is a really surprising pick, the Marvel Legends Gwenpool figure is the double-packed figure in these cases. With Gwenpool being totally unrelated to Spider-Man and having her comic book cancelled for low sales, heavy-packing her in one of the first ML cases of 2018 worries me quite a bit.

Spider-Man Noir or Mysterio seem like they would have been much safer picks, so it’ll be really interesting to see if the Unbelievable Gwenpool lives up to Hasbro’s sales expectations.

Marvel Legends Mysterio Figure PackagedThe 2018 Marvel Legends Spider-Man Wave 1 Lizard Series is now up for order, and should be shipping out very quickly. I haven’t heard any reports of these leaking out into brick-and-mortar stores in the United States just yet, but if you’ve seen them locally, please leave a comment and let your fellow collectors know!

Now that we’ve seen final packaged photos and the figures are officially available for order, what’s your assessment of this wave, Marvel collectors? Do you think Gwenpool was the right choice to double-pack? Which figures (if any) will you be picking up from this wave, and which are your priorities?


Spider-Man Marvel Legends Lizard Series Up for Order! 2018 — 17 Comments

  1. Dabid ya killing me! When has Hasbro EVER double packed a villian? I’ll grant you I’m just as surprised as you because when have they ever double packed a female? Also, when have they ever double packed the best figure in a wave? Their track record shows the obvious double pack choice is….LASHER! LOL

  2. Gwenpool double-packed? Meh. I would have gone for either Mysterio or Spider Woman for the Double Packing, but sadly the lack of accesories for Jessica Drew may not be enough to convince everyone, so Mysterio would be my pick. I really do not care enough for Spider Noir or Spider Punk to have them as double packed figures. Also, I do not like the body molds for the symbiotes either, I think Diamond Select versions are much better. Prowler might get my attention, but we’ll see. Lizard? I like that figure very much, but I already own the Marvel Select one, so I will not be ordering a whole box. The X-men Legends series though, those are quite good recently.

  3. Just my opinion…but man, does this seem like a weak wave. Mysterio is the only one I’m really interested in, and Jessica Drew won’t be hard to find for cheap later on, I feel.

    • I think this wave is more geared toward modern collectors, with the two Spider-Verse variants, modern Lizard and Spider-Woman, and Gwenpool. Not much here for the classic fans but Mysterio and a great Prowler. (Who doesn’t love Prowler? 😉 )

  4. I plan to pick up all of this wave, with Lasher being the only one who falls flat for me, and Gwenpool being the second least interesting. I might just keep the BAF pieces from them.

    I am very disappointed in the lack of accessories in this wave. Nothing for Prowler, Spider-Woman, or Lasher, and just two guns or two effects for Noir and Mysterio, it feels like most of the accessories budget went to Gwenpool – the only fig with an alternate head, who also gets 2 sets of alt hands and 3 accessories.

    At the least, Spider-Woman should have “venom blast” hands. The positioning of the one hand actually makes it look like she’s designed to grab something, so I’m wondering if they were trying to make her compatible with Black Widow’s motorcycle.

    • Venom Blast effect pieces for Spider-Woman wouldn’t even have to be developed, the lightning effect pieces displayed with this year’s Storm figure would work perfectly here, as well

  5. I would have assumed Spider-Punk would be the obvious choice to double pack. Gwenpool is a dumb-ass character, but I always like when Marvel Legends makes a NEW character. Mysterio is definitely gonna be the hardest one to find. And I gotta say, those guns for Noir are sooo stupid. Star Trek blasters??? C’mon man, make a revolver for him.

    The 2nd 2018 Spider-man wave with single carded Doc Ock and SP//DR BAF; oh boy! I can’t wait to see how they try to top that series 8 Doc Ock, which is pretty much perfection. That wave is gonna be AWESOME; although Cloak & Dagger should have been a 2-pack (for obvious reasons). Looks like another good year and another attack on my wallet from Hasbro.

  6. Woah, woah, we are finally getting a new Doc Ock? (Please, be classic as possible). And yes, Droppo, I second you: Mysterio, Mysterio, Mysterio! He should have been double-packed. Everything else is dumb (except Prowler), but I’m a classic kind of guy. It’s all worth it for the Lizard: buy the case, sell the rest.

  7. Entertainment Earth says April and is $160 for 8 figures, shipping included. It also says estimated date and subject to change. BigBadToyStore says February and with shipping is $160 for 7. Hopefully EE doesn’t make me wait until April.

    • Just FYI, Dorkside has also offers 8 for $160 or 7 for $145 (free shipping) if you aren’t interested in the double-packed fig. I have had good experiences with EE in the past and haven’t used Dorkside but have heard good things

  8. Can’t really buy a full set at retail for financial reasons but would defintely like to get Mysterio, Spider-Punk, and Gwen-Pool. Lasher and Spider-woman are passes for me. Prowler and Noir I would consider picking up if the price was right. So probably no Lizard for me! He looks very cool (I don’t mind the dinosaur head and crazy tongue) but the reviews I’ve seen suggest he is somewhat limited in terms of posing. I do think its great that Hasbro really digs deep into spider-lore with these waves. I can understand the decision to forgo making Spider-Punk the double-pack since there are more spider-man figures coming out with the IW wave, etc.

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