SDCC 2016: Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel! Jackal! Spider-UK!

Not wanting to blow its proverbial load of Marvel Legends goodness all in one night, Hasbro has been spacing out its reveals for the convention and unveiling new figures a few at a time! And this morning, Hasbro gave press their very first look at a lineup of figures that retailer UPC lists had leaked a few months back. But even if we knew they were coming, they’re still goodies–it’s the Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2016 Wave 3, including Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan, All-New Spider-Man 2099, Spider-UK, the Jackal and more!

Marvel Legends 2016 Black Costume Spider-Man Figure

We knew from the leaked UPC lists that another Spider-Man Legends series would be debuting sooner than later, and thankfully we haven’t had to wait long to see all of the expected figures (save one) that we’ve all been anticipating!

First up, we’ve got a new Marvel Legends Black Costume Spider-Man figure–astonishingly, the first one in quite a few years! Symbiote Spider-Man tends to be among the most popular of all versions of Spidey, so I’m glad to see him here.

It is a bit grating to see him get released before Marvel Legends Angela after he lost the Fan’s Choice Poll last year and Angela won, but whatever–we’re getting both characters and that’s A-OK with me!

Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan FigureA figure that doesn’t seem like she necessarily belongs here but that I am positively delighted to see is the new Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan! I own every comic book that the Muslim Ms. Marvel has appeared in, and she’s one of my favorite new characters in many years. Her Hasbro six inch figure looks suitably amazing, especially for a first-time-ever figure for the character!

Marvel Legends JACKAL FigureThis particular series is a mite light on villains, with only two villains revealed thus far. A new Marvel Legends Shocker figure is expected to be announced before the end of Comic Con 2016, but for now let’s take a look at Professor Miles Warren, the Jackal!

I loved the much-reviled Clone Saga, so to me, this Marvel Legend Jackal figure is a real dream come true. He may end up warming pegs, but I for one will be thrilled to have him!

Hasbro Marvel Legends Green Goblin SDCC 2016I think it may finally be time to retire the marvelous Toybiz Green Goblin figure, because this Hasbro Marvel Legends Green Goblin figure is looking rockin’! From the scary head sculpt to the Goblin Glider and the terrific paint choices, this figure is a winner from top to bottom.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 All New Figure

Rounding out the series, we’ve got two more Spider-Man variants of which neither one is a Peter Parker: it’s the modern All-New All-Different Spider-Man 2099 Marvel Legends figure and the 6″ Marvel Legends Spider-UK figure!

I never thought any Spider-Man costume could be as cool as the classic 2099 Spider-Man outfit, but the All-New Spider-Man 2099 costume that debuted in the winter is incredibly cool and I am beyond stoked to be getting a figure of it already. The black, white and metallic red paint scheme looks awesome!!

Meanwhile, while I’m not the huge Spider-Man UK (AKA Spider UK) fan that I know some folks are, I’m glad to see the character getting some love beyond the awful 4″ Spider-UK figure that Hasbro debuted last night. It looks like Spider-UK is also sporting an all-new body mold, which looks quite impressive.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider UK FigureI’ll be continuing San Diego Comic-Con 2016 coverage all weekend long, and you can follow along by following the Marvel Toy News Twitter and Facebook Page to get instant updates sent right to your Newsfeed!

What do you think of the third and final 2016 Marvel Legends Spider-Man Wave 3, set, Marvel collectors? Are three versions of Spidey himself in one series too much for you, or are these all worthwhile iterations that you’re excited to add to your shelf? And who do you hope the Build-A-Figure of this series will eventually be revealed to be?


SDCC 2016: Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel! Jackal! Spider-UK! — 66 Comments

    • NOPE!!!! He, Spider-Man 2099 and the Jackal are all new sculpts. Word up! Right from Dwight Stal’s mouth. Also, according to him, they’re gonna use the 2099 mold to make…the Silver Surfer!! I asked how is that possible? He said they’ve always been able to make Fantastic Four based characters. I didn’t ask “well why haven’t you”?

      • They can make anything they want from Marvel. The only things they can’t do are X-Men and Fantastic Four MOVIE figures.

        Just not a lot of demand for Fantastic Four in their minds, I guess.

          • The best surprise Hasbro could offer me next year would just be a classic FF wave (not going to happen most likely) because man, I do love me some FF.

            In other news, when I went to see the new FF, the theater was PACKED with invisible women…

      • they may have gotten the rights for just Silver Surfer and Galactus cause they wanted them for the Cosmic / GOTG franchise. MAYBE not F4 (I hope that not the case though)

        • They certainly got SOMETHING in exchange for allowing Fox to make 2x X-Men TV shows, and while Galactus and Silver Surfer or the full Fantastic Four rights seem like the most logical possibility, James Gunn indicates that it’s neither of those.
          So what they got is a huge mystery.

