SDCC: Marvel Legends 2017 Angela! Kid Nova! DAZZLER!

And the Hasbro Marvel Legends SDCC 2016 news keeps right on coming! While I was watching the Marvel Live Stream earlier today while writing another post, what should appear on my screen but the first three Marvel Legends 2017 figures!  I was watching the Marvel Live Stream myself and screen-capping these figures as they appeared, so if you borrow my images to share–credit us, please. (Or not. It’s up to you.) Regardless, we got our first look at the goodness coming our way in 2017: Marvel Legends Angela, Disco Dazzler and Sam Alexander Kid Nova!

Marvel Legends 2017 Dazzler Angela Kid Nova Figures

Ever since she was announced as the Marvel Legends Fan’s Choice Poll Winner after SDCC 2015, I’ve been expecting the 6″ Marvel Legends Angela figure to debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. And thankfully, I was not disappointed–although I was a mite surprised by exactly where and when Angela made her first appearance!

For the first time ever, Hasbro revealed upcoming never-before-seen Marvel Legends action figures through the Live Stream on Marvel’s website! My ears almost fell off when I heard the Hasbro team discussing these figures in another tab on my browser and quickly clicked over! Craziness!

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends 2017 Angela FigureThe Angela Marvel Legends figure was rotated around during the livestream video, so we were able to get a good look at her and take screenshots of both her front and back (and side). Her sword is fully-removable from its sheath–no worries about it being just for show!

2017 Marvel Legends Angela Figure BackAngela will be released in the Marvel Legends 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 1 series, which is scheduled to be released in January-March 2017 and include mostly (or all) classic comic book characters instead of movie characters. Let the speculation begin!!

SDCC 2016 Marvel Legends Kid Nova Figure Hasbro 6 InchNext up, we’ve got the Kid Nova Marvel Legends Sam Alexander figure! The Marvel Legends Nova figure will be utilizing the new “teen boy” mold used for Ultimate Spider-Man and Miles Morales this summer, with the big piece of new tooling being his Black Nova Corps helmet.

Marvel Legends 2017 Angela and Kid Nova 6 Inch FiguresSam Alexander Nova is one of my favorite up-and-coming modern Marvel collectors, so I’m pretty amped to see such a great version of him coming our way in 2017!

Hasbro didn’t specify what series he would be a part of, but I would guess he’d be part of the first wave of 2017 Marvel Legends Spider-Man figures (although he certainly could be part of Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 1 as well).

Marvel Legends 2017 Dazzler Figure SDCC 2016

Finally, completing the trio of newly-revealed six inch figures is the 2017 Marvel Legends Dazzler! Yes, Hasbro really did it: it’s the 70’s Disco Dazzler costume, complete with roller skates and crazy “light energy” effect piece! We knew this figure was likely thanks to leaked retailer UPC lists, but it is still shocking to see a mass-release Dazzler Marvel Legends figure is actually happening.

Dazzler wasn’t rotated during the live stream, so I wasn’t able to get a good screenshot of the back of her, but we can look forward to seeing her in the 2017 X-Men Legends series.

Marvel Legends 2017 Dazzler Angela Kid Nova FiguresI’ll be continuing coverage of San Diego Comic Con 2016 for the rest of the event, and you can follow the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter Page if you don’t want to miss out any photos or updates!

What do you think of the first trio of Marvel Legends 6″ figures announced for 2017 at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel collectors? Are you jumping for joy over these hotly-desired, never-before-done-in-this-scale characters, or are you hoping that Hasbro has something even more jaw-dropping prepared for their upcoming SDCC 2016 Panel reveals?


SDCC: Marvel Legends 2017 Angela! Kid Nova! DAZZLER! — 53 Comments

  1. To quote Rocket in the GotG movie RE: Disco Dazzler: “Oh. Yeah!!!!”

    However, if I had my druthers, I’d wish her jumpsuit was a little more “glittery.” 🙂

  2. I don’t see dazzler carrying her weight for sales. what team shelf she gonna sit on

  3. So far for me it has been nothing but disapointment, the only figs I will pick up are dazzler, green gobbler and blk spider. If they reveal cyclops and it’s not Jim lee that would suck so bad. I’m hoping we get more Jim lee X men. Otherwise this Sdcc will be a total let down.

