X-Men Marvel Legends Wolverine 6″ Figure Review & Photos

2016 has been relentless as far as Marvel Legends collecting goes, with more series being released by Hasbro in one year than ever before. But at last, we have a respite for collectors to pick up figures they missed during the year and for me to fill in reviews for figures I skipped. And though today’s subject was rare and expensive on the aftermarket for a few months, the X-Men Legends Wolverine figure is now available for way below retail price online! If you haven’t nabbed this Brown Costume Wolverine Marvel Legends figure yet, you really should, because it’s a great one…

X-Men Marvel Legends Wolverine 6 Inch Figure ReviewThe Right:

“Wow, a Wolverine action figure! Never saw that before, right? Haha!”

…I would forgive anyone who had that reaction when seeing this Marvel Legends X-Men Wolverine figure for the very first time, seeing as how Logan has had more action figures over the years than any other mutant character by an absolute landslide.

But while this is miles away from being the first Wolverine action figure, that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best…

Marvel Legends Brown Costume Wolverine Packaged with Juggernaut HeadFirst off, kudos to Hasbro for the genius one-per-case ratios of this X-Men Marvel Legends Wave 1 series. When you release a ML set and Wolverine spends months as a hard-to-get figure rather than a perpetual pegwarmer, you know you’ve done something right.

One-per-case Wolvy and his classic brown costume rather than the yellow and blue costumes we’ve seen a million times…? Yes, please.

Marvel Legends Phoenix Jean Grey Kissing WolverineOne of the things that makes Wolverine himself is that he’s, well… kinda short. Too often we get toys where Logan is the same size as everyone else (or, God forbid, bigger), but that’s not what happened this time out.

Hasbro totally nailed the scale of this X-Men Marvel Legends figure. Jean Grey towers over Wolverine when making out with him, just the way she should.

Wolverine X-Men Legends Hasbro 2016 Figure Holding Claws in AirThe other main defining characteristic of Wolverine visually is his claws. I was a bit dubious of the claws on this figure when I first opened it, as they seemed kind of cheap, but now I like them a lot. 

Back of Packaging Marvel Legends X-Men WolverineThe claws have a bit of a rubbery feel to them, but that’s to make sure that they don’t snap in half or break. They may look warped in the packaging, but it’s more likely that they’re just out-of-place a bit and need to be realigned.

6" Marvel Legends Wolverine Brown Costume ClawsEach of the three claws on each hand are actually removable and can be inserted or pulled out at will, so Wolverine can be attacking with anywhere from zero to six claws at once. The claws snap into place tightly so you don’t have to worry about losing them, though they can get rotated out of alignment if you’re not careful.

X-Men Legends Juggernaut versus Wolverine Action FigureI was grumpy with this manner of claws until I got familiar with he setup, and now I love it. This is an ingenious way to recreate Logan with two claws popped around Sabertooth’s head and threatening to pop the third.

Marvel Legends X-Men Wave 1 Wolverine Figure ClawsThe Brown Costume Wolverine Marvel Legends figure features a fantastic articulation scheme, which includes every standard point we’ve come to expect from Marvel Legends–plus a little bit extra.

X-men Legends 2016 Wolverine Figure Claws Retracted Punching PoseHere’s the articulation rundown: ball-hinge head/shoulders/wrists; swivel biceps/waist/thighs/boots; hinged ankles with ankle rockers; double-hinge knees and elbows; an crunch and butterfly joint shoulders.

Hasbro Wolverine Legends Figure with Arm Articulation Behind BackWhile I don’t know that Electro needed butterfly shoulders, this added articulation works phenomenally for Wolverine. The joints give Logan a huge range of motion and tons of options for slicing ferociously with his claws. This articulation is top-notch.

Back of Marvel Legends X-Men Wolverine FigureAnd thankfully, the quality of this figure is every bit as good as the design and flexibility. The paintwork is remarkable well-executed on this figure with no botched spots or lines at all on mine.

Wolverine X-Men Marvel Legends Hasbro 6" Figure Crouching PoseIn fact, Wolverine’s belt is even tightly glued into place so he doesn’t suffer from the same floppy belt syndrome as Juggernaut, Phoenix and more figures from this wave. It sounds minor, but this detail increases my appreciation of this action figure quite a bit.


Marvel Legends X-Men Wolverine Figure with Juggernaut HeadThe Wrong:

While the X-Men Legends Wolverine 6″ figure itself is dang near perfect, the one area where this toy made me feel a little disappointed is the accessories department.

Wolverine comes with a pair of interchangeable hands with fully retracted claws, the Juggernaut Build-A-Figure head, and, well… that’s it. Not exactly the most inspiring assortment of extras, huh? Hasbro could have packed in a katana sword for this era Wolverine, except it would have been meaningless without another pair of hands that could actually hold an accessory.

Marvel Legends 2016 Brown Costume Wolverine FigureBut what would have really put this figure over the top for me would have been an alternate head (or two): an enraged masked Wolverine or unmasked Logan head would have both been very welcome here. The neutral face on the only head sculpt is a bit, well… bland.