          And either way, that has nothing to do with toys. Hasbro can do whatever they want.

    • YEP!!! Hope no more. Confirmed normal arms coming with! (if I’m sounding like a correspondent, I basically anointed myself since I know most of you couldn’t make the Con).

        • Yeah no. That’s some muslim Mr. Fantastic knockoff. Not Carol Danvers. Who is the only Ms. Marvel there ever was or will ever be.

          • That makes zero sense. That’s like saying that Carol Danvers is a Captain Marvel ripoff because she’s not a Kree male.

          • Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel are two different people. It makes perfect sense. This is more SJW/PC nonsense. Replacing white people and males with minorities. Notice that nobody female is replaced with a male character and no black characters are replaced with white people? Funny how that works, isn’t it? I refuse to cuck for Disney-Marvel. This is disgraceful.

          • Ah, of course, someone complaining about “PeeSee” and “EssJahDubbleyooz” uses the word “cuck”. How utterly predictable.

          • Also, UghReally, you missed Dabid’s point. He’s saying that what “CAROL DANVERS” said is like saying Carol Danvers Captain Marvel (because that is her current alias) is like saying she’s a Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) rip-off.

  1. I’m really impressed by the turnaround time on that new Spider-Man 2099.
    He only came out in the comics like eight months ago? That’s pretty damn quick.

    Spider UK, I think, is either using the Grim Reaper or Hyperion mold.
    I know the Captain Britain was using Hyperion and they’re the same guy, so might be the same mold.

    Green Goblin looks phenomenal.

    Jackal looks pretty cool although I’ve never understood why he looks like that in the comics. Why is he a green weird thing when he’s just a dude? L
    I was kind of hoping for his new form where he looks like a dude wearing an Anubis mask and a red suit.

    Ms. Marvel looks cool. I’ll be real interested to see how they engineered her lower torso and skirt, and also to see what other arms and parts she comes with.

    Hope we get to see Shocker, and I hope the BAF isn’t Sandman, though I agree with you that that’s almost surely what it’ll be.
    It would only further torpedo my enthusiasm for the Raft set….

    Fingers crossed for a Man-Spider BAF.
    Or something else more interesting than an Absorbing Man recycle.

      • I agree. The only real difference I can see is it looks to have no ab crunch.

        • It definitely has ab crunch, looking at the show floor pictures close enough shows ab crunch. It’s just really well hidden, I guess.

          • They’re finally starting to master hiding the ab crunch lines in the natural lines of the paint job. It’s hard to see because the ab crunch lines are right where the edges of the Union Jack pattern are.

      • 85% wrong Duke. All new sculpt. Confirmed via the head of the design team Dwight Stal.

        • I’ll be surprised if it’s anything more than a Hyperion variant, because the legs and torso look almost identical to the Hyperion mold except with cloth wrinkles.

    • She looks good! I’d have preferred a less neutral expression, though. Its rare to see her not emoting in some oh-so-adorable-and-teen-relatable manner in the books, so the pose seems uncharacteristically bland. The Embiggened Fist is great, but I think it will make her a nightmare to pose effectively, like Toybiz ML 5 Mr. Fantastic.

  2. I need to see a shocker AND movie crossbones or I will start to die inside…

    Also, how sure are we that this is a THIRD Spidey wave for 2016 and not Januarys 2017 wave 1? I would love to see this wave out by October/November (or earlier) but I’m not holding my breath for 2016 unless I somehow missed glaringly obvious news about this wave being confirmed for 2016…

    • It’s a 2016 wave. We’ve already known about this wave for months, and now we see the whole thing. The release date has to be reeeeeeeally soon.

      There’s essentially seems to be 1 wave per month this year.
      We are in the 7th month and getting the 7th wave….

      1 January – Absorbing Man
      2 February – Red Onslaught
      3 March – GiAnt-Man
      4 April – Abomination
      5 May – Venom SpaceKnight
      6 June – Juggernaut
      7 July – Dormammu
      8 August – This Spider-Man wave….

      The waves just don’t seem to be coming out when they’re supposed to. Instead we got Absorbing Man and Red Onslaught almost back to back, and we’re getting Venom SpaceKnight and Juggernaut on top of each other, so there are big weird gaps and overloads in the release schedule.

      I don’t know if this will keep up til the end of the year or not, but we got waves all the way up until October last year, so we potentially still have 3 months to go, and 3 more waves for 2016, if this pattern continues.

