X-Men Marvel Legends Phoenix Five Cyclops Figure For Sale!

Hasbro has really dropped the ball over the past few years as far as getting Marvel Legends variant figures that they’ve shown off publicly into stores. While there’s still hope for some of these figures (like Bulldozer and Classic Hawkeye) to make it to retail, some of them are lost to us forever. One such figure is the Marvel Legends Phoenix Five Cyclops figure. But although Hasbro has confirmed they’ll never mass-produce this action figure, you still have a chance to own one, as a Wolverine Legends Phoenix Five Cyclops figure prototype has now surfaced for auction this week!

Phoenix Five Cyclops Marvel Legends Prototype Figure

Avengers vs. X-Men (AvX) turned out to be one of the biggest and most significant events in the Marvel Universe in many years. Not only did the storyline reinvigorate the mutant species, but it also featured a shocking incident that no one would have ever expected: five X-Men possessed by the Phoenix Force (the Phoenix Five), and a Phoenix-possessed Cyclops murdering Professor Charles Xavier. Seriously–these were some crazy, crazy happenings.

Close-Up of X-Men Wolverine Legends Phoenix Five Cyclops 2013 Hasbro FigureGiven that the Phoenix Cyclops iteration ultimately manages to kill one of the most legendary and iconic figures in Marvel history (Professor X), it seemed totally appropriate that Hasbro had slotted a Marvel Legends Phoenix Five Cyclops figure into the Wolverine Legends lineup. But then a funny (but not unexpected) thing happened: Hasbro failed to produce the running change figures from this series (Rogue, X-Force Wolverine and Phoenix Five Cyclops).

Wolverine Legends Phoenix Five Cyclops Action Figure Prototype BackHasbro confirmed it was unlikely we’d ever get the much-wanted Wolverine Legends Rogue action figure, and that poor 6″ Phoenix Cyclops was outright cancelled. I never thought we’d see an opportunity to own this action figure, but one lucky (rich) collector is going to have that opportunity, as a Phoenix Five Cyclops Marvel Legends figure is now up for auction (ending Tuesday, 4/1)!

The Wolverine Legends Phoenix Cyclops action figure that’s up for sale is an official Hasbro product sample–perhaps the one that Hasbro displayed at events when they were first revealing the series. There’s a bit of wear on the figure, but hey–it’s likely one of a kind, so it’s tough to complain.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Cyclops Phoenix Five Force Action Figure PrototypeI’m tempted to bid on this X-Men Legends Phoenix Five Cyclops figure myself (especially since the seller quoted this site in his description–thanks for the shout-out, whoever you are!), but I don’t have an extra $300+ to spend on a 6″ figure prototype like this (as neat as it is).

What about you, Marvel collectors? Anyone out there itching to burn a couple hundred dollars and make an attempt to own what just may be the only Marvel Legends Phoenix Five Cyclops figure in existence?


X-Men Marvel Legends Phoenix Five Cyclops Figure For Sale! — 6 Comments

  1. I hope whoever wins is somebody who plans on casting the head and chest pieces. This would be the smartest move; you could easily make your money back by selling the castings AND everybody could share the love!

  2. This is complete b.s. by hasbros part.. if this thing sells for over 500 $ plus its obvious that ppl wanted a different looking cyclops other than that remake they put out that flopped.
    Wtf I hope they wisen up and get in touch with their consumers

    • But $480 of the $500 is due to scarcity value, not the toy itself. Just like the Star Wars medical droid that sold for over $10,000 recently, it ain’t because someone couldn’t live without a medical droid; it’s the idea that you’re the only one who has it.

  3. I hope no one gives that greedy SOB 2gs for this figure. Seriously…if everyone just ignores his insane mark up he will be forced to bring it down.
    Plus, do what I did, send him a msg on ebay letting him know how dumb he is for trying to charge that rip off amount.

    I like the guys idea who said to cast it…if I woulda seen it when it was for sale at 300+ I woulda bought it and made a bunch of casts of the whole body for everyone to share in the fun…but thats just me…i loathe the almighty dollar and those who act like greedy little dbags.