X-Men Legends Juggernaut vs Wolverine FiguresOverall: We’ve had a lot of Wolverine action figures released over the years, but I’m not exaggerating when I say this is one of my favorites. Great paint deco, perfect scale and outstanding articulation make this Marvel Legends Logan figure really stand out, even though his lackluster selection of accessories are disappointing. If you don’t own a Marvel Legends Brown Costume Wolverine figure yet, you absolutely don’t want to miss this one. Excellent.



X-Men Marvel Legends Wolverine 6″ Figure Review & Photos — 17 Comments

  1. This is pretty easily the best Wolverine figure.
    I love the Puck Wave Wolverine and for the most part that’s my favorite Wolverine design, but the articulation and sculpt of this new Juggernaut Wave Wolverine are just better is such specifically significant ways that I couldn’t deny that this one IS the best.

    He can get into Wolverine’s low crouch and other poses like now other 6″ Wolverine figure, and he does so without weird looking joints that stick out unnaturally from his body.

    • “better IN such specifically significant ways”*
      “He can get into Wolverine’s low crouch and other poses like NO other 6″ Wolverine figure”*

      Man, I wish I could edit, or at least delete, these posts.
      I HATE spelling and grammar errors.

  2. This is easily my favorite Legends Wolverine figure, hands-down. That was previously the Puck wave modern Wolverine, but the articulation was kinda weird (especially in the hips and torso), half of it was recycled from older Toy Biz Wolvies, and it was way too tall.

    THIS Wolverine is perfectly proportioned, and I’m glad they sprang for the new sculpt to give him his correct height and bulk. The alternate hands are great (although I agree that an alternate head would have been nice) and for once, I’d actually welcome a few new (non-Old-Man-Logan) Wolverines if it means they get put on this sculpt- and make no mistake, we’re gonna see this sculpt again. I’d love to see classic Tiger Stripe Wolverine, Uncanny X-Force Wolverine, maybe that weird costume he wore when he didn’t have his healing factor and had to wear a bulletproof costume… and then he died… okay, maybe not that one. But there’s like a bazillion Wolverines out there.

    Actually, I probably wouldn’t have bought this one if any of those had been made first. Brown Costume Wolverine is my least favorite look for the character and the color scheme is kinda ugly. (Granted, it WAS the costume he wore in Chris Claremont’s and Jim Lee’s Adjectiveless X-Men #1, but still…) But the sculpt and articulation are so damn good I don’t mind it one bit.

    • Ironically, Old Man Logan, the only one you apparently don’t want, is the next Wolverine figure that we’re getting.

      I would LOVE to get that armored Death Of Wolverine suit on a figure. That suit was cool as hell when it was drawn properly, as actual samuraiesque armor.

      I agree, I’d take pretty much ALL of those other Wolverine designs over the lame brown design, but damn, they nailed it on the articulation and sculpt so hard that you can’t ignore that this figure is the best.
      The one thing it needs is hairy arms, like other Wolverine figures have had in the past.

      • Well, I meant that this figure could be used to make Wolverines that aren’t that one, since it’s the next Wolverine in the pipeline and requires a unique sculpt, but you get my drift.

  3. Amazing figure. Favorite color scheme! How could they not include an additional head??? …but they got the scale right!
    I HATE when Wolverine is just as tall as all the other Xmen…
    i.e. that handsome jackass Hugh Jackman.

  4. If the claws are detachable on the regular closed fist hands, what is the point of an extra pair of closed fist hands?

    • I’m glad you asked! 😉

      My guess is that Hasbro wanted collectors to have the choice of displaying Wolverine with retracted claws without the holes that you can see when you remove the claws from the other fists. It seems a bit like a waste to me, but it is what it is!

      • The claws ARE removable, which is cool, but they’re not SUPPOSED TO BE removable.
        The removability is just a side effect of how they’re manufactured and assembled, not an intended feature.
        The retracted fists solve a problem that was accidentally pre-solved.

        • Are you sure they’re not supposed to be removable? I like that Wolverine has the option of not popping *all* his claws at once–I figured that was the point.

      • Hands are my only gripe on this one. We got 2 sets of closed Fists. With removed claws they are the same (and yes they were created with intent to remove any or all of them). The extra set should have just been 1 left hand 75% closed for holding something/anything and 1 right hand 75% open both with holes for claws or no claws! would have added so many more cool poses!

  5. Thank you. You just inspired me to head over to Amazon and pick this one up. I was on the fence about him until this review.

    The one accessory I would have loved with this figure? A cigar. I know, it’s not going to happen because mouse ears. But still. An alternate head with a stogie would have been nice.

    • I think it’s less Disney, and more the fact that it’s a mass market toy. They’re not shy about putting guns in, but they’re still not going to put a cigar in the mouth of a toy that’s still intended to be bought by children.

  6. From a photography point of view, it’s frustrating that his face is so expressionless.