2017 Marvel Legends X-Men Figures Official Packaged Photos!

I was beginning to think that we’d be ending the week without any fresh major news to ruminate on all weekend long, but it looks like that worry was for naught, because perhaps the single most-anticipated Marvel Legends 2017 series of figures has finally made its appearance in official hi-res and packaged photos! I sense pre-orders coming our way someday soon, but until then, we can all drool over this year’s 2017 Marvel Legends X-Men Series 6″ figures with Warlock Build-A-Figure!

2017 Marvel Legends X-Men Colossus Figure Packaged

After a bit of hiatus during the last few years, the X-Men merch drought came to an end in the latter half of 2016–and it looks like 2017 is going to be another great year for X-Men toys! While no toy company has announced any “Logan” movie figures, a variety of manufacturers have X-Men collectibles slated for the first part of the year–including this year’s wave of Hasbro Marvel Legends X-Men figures!

Pre-orders aren’t open yet in the United States and I don’t expect them to be for a short while yet, but let’s take a look at the first packaged and official photos of the series…

Marvel Legends 2017 Colossus FigureFirst up, we’ve got an iconic X-Men character that’s long, long overdue for a new figure: Marvel Legends Colossus! I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Colossus is finally getting some love less than a year after his appearance in the “Deadpool” movie really put him on the map with mainstream fans, but I totally dig the lumberjack-looking Bearded Colossus head that comes with this figure to recreate the character’s current “Extraordinary X-Men” look!

Marvel Legends Old Man Logan Figure PackagedOf course, it’s hard to talk about mainstream popular mutants without talking about the icon of the X-Men: Wolverine! There’s this movie coming out in a month–“Logan”–and while there won’t be an official Hugh Jackman Old Man Logan figure to coincide with the movie’s release, Hasbro is giving us our first 6″ Marvel Legends Old Man Logan figure.

Old Man Logan Marvel Legends 2017 X-Men FigureUnless Hasbro is planning to really shock collectors, I imagine that the Marvel Legends Logan figure will be the one double-packed figure in each case of 2017 X-Men Legends. The fact that he’s also the only figure without a Warlock Build-A-Figure part would definitely seem to indicate this as well.

X-Men Marvel Legends Polaris Six Inch Figure PackagedOne of the most-requested characters to be added to the Marvel Legends line ever will also be seeing the light of day in just a few months, when the fan-demanded Marvel Legends Polaris figure is finally set to hit stores!

X-Men Legends Polaris Hasbro 2017 Action FigureThe daughter of Magneto, Lorna Dane has been in tons of comic series and a key members of a number of superhero teams, so her arrival in 6″ Legends form will plug a lot of holes in fans’ collections. And while I am getting a bit sick of the “cosmic” effects pieces that premiered with Havok last year, there’s no denying that they’re a perfect match in green for demonstrating Polaris’ powers.

Marvel Legends Dazzler Figure Packaged Hasbro 2017 X-MenAnd while she’s not exactly as popular as Polaris, I was totally blown away when Marvel Legends Dazzler debuted at SDCC 2016 last year. If there’s one character I never expected Hasbro to actually tackle, it’s Disco Dazzler. Mad respect to you for this character selection, Hasbro!

Dazzler Marvel Legends X-Men 2017 Wave Warlock SeriesThe roller skating feet for this figure are (obviously) all-new, as are the Alison Blaire head, necklace and microphone. Also, while the magic effects piece is another accessory I’m getting quite sick of, I love it in a crazy rainbow gradient to show off Dazzler’s light powers. This figure is just full of awesome, no questions asked.

X-Men Legends 2017 Shatterstar Six Inch Figure PackagedTwo figures that were withheld at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 were the Old Man Logan figure I talked about earlier and also this Marvel Legends Shatterstar figure. I was psyched when I saw this Shatterstar Legends figure world-premiere at NYCC 2016, and I’ll be even more psyched when I can have him on my shelf in a couple months.

Marvel Legends Shatterstar Figure X-Men Warlock WaveWhile there’s definitely some love out there for Shatterstar’s later purple and orange costumes, his original Rob Liefeld white costume from the end of “New Mutants” and the start of “X-Force” is still his most iconic look, and also the one Hasbro selected for this action figure. I think ‘Star looks superb, even if swords are a wee bit… chunky.

Marvel Legends Sunfire Six Inch Figure Packaged X-Men HasbroAs of the new “Second Genesis” X-Men characters like Storm, Colossus, Wolverine and Nightcrawler, it’s pretty crazy to think that we’ve never gotten a classic Sunfire Marvel Legends figure in a regular wave of figures at retail. Shiro Yoshido is traditionally not exactly at the top of the list of most-loved X-Men characters, but Hasbro has wisely stuck him with the body for the Warlock BAF, necessitating his purchase.

