X-Men Marvel Legends Cyclops Review & Photos (2014)

I’m a self-admitted X-Men fanboy, so I was anticipating this year’s X-Men Marvel Legends 2014 figures even more than the superb Captain America Marvel Legends and Spider-Man Marvel Legends series (not to mention the so-so Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends figures). As a shared Toys R Us/Diamond Previews exclusive, this wave was also more expensive and harder to get than the others. Are they worth your effort and money? I’ll start my reviews with the 2014 Marvel Legends Cyclops figure…

Marvel Legends 2014 Cyclops 6" Action FigureThe Right:

I’m greatly enjoying the Brian Michael Bendis “Uncanny X-Men” comic book series, and I’m super-psyched that we’re already getting a super-articulated figure of Cyclops in his modern costume from that series.

X-Men Marvel Legends 2014 Cyclops Action Figure BackI know some people will balk at a character design that just showed up about a year ago in the “Marvel Legends” line of 6″ figures, but I think it feels fresh and exciting for Hasbro to beat all other figure companies to the punch for a change.

Marvel Legends Cyclops vs. Marvel Infinite Series Cyclops Figures

Though Cyclops is far from the most athletic member of the X-Men, his latest Marvel Legends 6″ figure has all the articulation we’ve come to know and expect from the Hasbro Marvel Legends line.

The Marvel Legends X-Men Cyclops figure features a ball-hinge neck, upper torso ab crunch, ball-hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, double-jointed elbows, swivel-hinge wrists, swivel waist, ball-jointed hips, swivel thighs, double-jointed knees, swivel calves and hinge ankles with ankle rockers.

Hasbro Cyclops Marvel Legends Figure Giving X SignIn total, there are thirty-two points of articulation on the X-Men Legends 6″ Cyclops figure. That’s basically every point of articulation you could ever ask for in a Cyclops action figure! I’m a bit disappointed that Cyclops can’t cross his arms to make the ‘X’ symbol with them (readers of the “AvX” comic book storyline know what I’m talking about), but otherwise this Cyclops action figure can do everything I want him too.

Belt on Marvel Now Cyclops Action Figure Marvel Legends 2014The other detail I really like about this Cyclops action figure is the sculpted belt Hasbro has added onto mold. It looks terrific and adds a lot of style to the look of this action figure, making it much more visually compelling.

Marvel Legends Cyclops Figure 2014 HasbroThe Wrong:

When Hasbro upped the price of 6″ Marvel Legends figures to around $20 at the start of 2014, they have us figures with copious amounts of accessories and alternate body parts to really make us feel like we were getting our money’s worth.

Unfortunately, it seems like those days are gone. Not only is the price-point higher on this series (as it’s a retailer exclusive), but across the board they contain less accessories.

Marvel Now Cyclops Action Figure with Jubilee Build-A-Figure ArmIn fact, other than the Jubilee Build-A-Figure arm, Cyclops comes with a great fat zero accessories. No alternate hands (non-fist hands would have been nice), no optic blast effects piece attachment, no unmasked head–nothing! For a ~$20 figure with almost no new parts, that’s a tough cookie to swallow.

Paint Flaws on Hasbro 6" Cyclops X-Men Legends FigureFurther bringing me down is the fact that the Marvel Now Cyclops Marvel Legends figure’s paint applications are unquestionably sloppy. There’s lots of tiny spots where paint deco was missed, and the lines could be a lot more even (especially on poor Cyclops’ face).

X-Men Marvel Legends Jubilee Build-A-Figure Series Cyclops Packaged“Where Can I Buy It?!”

You can get the X-Men Marvel Legends Cyclops figure for well under $19.99 online right now, which is a few bucks cheaper than you’re likely to pay at Toys R Us or any local comic book store. I sure miss the days of $7 Marvel Legends, though!

Overall: As much as I love this Marvel NOW Cyclops costume design, this Cyclops Marvel Legends figure is pretty mediocre. The paint apps are below average with plenty of flaws and uneven lines, and the X-Men Legends Cyclops figure doesn’t come with one true accessory to make him pop. I love the source material enough that I would have bought this figure regardless, but if it wasn’t for his Jubilee Build-A-Figure piece, I imagine a lot more collectors might be skipping this Cyclops action figure.



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  1. Great review. You make some good points.
    I wasn’t a collector during the single digit days.
    Although since I started,I noted that when it comes to a price hike the toy companies never miss a beat. I didn’t even notice the lack of accessories! Lol
    I’m that weird kid who gets excited with the box, so the reusable window box has been my justification for the extra dollars we pay now.
    Btw: you do know this figure is using the now standard buck/base body for hml:infinite? I haven’t done a character count yet, but it started with BuckyCap..
    UsAgent,Archangel,theBaf;PUCK:Cyclops,Hydra Soldier,Hawkeye,Black Panther..etc,etc