Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Loki 6″ Figure Review & Photos

While today is the day of the much-anticipated sale of the leftovers of the SDCC 2017 Marvel Legends Battle for Asgard set on Hasbro Toy Shop, there’s plenty of Thor Legends figures released this summer that aren’t in that set that I still need to review. And one of those figures is the subject of today’s review: Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Loki! Despite being the first Hasbro 6″ Loki Marvel Legends figure ever made for mass retail, Loki is readily available online now for MSRP or less–is he worth picking up?

Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Loki ReviewThe Right:

While there’s literally no competition for Loki for the “most popular MCU movie villain” award (in fact, I’ll wager that 90% of all casual Marvel movie fans couldn’t name an MCU villain besides Loki and maybe Ultron), Hasbro has never released a 6″ Loki movie figure at mass retail–until now!

Packed at two-per-case and hitting stores officially this month, Marvel Legends Tom Hiddleston Loki is here!

Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Loki 6" FigureFor this action figure, Hasbro went with the blue and purple costume Loki appears to be wearing for most of Thor Ragnarok. While I’ve seen plenty of hate for this non-green Loki costume, it’s his primary costume for the movie and thus probably the appropriate choice for Hasbro to make.

Back of Marvel Legends Loki Thor Ragnarok FigureAs this costume is pretty far removed from any mold we’ve ever seen before in Marvel Legends, Hasbro whipped up a 100% new tool for Ragnarok Loki. The unique creases, folds and armored parts in the sculpting detail all look very nice, and it’s clear that this is a unique mold and not any kind of kitbash.
Close-Up of Tom Hiddleston Loki Marvel Legends Figure PortraitObviously, one of the most crucial components of a movie-based action figure is an accurate actor likeness portrait. In this regard, I think Hasbro was very successful with Thor 3 Loki.

Close-Up of Tom Hiddleston Marvel Legends Loki HeadWhile they went a bit overboard with the shading around Loki’s eyes (giving him a slight drug addict look), the actual Tom Hiddleston portrait is pretty solid. Not Hot Toys level or anything, but for a 6″ figure, I’m more than satisfied.

Marvel Legends 2017 Loki Figure Wearing Crown HelmetRather than making us settle for crowned or uncrowned Loki, Hasbro included a removable Loki helmet with this figure so you can decide on the Trickster God’s wardrobe for the day yourself. The helmet is made of a soft rubber that goes on and off without damaging the head, and which stays on firmly when you want it to. Good stuff.

Marvel Legends Gladiator Thor vs. Loki 6" FiguresArticulation-wise, Loki has the usual standard of super-articulated excellence. He’s missing any kind of boot/calf swivels, but everything else you’d expect is present, including ball-hinge head/shoulders/wrists; double-hinge knees and elbows; hinged ankles with rockers; swivel waist/biceps/thighs, ball-jointed hips and ab crunch.

Loki Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Hasbro 6" Figure CapeI was concerned his flowing long hair might ruin the head articulation, but Loki can actually look up, down and all around with ease due to the soft plastic used for the hair. However, moving the head too much can cause the cape to fall off due to the cheap pegs on it (more on that in a bit).

Loki Thor Ragnarok Legends Figure and AccessoriesThe Wrong:

As psyched as I am to see a Loki six inch figure gracing store shelves nation-wide, there are definitely more flaws with this particular action figure than I’m used to seeing with Hasbro’s ordinarily outstanding line of Marvel Legends figures this year.

The first deficiency most collectors will notice in this Ragnarok Loki Legends figure is that he comes with a whopping zero weapons. No daggers, no magic effects pieces… nothing. The sum totality of what this Loki figure can do is hurl his cape or helmet at you or stand around menacingly holding up his hands. A very odd and boring choice. (Although I guess Loki could wield Hulk’s severed leg if it really came down to it.)

Marvel Legends Loki Movie Figure with Skirt Pulled UpLoki’s Thor 3 movie costume also has its share of problems. The big gold belt doesn’t look to be faithful to the source material, and I hate how Loki’s lower tunic “skirt” is a separate piece. The skirt gets pushed up to Loki’s waist when you raise his legs (and sometimes when you don’t), and it looks downright ridiculous during posing.