      Waves for 2017 are like Aldriff(Angela), Dazzler, and Nova, where we only know like one or two figures from each wave, because the rest of the figures from those waves aren’t ready to be shown.

      • Phillip, this post is “may” come across combative but I can assure you I will be using FACTS to back up what I say…so to that end, where on earth do you get your information? I mean I know every collector’s knowledge can vary but your post had me scratching my head to say the least.

        Jackal wave has NOT been confirmed to come out in 2016. There…I said it. Is it possible to SPECUALTE that it will? ABSOLUTELY. There’s actually a good chance it might since Hasbro is on RECORD pace this year with wave production. However…I divert everybody to this nugget of info:

        Last year at SDCC 2015, we got the huge absorbing man reveal (if memory serves correct) and THAT wave did not ship until January 2016. The jackal wave was rumor leaked back in June but “knowing” about these figures a for a little while is not the same as stating they will be out this year. Obviously, I hope they do but Preorders aren’t up so who knows.

        Also, this years Strange wave is the 7th CONFIRMED wave for this year which already beats last years Hasbro record of 6 waves in a year and SEVEN waves in a year is the new record for how many legends waves we’ve gotten in a single year EVER (bravo Hasbro!) To that end, thinking that we will get 8 waves this year MIGHT be wishful thinking but if Hasbro proves me wrong I will certainly NOT COMPLAIN about it!!!

        Also, we have not gotten 7 waves so far (only 7 revealed and confirmed for 2016) and we certainly haven’t gotten one wave per month. I’m going to use my EE invoices spill the beans for me because using an Etailer example versus retailer is far more accurate because A. They ship you the wave when they get it from hasbo (any street date from Hasbro notwithstanding of course) and B. It’s a first come first serve business with Etailers. I always preorder a legends case the DAY it goes live which means then I pretty much receive them as fast as anyone can have them (no I am not sponsored and get nothing early-I’m just an ordinary dork like everyone else)

        So going off of MY (yours could vary) EE invoices:
        NOTE-shipped out and me having them in hand is about 1 week time.

        Absorbing Man AND Onslaught were shipped out 1/20/16
        Giant Man shipped out 4/2/16
        Jnaut, Abomb, Space Venom went live to pre-order on 6/1/16.
        Venom & Jnaut shipped out 6/30/16
        Abomb: Not Shipped
        Dormammu: Not Up for Preorder (so it ain’t shipping in July)

        We ARE not getting 3 more waves after strange. 10 waves in a year? Maybe some day (maybe some day soon even) but not in 2016 based on the current math model. Besides, if we got 10 waves this year, wouldn’t that mean that Habsro is going to unveil TWO more waves beyond Jackal wave before the con is over? Not looking likely I would say.

        Hasbro has definitely adopted a moteef and that is: Legends own the first half of the year and Star Wars owns the back half. More so, summer belongs to Legends and Fall belongs to SW.

        Lastly Phillip, this is where you are DEAD ON…the wave release schedule is frankly bananas with waves spilling on top of each other and current big box retail is a mess. Alas, I opt to skip out on the circus that is driving to retail and wondering what the hell is going on because ordering my crap from EE really cuts away all the nonsense that is currently retail distribution.

        • There’s clearly a huge disconnect between when Hasbro intends things to come out and when they actually do. They wouldn’t be piling up waves and leaving droughts on purpose. They always say “probably out this month” and then you don’t get the wave for 2 months. It keeps happening over and over.
          It’s fairly clear that they’re ATTEMPTING (and failing hilariously) to do one wave per month right now.

          Given that they’ve slammed their foot on the gas in a way they never have before, it’s better to use this year itself as our model.

          MAYBE the Spider-Man wave is the wave for January. I’ll agree that it does fit the example of the Absorbing Man wave, if you want to assume that one instance should be used as an example.
          But we’ve already got confirmed early 2017 figures being shown. We have Dazzler, Aldriff, Nova, Jessica Jones, Punisher…. That’s figures for a SIGNIFICANT number of incomplete waves.
          Spider-Man wave, Guardians wave, X-Men wave, MCU Netflix wave, whatever wave Nova is in…
          There’s no way we’re already seeing figures for that many waves into 2017….
          Or maybe we are. We saw Rogue ages ago.
          Who even knows?

          We’ve got a 2nd X-Men wave that’s still rumored to be coming out this year, and some rumor that Dazzler is part of that wave.
          IF there IS an entire X-Men wave still to be revealed for 2016, then there’s no way in hell the Spider-Man wave is scheduled to come after it.

          And we’ve only seen early fragments of the stuff Hasbro intends to show off for SDCC. Their actual big show thing isn’t until Saturday. They could EASILY hit 10 waves this year with just a couple reveals tomorrow and a confirmation of that rumored X-Men wave.

