2017 Marvel Legends Spider-UK Figure Review & Photos

Need more proof that we’re living in a true Golden Age for Marvel toys and collectibles? How about the fact that an alternate universe Spider-Man can have his first appearance, take part in a couple stories and then an amazing super-articulated action figure in our hands in just over two years? Though he’s still slightly obscure and available for below MSRP online, the Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-UK turns out to be a surprisingly awesome action figure…

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Spider-UK Benchpresses Symbiote Spider-ManThe Right:

With the first official and packaged photos of the X-Men Marvel Legends 2017 figures popping up online late last week, I figured now was the time to stop dilly-dallying and get completely caught up to-date with my review of the final Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2017 Wave 1 figure: Spider-UK!

[And on a side note, if you’re looking for my discussions of the other seven figures in the Sandman Series, you can find all those in the occasionally up-to-date Reviews Index!]

Spider-UK Marvel Legends Comparison with SDCC Raft Spider-ManThe moment you get the Hasbro Spider-UK figure out of the package and into your hands, you’ll realize that this is a very different Spider-Man than the ones we’ve become accustomed to.

Marvel legends Spider-UK Figure with Captain Britain 6"While we’re used to thin, flexible Spidey figures these days, Spider-UK is the beefcake of Spider-Men! Seriously–the Captain Britain Spider-Man of Earth-833 is totally ripped, and makes a great visual contrast to all the slim Spider-Man action figures that have been released the past few years.

Marvel Legends 2017 Spider-UK 6" Figure ReviewIf you’ve been waiting for a Spider-Man toy that looks just as ready to flex his muscles as to kick some super villain’s face in, then this is the action figure that you’ve been waiting for.

Back of Marvel Legends Spider-Man UK FigureThe addition of the Union Jack to the classic Spider-Man costume makes for a more complicated design that I was a little worried the Hasbro factories might botch. But nope–the paint applications on this figure are absolutely gorgeous¬†they’re so pristine. I’m amazed with the quality of paint on this figure–it looks fabulous.

Close-Up of Spider-UK 6" Marvel Legends Action FigureIn fact, the paint looks so good that I genuinely didn’t realize there was even an upper torso an crunch built in until I tried to pose the Spider-UK Legends figure! Oftentimes the ab crunch joint can look a little wonky, but this is the single best-hidden one that I’ve ever seen.

Spider-UK Legends Figure Kicks JackalAnd while this figure is lacking the butterfly shoulders of Pizza/Raft Spidey, every other iota of articulation I’d want is present: ball-hinge neck/shoulders/wrists; an crunch, swivel biceps/waist/thighs/boots; double-jointed knees and elbows; ball-jointed hips and hinged ankles with rockers. Excellence.

Spider-Man Legends Spider-UK Figure PackagedAlso, I want to make a note that the construction on this figure is top-quality. There’s no rubbery plastic, no stuck or loose joints, and no feeling whatseover like anything is going to break. I don’t always point that out, but after my experiences with Ms. Marvel and All-New Spider-Man 2099 in this series, I definitely wanted to mention the solid QC on Spider-UK.

Marvel Legends UK Spider-Man Figure with Sandman Build-A-Figure ArmThe Wrong:

As nice as the Marvel Legends UK Spider-Man base figure is, when I pay $20 for a 6″ figure, I like it to come with more than just a Build-A-Figure piece (in this case, a Sandman BAF arm).

William Braddock is an all-new Spidey that isn’t Peter Parker, so how about an unmasked Billy Braddock head? Or if tooling that is too expensive, what about just some interchangeable grappling hands, web-slinging hands… anything?

As a Spider-Man, I’m just not big on the idea that Spider-UK is only good for bashing things, which is what coming with only fists implies.

Marvel Legends Multiverse Spider-Man Figures 2099 Spider-UKOverall: Hasbro did a really fantastic job of making an excellent figure of a little-known, recent character here. The paintwork and “hidden” an crunch are exceptional, and the “buff” physique makes the Spider-UK Marvel Legends figure stand out from the crowd. The lack of any kind of interchangeable hands or an unmasked head knocks this figure down from being perfect, but if the idea of a Captain Britain Spider-Man figure appeals to you, I sincerely doubt there will ever be a better figure of Spider-Man UK.



2017 Marvel Legends Spider-UK Figure Review & Photos — 5 Comments

  1. I’m thinking the likely reason he doesn’t come with any accessories, even alternate hands, is because he’s the first figure on a brand new body. It seems that whenever Hasbro debuts an entirely new body (aside from MCU figures), they keep the accessories to a minimum on its first use. Grim Reaper, Janice Lincoln Beetle, Wolverine, Spider-Man 2099, Jackal, Spider-UK, Old Man Logan, almost all of them were entirely without accessories. Only Wolverine came with anything besides a BAF part, and even then, it was just non-claw fisted hands, that were basically the same as his clawed hands, but with no claw holes. The two Ultimate Spider-Man don’t count; they got away with more accessories than that because they were already two uses of the mold, so Hasbro was free to add more accessories. The only exception to the trend I can think of recently is Angela.

  2. the shoulders are also terrible. and as a replacement for the bucky cap, the articulation should at least on par with that. but the shoulders, besides looking ugly, move very little and the hips don’t move much either. the rest of him is fine, and I’m glad this one has no veins, because having vision and machine man with veins on their chest is pretty odd! wires maybe? lol

    • This wouldn’t fly as a replacement for BuckyCap.
      New Spidey 2099 would be a better replacement for BuckCap.