Loki Marvel Legends Ragnarok Series Figure PackagedThe bane of Hasbro’s 2017 ML series also rears its ugly head here once again: cheap, rubbery plastic. The plastic used for Loki’s knee and elbow joints is incredibly cheap and loose, and consequently all four of those parts wobble like crazy like a bobblehead.

Loki Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Six Inch Figure with Cape OffLoki’s cape is also made of the same low-quality plastic, and as a result keeping the cape’s pegs attached to his shoulders can be a real hassle.

Marvel Legends Ragnarok Loki ReviewOverall: While this Thor Ragnarok Loki figure is far from being a bad figure, I just can’t rate him as anything higher than average. While I think the Tom Hiddleston portrait is well-done and I appreciate the brand new tooling on this figure, there’s a lot of flaws to overlook.

The color scheme on Loki’s costume isn’t quite accurate, he comes without a single weapon or effects piece, his “skirt” piece pushes up way too easily and looks silly, the shading on his eyes is too heavy, and some of the plastic used for this toy is pretty low-quality.

This Loki action figure is “alright” overall, but just not up to the ultra-high bar that Hasbro has set with other Marvel Legends 6″ figures in 2017.



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  1. “While there’s literally no competition for Loki for the “most popular MCU movie villain” award (in fact, I’ll wager that 90% of all casual Marvel movie fans couldn’t name an MCU villain besides Loki and maybe Ultron)…”

    I beg to differ. Did you forget about Thanos? So…what was your wager?

    • Thanos doesn’t count. He hasn’t even appeared in a movie beyond a cameo yet. =P

      • Ok, I’ll let you slide on Thanos, but you don’t think that more than 10% of all Marvel movie fans would not be able to come up (other than Loki) with Ronan?

  2. Still waiting on Hasbro to put up the freakin’ exclusive. My friend and I have been monitoring it like a couple psycho-stalkers since 6AM est. 0.o And I didn’t even want the thing at first.

          • Though it did not specify the exact time, an official announcement, entitled “SDCC exclusive page is up –”, was posted by Hasbro this morning hours before they activated the “Add to Cart” link.


            But based on past experience (only a few years), it has started at 2:00 pm EST.

            I still remember my first time. I had no idea when it would begin. I assumed (like many newbies) that it could be as early as midnight EST. I had taken the day off from work just in case it started later in day. I’m from the west coast, so I had set my alarm for 3:00 am, and was clicking the general Marvel Legend search every so often until the exclusive website came up, and then continued to occasionally click every 15 minutes or so until the “Add to Cart link” worked.

          • Unfortunately, I have to manually approve comments from people who aren’t regulars, and I was asleep at the time. Sorry!

    • Yeah, never having ordered from HTS I had no idea when when they would make the set available. I work nights, so was able to check every hour to see if the page was updated. Of course that didn’t happen until the afternoon, but I stayed awake to make certain I wouldn’t miss out.
      Anyone know how long it took until they were sold out?

  3. Loki totally WOULD wield Hulk’s severed leg as a weapon, so I don’t know what you are complaining about. 🙂

  4. Uhm. In the picture without the cape — specifically without the shoulder clasps of the cape — his shoulder joints look very odd. They appear to be sitting too low on the body and look like they’re about to fall off… maybe Loki just came back from a tussle with Planet Hulk?

  5. Marvel Legends are not cheap, so why use cheap plastic? Yes the profit margin maybe high, but in the long run the cheap plastic will not go unnoticed so people are less likely to buy at retail and wait for clearance. I brought the whole and pretty happy with it as I am with the SDCC set.

  6. I agree with the C+ grade. I was pretty psyched for an MCU Loki that I could afford, but this one does have flaws. His hands aren’t really designed to even hold a weapon (for example, the swords that come with Ragnarok Thor) and the cape is annoying. I do like the removable helmet.