          In any case, Hasbro has really cranked it up to 11 with the release schedule.
          My wallet wouldn’t mind a break.

          • Phillip, “attempting” & “failing hilariously” might be some of the best words I’ve heard in a while with regards to Hasbro retail distro so thanks for that lol.

            As far as the amount of figures being shown for 2017, it looks easily believable to me. While yes those figures could represent A LOT of future waves…it doesn’t take Habsro much to simply show us a SINGLE fig out of a the standard 6-7 that come in a wave.

            Now on to what I GUESS and THINK will happen:

            Dazzler: safe assumption that’s a fig from the upcoming (still not confirmed but 100% likely) third XMEN Wave. Will we see the WHOLE X wave today? Don’t believe so. Will we see the whole wave at Toyfair? ABSOLUTELY.

            Baby Nova: GOTG wave 2 which will land in the spring 2017 window presumably.

            Angela: this one I’m not so sure will be a part of any of the waves we’ve all been talking/speculating about. I think they are showing her PRIMARILY because she won the fan vote and it’s been a year and they want to show us they actually did make her which makes the voters/fans happy. I personally don’t see her being a part of an early 2017 wave like GOTG or anything else for that matter. In my opinion, she will be an exclusive (Walgreens is the best/easiest exclusive platform we have) or more logically, a sneak peek at her being part of the Ragnorok Wave (yes, let’s all assume they are FINALLY gonna make a proper Thor Wave) Actually, on a side note, I think we will get TWO Thor waves. I also don’t think we will get more than ONE GOTG 2 wave.

            Netflix: Jones and Punisher. Now this I’m REALLY torn on. On one hand, I think Netflix figs SCREAM box set versus a standard mass release wave…BUT…just about about every 3.75 & 6in collector has been VERY VOCAL for a Kingpin so doing a Netflix wave AND having the BAF be Kingpin seems like a sure fire peanut butter & jelly recipe. I’m honestly 50/50 either way as far which side I’m speculating more too.

            I truly appreciate your optimism but I bet all my money on 2016 topping out with 7 waves (maybe 8 with Jackal wave) but certainly no more than 8. 10 waves this year (regardless of what’s shown at tonight’s panel) is EXTREMELY unrealistic Remember, Star Wars OWNS the fall. Also, keep in mind, Hasbro has never DEBUTED a wave FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER at SDCC (Strange was not debuted at this years SDCC, just followed up on) AND also released the said same brand new debuted wave the SAME year. I could be wrong on that though as I did skip the Dark Ages and my Marvel Legends collecting literally went from Modok Wave to Mandroid lol.

            Now, I truly hope that you and Hasbro prove me wrong because I will happily admit defeat and embrace myself being corrected. However you did make a VERY good point about our wallets needing a break…mines got an oxygen mask on it.

            Here here!!!

    • You’re gonna have to settle for partially dyin’. They ain’t makin’ any Crossbones figs. In fact, leave the dying to Crossbones since that’s what he did 10 minutes in (which is why they ain’t making him if when I said that I read their expression right).

      • There’s a Crossbones in the works. He was supposed to be part of the Abomination wave and got bumped for some reason. It’s not clear if he’s a 616 Crossbones or a MCU Crossbones though.

        • The only way it could be an MCU Crossbones is if they’re going to release another Civil War wave. This is why in the future we may see a movie Vision but no hope of a movie Quicksilver, since there won’t be any more Age of Ultron themed waves, and he’s dead.

          • We SHOULD be getting an MCU Crossbones…but we also SHOULD HAVE GOT other MCU bad guys and Hasbros inherent neglect for villains is REALLY getting on my last nerve…still no MCU: Malakith, Ronan, YellowJacket, Loki etc and no I do not count the recently re-released Loki in the UK HulkBuster wave as that certainly has not made the figure more accessible to the masses (go check Ebay prices) PLUS i think we could get a better Loki regardless as that isn’t bad but it is like 4 years old at least (I could be wrong on that)

            I truly wish that Habsro dedicates at least ONE Avenegrs and/or Cap wave per year going forward, regardless of the movie schedules as I believe those two brands have more than enough legs to support/warrant it.

            Also, like Phillip said, Crossbones WAS scheduled to come out (how they skipped over him on the last civil war wave of the year infuriates me to levels I didn’t even know were possible previously) BUT we don’t have to have a civil war wave to get him. Legends are doing TONS of box sets/packs/exclusives (4 sets and 4 single carded exclusives this year so far) so there plenty of potential room to slot him in down the line…they f’ing better!

