2017 Marvel Legends Colossus Review X-Men Warlock Series

Superhero costumes being continuously redesigned is a fact of life in the comic book world that readers have long been accustomed to. But some new interpretations really throw you for a loop nonetheless, as was the case with me and and lumberjack-looking, bearded Colossus. Over the course of a year the look finally grew on me–just in time for the beard to be shaved off in the latest comics! But hey, at least we’ll always have this new Hasbro X-Men Marvel Legends Colossus figure, right?

Marvel Legends 2017 Colossus vs. The JuggernautThe Right:

I’ll be totally honest: the first time (or first 100 times) I saw Colossus with a beard, I thought it looked absolutely ridiculous. I mean, a man with steel skin growing a beard? Ludicrous. (Yes, a man with steel skin doesn’t bother me–its a beard that does. I’m aware.)

But somewhere along the way, this depiction of Colossus really grew on me–and I actually found myself excited for the X-Men Legends Colossus six inch figure that’s now hitting some stores (and more frequently eBay for a couple bucks above MSRP).

2017 Marvel Legends Colossus Six Inch FigureI know that some fans are pretty ticked that we got this version of Piotr Rasputin instead of the Jim Lee version here, but the Toybiz Marvel Legends Colossus in that costume is still near-perfect to this day, and I appreciate Hasbro slowly building a modern X-Men figures roster. Thumbs up.

Marvel Legends Bearded Colossus Head Close-UpAs for the controversial bearded head: it looks picture-perfect. This looks totally accurate as if the artwork from the just-ending Extraordinary X-Men comic popped right off the page. Whether you’re a Colossus with beard fan or not, the style of this Colossus bearded head is undeniably authentic to the source material.

Marvel Legends X-Men Warlock Series Colossus ReviewBut for those who absolutely cannot stand the Lumberjack Colossus look, Hasbro has been good enough to provide a classic, clean-shaven head. I don’t find this version nearly as fun, but I’m glad it’s included for those who can’t stand the beard.

Size Scale Comparison X-Men Marvel Legends Old Man Logan Colossus CyclopsSize-wise, you’ll notice immediately that this ML Colossus action figure is clearly larger than 6″ and bigger than any non-Build-A-Figure in either X-Men Legends series released this far. This is exactly as it should be, and I’m very pleased with the scale here.

Colossus Marvel Legends X-Men Series FigureThe rest of the figure is well-done, although it’s the size and head sculpts that really impress me most about the X-Men Legends Colossus.

Hasbro Colossus 6 Inch Figure 2017This 6″ scale Colossus figure is nice and sturdy–by which I mean that not only can be stand up stably himself, but the Russian powerhouse can actually support both another figure and himself without issues.

X-Men Marvel Legends Colossus Bench Press Jim Lee Cyclops FigureWant your Colossus Marvel Legends figure bench-pressing the new Jim Lee Cyclops? No problem!

Marvel Legends Colossus Throwing Wolverine Fastball SpecialEven holding up the new Old Man Logan with one hand for a Fastball Special is a snap for the X-Men’s most iconic strong guy (no, not that Strong Guy)!

Back of 2017 X-Men Marvel Legends Colossus Hasbro FigurePaint-wise, this figure is aces. There’s a small sliver of red paint on the yellow part of my Colossus’s back, but it’s not very noticeable and otherwise everything is neat and clean.

Marvel Legends 2017 Colossus Kicking Juggernaut in FaceAnd while Colossus is a brawler who doesn’t quite need the same level of flexibility as Spider-Man, he’s almost as super-articulated as any Legends Spidey to date.

Marvel Legends Colossus 2017 Figure vs. GrootDouble-jointed knees, swivel thighs and biceps, ankle rockers, ball-hinge head and shoulders and wrists… you know the drill. Every point of articulation we would reasonably expect–besides perhaps double-hinged elbows–is present and accounted for and works great.

