2016 Marvel Legends Black Panther… and 4″ Price Increase?

A couple of unannounced Marvel Legends 2016 4″ figures turned up on eBay last week, leaving fans wondering whether the figures were legit. Well, we Marvel Universe-scale collectors didn’t have too long to wait to find out: Hasbro has officially confirmed two upcoming new Marvel Legends 3.75″ figures–Black Panther and House of M Spider-Man! But there’s one other bit of news: a troubling potential price increase to $19.99 per figure…

UPDATE: And rejoice–Hasbro has confirmed that the price increase on their site was an error: 4″ figures will remain $12.99 in 2016.

Marvel Legends 2016 Black Panther Figure Packaged

The 4″ Marvel Infinite Series line lost a lot of momentum with infrequent releases in 2015, so the rebranding of the series to the Marvel Legends name was a much-needed change.
Last month the line got a big push with the announcement of new Hydro-Man, Quasar, Morbius and Rogue figures coming down the pike this year, and now another duo of new(ish) figures has been revealed in the form of Black Panther and House of M Spidey.

Both of these characters were previously-released as part of the Marvel Universe Comic Packs series of two-packs a few years back, but that House of M Spider-Man had a dark wash that this one did not, and that Black Panther features shiny blue paint that this one doesn’t.

House of M Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2016 FigureBlack Panther action figures have been hotly in demand for several years now, and will be especially so with the character’s MCU debut in the “Captain America: Civil War” movie this spring. A release right now for a repainted Spider-Man House of M figure is a bit of a head-scratcher, but there’s always a market for Spideys, so I doubt another on the pegs will be a problem at all.

Hasbro Marvel Legends 4 Inch 2016 Price IncreaseOf course, the big news isn’t that two old figures are getting reissued with some paint differences: it’s that Hasbro’s own website has priced all of the 4″ Marvel Universe/Legends figures at an MSRP of $19.99 per figure–the same price that the 6″ Legends line sells at.

4 Inch Black Panther Marvel Legends Action FigureI can’t even begin to imagine that this isn’t an error on the part of whoever updated the website, as the 3 3/4″ and 6″ figure lines sharing the same name is already causing a lot of confusion.

But if $20 somehow is the new price-point for this scale, I genuinely think it will be the death knell for Hasbro Marvel Universe scale figures. I just can’t see this line succeeding at that MSRP under any circumstances, so let’s hope that this is just a pricing error that will soon be remedied.

2016 Marvel Legends House of M Spider-Man CardedThe Marvel Legends 4″ Black Panther and House of M Spider-Man figures are scheduled to be released in late winter 2016, and should be accompanied by several more figures that we haven’t seen confirmed just yet (perhaps the Quasar/Hydro-Man wave?).

Anyone planning to pick up these updates Marvel Legends Black Panther and House of M Spider-Man figures? And if the potential price increase turns out to be real, will you still collect Hasbro 3.75″ Marvel figures, or are your days collecting that line done?


2016 Marvel Legends Black Panther… and 4″ Price Increase? — 34 Comments

  1. No F’n way can that $20 price tag be legit. Better be just a clerical error. I thought the $2 increase was ridiculous but I figured hey, $12 a figure is better than a canceled line. $20 a fig? No thanks. See ya 3.75″ universe.

    • I desperately hope that Hasbro will confirm that the price increase is a clerical error within the next few days. I love this line, but I just can’t see it possibly surviving with that large of a price jump.

    • I just looked at the main Hasbro site – not the toy shop site – and they have all the 3.75″ Legends line listed at $12.99. That’s the same price that the last wave of 2015 was listed for and makes more sense.

  2. There is no way, Hasbro probably has the line mixed in with regular legends name now so the price is reflecting those. Im sure this will go back to a more normal price because there is no way this line can keep going at 19.99. I am sure this is just a mistake due to now being called legends as well.

  3. This line died for me when they reduced the articulation and the detail and took the jump passed the $10 mark. Im a huge fan of the 6in line and thats been all thats ive bought since. If this is true, it worries me that the 6in line could be going up as well, which wouldnt end my collecting, just would hurt my pocket.

  4. Whomever wrote this article needs to get their facts straight and learn how to read. It clearly shows on the Hasbro site that all the older 3.75 infinite figures are $9.99 with the latest releases at $12.99
    MARVEL LEGENDS 6 INCH are $19.99

    • Uh, I wrote this article, as I have written every article on this site ever. And yes, I have gotten my facts straight, as the pricing comes straight from the Hasbro product pages for these specific figures, as shown in the screenshot IN THIS ARTICLE.

      Whatever information you’re looking at is likely less recent than these specific product pages, both of which were posted today.