          • Yea, the lack of MCU villains is maddening.
            I want an MCU Red Skull and Yellowjacket SOOOO badly. MCU Red Skull absolutely blows away any comicbook version of the Skull, and certainly any action figure.
            They NAILED IT with that redesign, and it drives me nuts that there are Hot Toys and Marvel Select versions, but no Marvel Legends version.

            Yellowjacket is such a badass reinvention…. I want a complete mulligan of the Ant-Man movie figures. That first Ant-Man movie suit deserves a waaaay more accurate figure, and I want an original style Janet van Dyne MCU Wasp from the flashback.
            The art/costuming departments knocked it out of the park with that movie, and it sucks that Hasbro has neglected it so badly….

  3. When Disney Marvel changed the universe, these changes did not like “all new, all different” is a new ugly universe. I’m just the Jackal and Green Goblin figures.

  4. Spider Uk is the grim reaper mold. You can always tell because of the shoulders. I also can bet more than anything that jackal will and could be reused as jack russel werewolf by night which will go great with morbius and ghost rider into creating the midnight sons. It could also easily become vermin.

    • Actually i was off. The torso has a stretched cloth look especially in the chest area. So I think it may actually be a new mold. Still lame though.

  5. Spider UK is not my favorite Spider-verse guy (Spider-Man Noir and Steam Punk Lady Spider are my big hopes!), but the rest of this wave looks great. Green Goblin is fantastic. It’d be nice if Shocker is included – we’re getting closer to having the Superior Foes cast finished off (certainly need Overdrive and probably Tombstone, Hammerhead).

    I’ll wait to see the actual case assortment, but if Sam (Nova) is in a different wave from Ms Marvel, that’ll be a bit disappointing. Those two, plus Miles are just great in ANAD Avengers.

    Sandman seems like a good choice for the BAF. A way out there choice (since they have the Jackal in there) would be Spider-cide from Space Venom.

    • Sam Alexander is a 2017 figure, so he’s definitely in a different wave from Kamala.

      • Dabid, I believe they may throw him in the GOTG wave. I know he could easily fit in a Spidey wave, but as I’m sure you know, they plan on multiple GOTG waves and (at least) this 1st wave will have primarily comic based characters.

  6. I’m super torn about this Spider-Man wave.

    On the one hand, we’re getting Black Suit Spider-Man, MS MARVEL (YEEEESSS IT’S ABOUT FRIGGIN’ TIME) and the Jackal, whom I am excited for because I am unapologetic 90’s trash. And, of course, the Green Goblin, who’s a definite improvement on the ToyBiz Goblin (who was one of, like, three good ToyBiz figures, one of the others being Doc Ock) and one we’ve sorely needed.

    On the other hand, the other two figures are The Most Boring Spider-Man In The Entire Multiverse- Spider-UK (I’m falling asleep just looking at ‘im)- and my favorite time-travelling Spider-Man in his new costume that is absolutely ugly as sin.

    I’m sorry, I don’t know why, but I can’t STAND Miguel’s ANAD costume. It’d probably be a decent update if it didn’t have those giant hideous splotches of white that just clash with the aesthetic and… don’t look good. White’s a tough color to use effectively in a costume, and god DAMN this costume does a poor job of it. On top of that, I TRIED reading the ANAD!2099 run despite the stupid costume, but then Peter David went and fridged my favorite supporting character from that book’s previous run for absolutely no reason and I lost interest immediately.

    So… four outta six ain’t bad? Especially when three of those four are ABSOLUTE WINNERS, and the fourth is no slouch either. But then the other two are figures I never wanted to see and I’m full of CONFLICTING EMOTIONS.

    Ah well. I’m sure SOMEONE will be happy to own a Very Boring UK Spider-Man figure.

    • I agree, Spider UK isn’t very interesting, but if you’re a team builder, there are always characters you’d rather do without, but get them in order to complete the team. This is one of those times.

    • Idk why but I genuinely lol after reading that. I don’t even agree with you but that was damn funny.

    • That’s the great thing about merchandise. It doesn’t matter whether or not you like it. 😀

  7. I’m still waiting on not only the Giant man wave but also the the Walmart exclusive Falcon and Winter Soldier to hit shelves. I refuse to buy them off Amazon because FUCKING SCALPERS are selling them for three times the amount.

    • The GiAnt-Man wave is available for pretty much the regular price on Amazon….
      Most of the figures are below MSRP, and a couple are above.
      Pretty much evens out to maybe a couple bucks above MSRP.

  8. hey dabid, every time i click on a archive (for example may 2014) it doesn’t work. Why is that? It use to work before and it was very helpful.