Marvel Legends X-Men 2017 Sunfire Action Figure Warlock Series When last year’s Iron Fist figure came with oversized flaming fist/fireball effects, I was wondering when we’d see them reused for another fire-wielding character. Looks like we’ll be waiting a bit longer for a new Human Torch, but the fire effects look awesome on Sunfire.

Marvel Legends Jim Lee Cyclops X-Men Figure 2017Closing out the wave, it’s the character that would be the headliner if it wasn’t for the existence of that debut Old Man Logan action figure–the newest iteration of Marvel Legends Jim Lee Cyclops!

Marvel Legends 2017 Cyclops Figure Packaged Jim Lee

While he’s had plenty of other looks over the years, there’s no denying that the Jim Lee costume is the iconic look for Scott Summers. This figure is going to be super-hot at retail, even if we have had a few 6″ scale Cyclops Jim Lee figures in the past.

And finally, we’ve got the Build-A-Figure: Warlock! The techno-organic alien member of the New Mutants (and later Excalibur and X-Factor) is among my absolute favorite Marvel characters in history, and I’m delighted to see him getting some love from Hasbro. I’m not sure exactly how Hasbro is going to reuse a lot of these newly-tooled molds that they came up with for Warlock, but this figure is a treasure for Warlock fans. Love it.

2017 Marvel Legends Warlock Build-A-FigureAs of now, there is no confirmed pre-order date or release month for the 2017 X-Men Legends figures, although it’s been strongly rumored that we’ll see these figures arriving in the U.S. in March-May 2017. I’ll post an update to the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages with links for ordering within minutes of these going up for sale, so make sure to follow MTN if you want the latest news beamed to your favorite form of social media.

Now that we’ve seen the hi-res and packaged photos, how do you feel on this year’s only confirmed wave of X-Men Marvel Legends, Marvel collectors? Is this wave a complete must-buy for you, a series that you’ll be picking and choosing a couple favorites from… or a series that you’ll be skipping over entirely?


2017 Marvel Legends X-Men Figures Official Packaged Photos! — 34 Comments

  1. Anything jim lee, is gold. Idv rather had the classic colossus though. Ill just be pickn through this wave. Hopefully a new nightcrawler figure is in the works-

  2. Agreed the Cyclops is the best from this series and is a must for me along with shatterstar and Sunfire

  3. These look great too. I’m a fan of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s eras of all kinds of music, films and pop culture especially. Dazzler reminds me of Bonnie Tyler. When I saw a pic of her at the Toy Fair I knew I would have to get her. Also Old Man Logan and Cyclops being a comic fan the temptations are so high. I HAVE TO BUDGET. I HAVE TO SAVE MONEY XD

  4. Those all look awesome! Pleasantly surprised we are getting an alternate head for Colossus. I do however wish that one day we get some kind of an effects piece for Cyclops. He is usually pretty boring to pose.

  5. Damn,I want Sunfire,Polaris,Cyke,Colossus, and Dazzler! I really surprised and excited that M.L. has done a 80’s disco-queen version of her ! All the figures in this set are desirable but those are the ones I’m gonna focus on acquiring! Very tempted to order the full set just to ensure I get my must haves! Well Done Hasbro! How about a Hector A./White Tiger MoonDragon,Deathbird,Omega the Unknown and classic Moonstone figures for us older fans…

  6. Dazzler is definitely the star of this wave, followed by Cyclops and Logan.

    This Dazzler is just phenomenal.

    Cyclops is solid.

    It’s really lame that Logan doesn’t come with literally ANYTHING else….

    Not the version of Colossus I want, but he DOES look pretty great.

    Sunfire looks solid.

    Polaris looks….okay. I’m just glad that they gave Polaris real feet instead of that high-heeled garbage. I’d prefer the X-Factor costume Polaris.
    Didn’t particularly the Polaris who looks like they couldn’t decide if they were making Enchantress of Scarlet Witch.

    Shatterstar is the only one I’d pass on if he didn’t come with a BAF piece.
    Nice to see that the gave Shatterstar real person feet though, instead of silly toothpick baby feet.

  7. That Old Man Logan figure looks so lonely in that box. No BAF piece, no accessories, nothing. How about a western Hat? A young Logan alternate head? Baby hulk? Deadpool had a ridiculous amount of accessories instead of a BAF piece, why is this one so bare?

  8. Only want Cyclops from this wave. Kind of wish they’d give us Sunspot and Cannonball, as the former’s never been made, the latter needs a serious update, and BOTH would help New Mutants and Avengers fans plug holes in their collection.