    • You sir, are the one that needs to learn how to read. Based on what you said, all you did was read the title.

  5. A little off topic, but have any of the figures from the 3″ Legends subline even been released? I haven’t seen any 3″ Marvel figures since the wave with Juggerlossus

    • Nope! In fact, Hasbro hasn’t even allowed retailers to open up pre-orders yet for any of this year’s 4″ figures, which is why the potential price increase actually seems like a feasible possibility.

      Hopefully we’ll hear something new soon!

  6. Hahahahahahahaha
    That’s cute.
    Any chance of me ever buy Marvel Infinite figures would be a flat 0% if they go above $12.
    And no, they aren’t, and never will be, Marvel Legends.

  7. Honestly I would pay $20 for figure in this scale if it was an X-MEN character. Hello Rogue!

    • i agree, or as long as its a character i really want. People end up spending $20 on other crap anyway, why not spend it on something thats a fun hobby f or something that might go up in value one day

  8. I like the packaging, I don’t think I would bother opening it for $20 though. But whatever happens, the packaging for future 3.75 figures needs better art work.

  9. I already told myself if they raise the price again I am done. I will be done with everything. No more 3.75, no more 6″. I will most likely put everything I already have up for sale and quit the whole thing. And I have been a collector for over 20 years now so I have everything. Its hard to watch the 6″ line jump up from 8.99 a figure to 19.99 and the 3.75 line jump from 5.99 to 19.99. I am so aggravated with the price hikes. Hasbro increased their cheap Star Wars prices too. I am also a little upset with Sideshow and HotToys as well because over the years they too have increased their prices.

  10. I love the Legends line (6 inch), but it has literally taken Hasbro years to come close to the quality of figures that Toy Biz produced for the legends line 10 years ago. Not to mention, is anyone else irritated that the BAF line has been reduced to 6 inch scale figures instead of the original intention of brining to life our favorite mega sized characters? Apocalypse, Mojo, MODOK and Sentinel were beautiful! But characters like Hit Monkey and the upcoming Absorbing Man? We already have a Absorbing Man figure released by Hasbro from the Fing Fang Foom BAF, why do we need another? I honestly think Hasbro would sell sooo much more Legends 6 inch figures if they would climb down from that $20 mark that they retail at (plus, with such high retail prices, eBay toy scalpers then create high demand for certain figures and you wind up paying $35 for that one you need that came out mere weeks ago). Hasbro’s figures lately have certainly been of better quality from when they first took over the Marvel license, but I have absolutely hated how through control of the brand they’re raping the fans out of their money.

    • Hasbro is pretty regularly outdoing Toy Biz now, and the BAFs are usually bigger than a regular 6″ figure.
      Odin/Allfather Thor
      Absorbing Man

      • (Accidentally hit post)
        Red Onslaught

        The only normal size BAF in the last 8 waves was Hobgoblin. And even he takes up significantly more space than a standard 6″ figure.

        And not long before that was Groot, Ultimate Green Goblin, Mandroid, Iron Monger, Terrax….

        BAFs are clearly getting bigger again, especially if Hulkbuster and Onslaught are anything to go by.

        Since the X-Men Wave so far only has an Onslaught head to replace the Red Skull head on Red Onslaught, the wave’s REAL BAF has a fair chance of being a new huge Apocalypse or Sentinel figure.
        What else would it be? Maybe Juggernaut?

    • I told yall, everyone starts spazing out over nothing, ridiculous. There is no way in hell Hasbro could sell this crap for 19.99

      • Except for the few complete idiots that make comments like, ” I would pay 19.99 for an x men figure” get real moron.

        • morons are the ones that are quick to judge, You wanna judge? let’s judge then…i got money, I’m not a loser like you that wastes time talking smack on things your not even gonna bother with (now thats moronic). Im not a penny pincher like you that complains about something as simple as toys. Its simple, you want it? you got the money? you buy it. Who is anybody to say otherwise. I notice your username is just a “B”, does it stand for BITCH!!? go play with yourself…

        • With a name like Morrissey, you’d think he’d think he’s better than everyone else and acting like a complete tool belt hypocrite is the way to be with people that share a common interest. It’s folk like him that lead to the lows in this hobby, like when companies double their prices while making little (if any) improvements to the product.

  11. Cripes, can only imagine that would mean price wise for us Aussies! The original waves were retailing at $29 per figure here.

  12. They REALLY need to stop calling 4 inch figures “Marvel Legends”. If for no other reason it gums up my ebay searches.

  13. Buying action figures is like going to a Chinese buffet. You take what you want and leave the rest.