    • Dwight said there will be a Jim Lee Cyclops. They will be making another X-Men wave and it will mostly be based off ’90’s characters. This may also mean Gambit and Colossus since Hasbro never made them before.

  4. I really don’t get where they come up with this craptastic character selection. There are so many much more desired figures. I’m hoping they are just building up to something awesome by revealing the least to best. We will see, two more days of reveals. Sunday is usually a done deal but you never know.

    • Pfffffffffffffft
      These three are the start of one of the best Waves pretty much EVER.
      If the other half of the wave is as good as these three, it’d be an absolute homerun.

  5. This is awesome. What are the chances we eventually get Thor and All-New Iron Man so we can complete the All-New Avengers line-up? We already have Miles, Marvel Now Vision, Captain Falcon, Kamala, and now Kid Nova.

  6. These are really uninspiring figures. How did Angela ever beat Symbiote Spider-Man or Mysterio? Still scratching my head on that one. Anyway…Hard to get excited for anything in 2017 so far from what I’ve seen.

    • She beat them by being a waaaaaaaaay more interesting figure, as voted for by people smart enough to realize that voting for symbiote Spider-Man is a COMPLETELY wasted vote, since he’d inevitably come out anyways 10 times before you see the 2nd Aldriff figure..

        • That’s why I’m going to vote for weird stuff like Shuma-Gorath, Man-Spider, Doppleganger, Cosmo the Space Dog, crazy multi-armed Ultron, Frost Giant, Surtur, Annihilus, Baymax (616), etc etc etc 100% of the time.

          The bigger and weirder, and more unique and hard to get Hasbro to make in any other way, the more likely to get might vote… long as it’s cool.

  7. wait wave 1 in Jan/Feb. that way before the movie comes out. looks like we are having a year of Cosmic character. but for frig sake Hasbro don’t forgot Thor…………………..again.

        • None of them were exclusives.
          The Allfather Wave had Marvel NOW Thor and Allfather Thor, and the MCU 4-Pack had MCU Thor.
          Also, we got Odin and Valkyrie, and Hela (as an exclusive), and Bulldozer.
          And this year we got Absorbing Man.
          8 Thor-related figures in the span of a year.
          More figures than most waves.
          Not bad for not having a whole wave dedicated to him.

          • I believe he means since we never got a wave based on any of his movies. I have a hard time believing they won’t again this time, especially with the Hulk in the movie.

    • I’m psyched for this trio too, Matt! All three figures look amazing and are must-haves for me!

      • But Matt is right dabid! What I find amazing is after all the incessant complaining about how “disappointing” the SDCC exclusive Raft set is, the friggin’ thing SOLD OUT today by 1:00 PM! Now if the set is so sorry, why did THAT happen complainers? Everyone Bunker down for the lame excuses to follow.

        • Awww here comes rukkus with his woefully uninformed naive posts to save the day…

          Uh yeah…here’s a logical explanation on why it sold out…it’s an EXCLUSIVE. Anything that’s “limited” or an “exclusive” USUALLY starts down a path to sell out regardless of what it is. But in this case, it’s a SDCC legends set and that kind of exclusive will always draw a crowd between the collectors and the hilarious scalpers.

          Point is, if I was at the con, I would’ve tried to snag the Raft (I have to try my luck on HTS) but that doesn’t change my opinion on being a terribly uninspired box set, especially when compared to years past. I would buy it because I collect legends…doesn’t mean I’m excited about it.

          Are you just new to collecting, new to common sense, 12 years old, all of the above? Either way, your comments are give me nausea…or maybe it’s just gas from the inhalation of reading your post. I’ll let you know which hole I expell it from later on 🙂

          • Jesus, dude, calm down. As far as I can tell from his other comments, Rukkus is at SDCC, talking with the people at the Hasbro booth. He’s certainly not “new to collecting, new to common sense, 12 years old, all of the above”. He is just saying that he observes the set selling out particularly fastx compared to other Hasbro SDCC exclusives. Of course that’s partly due to scalpers, but it’s not like Marvel Legends has more scalpers than Star Wars: The Black Series or Transformers.

  8. Dazzler = biggest win for SDCC so far (with jackal right behind her) but now I need to see more XMEN…I hope Dwight pulls a Maverick out of his pocket at the end of the con so I can cartwheel past my wife while she questions why she ever married me…

    • Stand by for the Saturday Hasbro panel. I do know this; Dwight said there WILL be another X-Men wave and it will be primarily 90’s based. Sounds Like a jim Lee Cyke to me! Hoping for colossus and gambit as well (Toybiz is now officially too short). There was also some hints about Alpha Flight, but I think that was just talk. I threw in my two cents and suggested to Dwight to make a 10″ Sasquatch BAF. He said “and bulkier than the last one”. Hmmm.