  9. Warlock looks like some creative artist made a scrap metal garbage sculpture of Groot.and its awesome

  10. OMG Polaris looks AMAZING. Oh I can wait to get all these collections. Dazzler is o………………….k. I’m definitely getting Polaris, Cyclops, and Colosuss. I can hear and feel the haters out the commenting about Polaris haha. I’m glad they did it with her icon costume. Glad they didn’t do Storm since the costume she’s wearing now is garbage. I wouldn’t want Storm with a wanna be Emma Frost costume. Storm looks hideous with that white costume she’s wearing in Extra. She looks so much like Warbird.

  11. NO respect to Hasbro for this Dazzler selection. Disco is dead. 90s version or GTFO.
    Logan really needed a young head. Not digging this “Logan is old now/X-23 is Wolverine now because tumblr” thing.
    Colossus…. I’ll keep my Select version. Go away beards. No one likes you.
    Shatterstar is excellent! Hoping that’s 2 double bladed swords and not just 1.
    Sunfire and Polaris are alright. Still would have preferred 90s versions for them too.
    Cyclops and Warlock are perfect.

    • Dazzler barely appeared in the 90s… you mean 80s Dazzler? Because that’s the one I want!

  12. Ugh, my least fav version of Wolverine. Shatterstar tho!!! Yaaayyy!!! Colossus is alright but Jim Lee Colossus is best.

  13. Glad Old Man Logan doesn’t have the BAF so now I can buy the other figures without wasting money on another Wolverine

  14. People there are so many mutants that have not been done yet in this line and your raving about Cyclops? Uh hello, Shatterstar, Dazzler, Warlock… Also so many mutants have never been done. How about The Shadow King, CYBER, the weapons. X prof. Of Apocalypse Archangel from the X-Force. The Horsemen from the X-Force series, the Silver Samurai, Sugarman… think outside the box.

  15. Fantastic wave of figures and an excellent selection. Excitement level in descending order:
    Jim Lee Cyclops- old one looks scrawny compared to others in my collection so pumped to get a new one.
    Shatterstar- grew up on 90s XMen and this is perfect.
    Sunfire- always loved his suit. Now give us Thunderbird for the Giant Size team to be complete.
    Dazzler- Longshot was getting lonely on my shelf.
    Colossus- looks great but the old legends figure is a benchmark in awesome.
    Polaris- would have preferred XFactor look as opposed to Emerald Witch version.
    Logan- ugh. I need a 43rd Wolverine like I need …..something I don’t need.
    All in all a great set.

  16. I could have sworn that Hasbro told us at SDCC that we would be able to complete the Jim Lee X-Men with their figures soon. How is that possible when we’re getting this stupid looking version of Colossus?

  17. still hoping they finish off the GIANT SIZED X-men with a new Classic Storm, Thunderbird,Banshee and Havok. Jim Lee X-men line up will be completed says HASBRO. There are plenty of mutants to keep this line going for a long time. More New Mutants like Sunspot, Moonstar and Wolfsbane would be great!

  18. I want the Shatterstar and Sunfire. I might get Polaris to go with Havok, but I don’t care about Warlock.

  19. No one mentioned that Dazzler and Longshot are Shatterstar’s parents!

    It’s technically the second Marvel Legend mother and son team up since Cable and Phoenix (even though Cable’s Mom was her clone).

    • It’s actually more complicated then that. Shatterstar is also kind of longshots father through a time paradox.

  20. Is it just me or does Sunfire have that awesome new Spider-UK body sculpt, but with added butterfly joints on the shoulders?!?

  21. We’ve had a few 6″ Lee Cyclopses? When? I can think of one, and it’s more like 5.5″ scale. Were there more?

    I could not be happier to finally get a Polaris and Dazzler. Well, I could, it could be Lorna’s purple costume with the fancy black collar and Aly’s blue 80s outift, but these are close seconds. Love ’em.

    Don’t care about Marvel Now Colossus, but look, they got his knuckles right! I’d buy him just for that! I want the 80s Colossus with the red tunic.

    Old Man Logan can melt in a fire as far as I’m concerned, more so because they stuck his claws between his knuckles again. Stupid movies.

    Yay for Sunfire! Meh for Shatterstar as a character, but it’s a great figure, weirdly clunky swords notwithstanding.

    And finally… Warlock. WARLOCK! He looks amazing! AAAAAAAAA! Warlock.

  22. Note: not sure why the opening in Cyke’s visor slants forward at the sides. That’s an odd, random change to make.

  23. Glad to see cyclops in this run but hasbro should’ve added an extra head with an firing optic blast expression face and another fist.