X-Men Legends Colossus Figure with Warlock Head Saw HandThe Wrong:

I do love to nitpick, but about the only thing about this Colossus toy that I’m a little “ho-hum” about is the lack of accessories.

The interchangeable classic head is a great accessory and I love that Colossus gets two Warlock BAF pieces (Warlock’s head and buzz saw hand), but I really would have liked a second fist and a second grappling hand to give Colossus more posing potential. Having to have Piotr grapple with one hand as a fist is a little weird, you know?

Marvel Legends Colossus vs Juggernaut FigureOverall: The Marvel Legends 2017 Colossus is oversized, super-strong and capable of easily holding up other figures, excellent painted and sculpted, has the usual impressive articulation, two Warlock Build-A-Figure pieces and two dead-on head sculpts of his very own. I’d have loved another fist hand and another grappling hand, but otherwise I’ve got zero complaints about what is an awesome 6″ figure of a version of Colossus that may not be to everyone’s taste.



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  1. I have Sun-fire & Polaris ordered,but I really want Peter,Dazzler(nostalgia factor) and Cyclops from this series! Peter being the MUST have! Good review,Thanks!

  2. Sorry, but
    1. The elbows are single jointed.

    Also, am I the only one who is bugged about his neck? there is this issue I notice with many marvel legends, namely this, Wonder Man, Iron Fist, Phoenix, unmasked deadpool head etc. Why does the costume go straight up into their necks?there is no neck flesh, just costume! it goes into their heads!

    great pictures, nice review. Though I don’t see the lack of accessories a problem because he is huge and a new sculpt.

    • I was like, “That’s un-possible!” and went and picked Colossus back up. Sure enough, it’s a single hinge with a biceps swivel and not double-hinge. Amended. Thanks!

  3. Hope the Online-Resellers starts the pre-order soon…. Quite sure in Europe it will take much more time the figures will come out.

  4. I want this figure, but I hate the costume so much. It’s probably one of the worst costumes I’ve ever seen. I’m either gonna have to paint over it or give him some real fabric clothes.

  5. As excited as I am for the eventual mass release of this series I just cannot get excited about Old Man Logan or Colossus. I think I’ll be keeping my Diamond Select Colossus.

    I’m onboard with the beard hate. And It’s not just HIS beard that I hate. It’s all beards. I’d like to buy the world a Gillette Sensor and a bottle of Aqua Velva.

    The rest of this wave I’m still psyched about. My only real complaint about the rest of them is that Shatterstar is supposed to have 2 double-bladed swords. Not one. Not sure if this bothers me as much as USAgent’s shield not having a solid black center. But it does bug me.

    I’m happy for those of us who really want a modern X-Men lineup. But I do believe that we were promised a Jim Lee lineup. Hasbro is writing checks that Colossus figure can’t cash.

    • 1) Them promising a Jim Lee X-Men team =/= they aren’t also doing other costumes at the same time. (Plus, now that we have this body, you KNOW we’re getting more Colossi, including a Jim Lee-era one.)

      2) Looking up Shatterstar on Google Images, you will find a number of images of him with one double-bladed sword and one single-bladed sword, just like this Legends figure has.

    • Sorry Yodo, but Shatterstar always only had one double bladed sword (not including his later “forearm swords).

  6. Hey I just wanted to let you know I ended up finding these in Walgreens also so maybe try your luck.

  7. So you were weirded out by the hair growing out of Piotr’s face, but not the hair growing out of Piotr’s head for the past 40 years…

    • Bingo! Piotr had hair on his head for 40 years of comics before we ever saw him with a beard growing out of his steel face, so seeing it for the first time was a bit of a shock.

  8. Hey everyone I was just able to order Colossus on Amazon for MSRP ($19.99) w/ prime. The price did shoot back up minutes after I ordered, but be on the lookout as this wave is starting to be released to the major retailers in the US

  9. I find him to be a bit too dark grey, but not enough for it to keep me from buying him if I ever manage to locate him at Target. In my mind’s eye, I picture him as a lighter, closer to silver in color.