      • I’ve been waiting patiently for years now for Jim lee X men to get there due. I grew up with that era of X men and we have been getting squat as far as that goes.

          • I don’t own it, but there is a select Colossus. Not sure if articulation is a bugaboo for you but he should have the size you want.

          • Marvel Select Colossus, IIRC, actually has ridiculously good articulation for a Marvel Select figure and ends up being BETTER articulated than the Marvel Legends one.

          • Yeah, articulation isn’t the problem with the Select Colossus – he’s plenty articulated. His problem is size. Depending on how big you feel Colossus should be compared to the other X-Men, he’s either just right or too large.

  9. I’m loving the 70s goodness here! Dazzler even has that Farrah-styled feathered hairdo!!! And I never thought the Jackal would make it into the line despite the Clone Saga’s notoriety. Some nice surprises here for a Gen X kid like me!

    • Jackel was a even long before the Clone saga (which I actually enjoyed).he was first seen in the same comic as Punisher and was responsible for the Spider-island arc.

  10. I have been waiting for a Dazzler figure forever! It looks great! Really like the light effects and the skates. Hope the rest of the rumors are true and we get a new Colossus, 90’s Cyclops, Sunfire and Polaris in the next X wave.

  11. Personally, I don’t get the appeal of Angela (what is even that costume.) but I know some people who’ll be happy to have her. Same with Dazzler.

    Also… [takes deep breath]


    I ADORE Sam Alexander Nova. His introductory story by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness was a wonderful comic, and I loved him in Yost’s New Warriors run. I’ve been DYING for a proper Legends figure for Sam for AGES now, and between him and Miles and Kamala, we’ve got half of the ANAD!Avengers, and once they quit the team, we’ll have half the new Champions coming out in October. (I’m pumped for that book.)

    I kinda wish the gloves were a little chunkier to match Ed McGuinness’ art- and I was gonna say something about sculpting the boots, but then I took a look at the model sheet and saw that, yeah, the boots are flush with the suit, so hey, it’s accurate. But that’s an INCREDIBLY minor complaint and I cannot WAIT for Sam Alexander.

    • Thank god you are happy, your whining and complaining was really getting on my tits !

    • Aldriff/Angela is a very 90’s character.
      She’s a Spawn character from Image Comics, the 90’sest of comics/comicbook companies.

      She’s dressed as the Image version of an angel, I guess, and since she turned out to be Thor’s older sister and happens to vaguely be dressed as a Valkyrie, I guess she’s sticking with it.

  12. Where is the 6″ Luke Cage?,with the show dropping soon he is a must have, also would love to see a proper Sam Wilson capt with wings

    • Good luck with that.
      We don’t have Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Trish Walker, Kingpin, Kilgrave, Elektra, Nobu, or Punisher yet….
      Not likely to get an MCU Luke Cage anytime soon

      • I’m sorry, but I feel like this netflix garbage is a waste of a slot that could go to some much needed comic figures. I hope what they say is true and we get more X men reveals tomorrow because this con has been filled with disapointment for me. Other than the black series Star Wars figures that were revealed today everything I’ve seen so far has been trash. Movie figs and Netflix figs suck.

        • They say the license is pending approval hopefully it falls through and this garbage never sees the light of day.

          • A lot of the MCU figures are amazing, Especially the Jessica Jones and Punisher they’re showing off.
            Punisher looks WAAAAY better than the comicbook Punisher we just got,

            Those are pretty much 100% guaranteed to be approved and released this year.

        • What do you mean, wasting a slot? Hasbro is making more Marvel Legends this year than they ever had before. If anything, these are just extra “slots”.

  13. Yeah when I saw the initial post about a new legends Punisher i almost crapped my pants that we are finally getting a Marvel Now hooded Pun but alas…I did wind up soiling myself when I saw Netflix Pun…I even bring extra pairs of underwear to work during SDCC for these moments so clearly a missed opportunity on Hasbros part to give me brown pants…

    • Yup! I posted a review of him just last week. Scroll down on the front page or check the “Reviews” tab. =D