Marvel Legends Space Venom Series Hi-Res Photos!

Although the X-Men Marvel Legends Juggernaut Series only began shipping out a few weeks ago, it’s time to start watching your E-Mail boxes and credit card bills once again, Hasbro fans! Third-party listings for the Spider-Man Marvel Legends Space Venom Series have now appeared on Amazon (complete with hi-res images!), and online retailers like EE and BBTS are expecting to receive their cases of the series within the next week!

Marvel Legends Miles Morales Spider-Man Figure Packaged

2016 continues to look like it’s going to be the best year in Hasbro Marvel Legends history, as it’s only July and the 5th wave of the year is about to come into stock for online retailers in the United States!

I heard a lot of folks talking smack about the Space Venom Build-A-Figure for this wave, but it turns out that Space Venom looks pretty fantastic. As for the rest of the wave, let’s check out the hi-resolution photos…

Miles Morales Marvel Legends Spider-Man Figure with Space Venom Arm

A comic-accurate, properly-scaled Marvel Legends Miles Morales Spider-Man has been at the top of many wish lists for a while, and this figure (with interchangeable unmasked head!) looks like it may be the masterpiece fans have been waiting for.

And wisely, Miles is packed at two-per-case, with the other two-per-case figure being…

Ultimate Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2016 Figure Packaged…teenaged Ultimate Spider-Man Peter Parker! I think that this may be the first time in Hasbro history that fans don’t complain about four of the eight figures in a case being Spider-Man himself!

Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Man Peter Parker FigureUltimate Peter Parker will include six interchangeable hands and an unmasked Peter Parker head (plus the left arm of Space Venom).

And for those who loathe sculpted webs–the webbing on Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Man is painted-on instead of sculpted, just like the ever-popular Pizza Spidey from last year.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Silk Figure PackagedMoving on to the fairer gender, we get the first of the “Web-Slinging Heroines”, Silk.

I thought that the Marvel Legends Silk figure looked absolutely gorgeous when I saw it in New York at Toy Fair in February, and I’ve been looking forward to owning it ever since.

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Silk Web-Slinging Heroines FigureBased off of third-party seller prices, Silk appears to be the figure most likely to be scalped in this wave, with prices of $40-$45 for her.

That said, Cindy Moon is still a relatively new character, and I can see this figure easily being available for MSRP (or below) in a couple months.

Marvel Legends Spider-Bitch Figure Packaged Ashley Barton…And speaking of figures destined to sell for MSRP or below, next we’ve got Spider-B*tch herself, Ashley Barton.

Having basically only appeared in two stories ever (Spider-Verse and Old Man Logan), I just can’t see there being a big demand for this alternate universe future Spider-Girl figure.

Spider-Man Legends Spider-Girl Ashley Barton Figure with Space Venom TorsoBut while Ashley Barton isn’t a well-known character and comes with zero accessories of her own, she does come with the essential torso to build the Space Venom figure, so she ought to sell “okay” nonetheless.

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Hobgoblin Figure PackagedThe set is rounded out with a pair of legendary Spidey villains (or “Evil Adversaries”), with the first being a new classic version of the Hobgoblin.

I actually loved last year’s Phil Zurich Hobgoblin Build-A-Figure, but this is obviously the better-known iteration of the character.

Marvel Legends Space Venom Series Hobgoblin Figure 2016The Goblin Glider included this time around looks rather petite (and cheap), but I dig the tattered cape and default head. The interchangeable “licking” Hobgoblin head, however, looks all kinds of wrong to me.

Marvel Legends Electro Figure Packaged Space Venom Series

Finally, we’ve got the Marvel NOW Electro Marvel Legends six inch figure closing out the series. While the classic Electro costume is one of my absolute favorite villain costumes, I straight-up hate this look (though not as much as the ASM2 movie Electro).

The electric hands and classic head included are definitely fun, but the combination of ugly black pants and tattooed head, plus the lack of non-effect hands, definitely knocks the figure from my “most wanted” list.

Spider-Man Legends 2016 Electro Figure Loose with Space Venom LegThe Marvel Legends Spider-Man Space Venom Series is still available for order in sets and cases, and is expected to be arriving online within the next week. No word when Amazon will open their own individual figure pre-orders, but I’d expect them within the next two weeks.

Now that we’ve seen the best possible official images of this wave, are you excited for this year’s second Spider-Man Legends wave, Hasbro collectors? Or does this wave of mostly modern character designs fail to resonate with you?


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  1. My case from EE arrived yesterday! Figures look good. The Spider-Men don’t have the super articulated shoulders like Pizza SM which is unfortunate (Electro does) – only complaint.

    • Yeah it is unfortunate that the young spideys are missing the butterfly joints as that combined with the calf swivel (Pizza Spidey mold doesn’t have calf swivel) would’ve given these spider men pretty much the best POA on a legends fig to date (that I know of, could be wrong) hopefully we will the pizza Spidey mold recalibrated to add calf swivel in the future because something tells me we will be seeing this mold in many many more waves to come!

  2. After having received these earlier this week from EE, I’m more much more impressed with the figs than I thought originally. The female face sculpts are gorgeous and my figs paint apps are super stellar. I agree with Dabid as I really would’ve preferred a true classic classic Electro, I’m just glad to have the fig as I’ve been waiting for a new one for forever. Having said that, the detail in the marvel now face sculpt is pretty damn sharp, gotta see it up close to appreciate the line work. Now…Hasbro…GIVE ME MY SHOCKER
    …and a movie crossbones

      • Yup, for those that missed it back in the day, the Hobgoblin followed some demons back to their hangout and demanded to be possessed. So he was. The demon was a jerk and decided that he could do better on his own, so in a move reminiscent of the popular Venom Symbiote, went off on his own and became a new character, the Demogoblin. Also like the at-the-time popular Venom, he has a wicked cool long tongue. It went down during the very confusing and not so intriguing Rose storyline, so it was an easy one to miss and never notice.

  3. But demogoblin was never roderick Kinsley. It was ex mercenary jason macendale who worked for Kinsley and then struck out on his own as a hobgoblin. He became possessed so that he could be more powerful.