Marvel Legends Sandman Review (SDCC 2016 Exclusive)

Sandman Marvel Legends Hasbro Exclusive Figure

The Hasbro Toy Shop San Diego Comic-Con 2016 exclusives online sale came and went earlier this month–and to the surprise of everyone, the Marvel Legends The Raft set was easily available for hours without a hitch! If you missed it, don’t despair–there are plenty available of The Raft set on the aftermarket for around MSRP! Anyway, although most collectors who wanted The Raft have purchased it already, there’s one more figure from the set I want to review: Marvel Legends Sandman in his sand form!

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Gentle Giant Skottie Young Vision Magneto Punisher Statues!

SDCC 2016 Gentle Giant Animated Magneto Statue Skottie Young Marvel Babies

I’ve been so busy the past few weeks discussing all of the news regarding the most popular Marvel toys–such as Hasbro Marvel Legends figures–that I’ve neglected some of my favorite offerings from smaller lines. But now that things have cooled down a bit, let’s take a look at a trio of new entries into one of the cutest and most addictive high-end Marvel statue lines in the land–at SDCC 2016, Gentle Giant debuted Marvel Animated statues of Skottie Young Magneto, Punisher and the Vision!

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Marvel Legends Abomination Review! (SDCC 2016 The Raft)

Close-Up of Marvel Legends Abomination SDCC Exclusive Figure Head

Today is the big day that Hasbro will be selling the remainder of their SDCC 2016 exclusives stock online, so what better day to look at another heavy-hitter from the SDCC Marvel Legends The Raft set than today, right? I expected him to be one of the most sought-after figures from the set on the aftermarket, but the Marvel Legends Abomination is actually one of the least expensive figures from the set! Is the lack of interest in this Abomination figure justified…?

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Marvel Legends Dreadknight Review & Photos! (The Raft)

Close-Up of Dreadknight Marvel Legends Six Inch Figure

Marvel Legends San Diego Comic-Con exclusive sets are famous for bringing us some off-the-wall characters that we’d likely never see at mass retail, and I think that’s epitomized by the subject of today’s review: Marvel Legends Dreadknight! While Dreadknight is actually selling for surprisingly cheap on the aftermarket, he surpasses the Enchantress as my favorite figure in the con exclusive set this year…

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Marvel Legends Enchantress Review & Photos (SDCC 2016)

Marvel Legends The Enchantress Figure with Effects Piece

San Diego Comic-Con 2016 may have come and gone, but there’s still a chance for collectors to obtain the Hasbro SDCC 2016 exclusives next week on Hasbro Toy Shop! And with that in mind, there’s no better time to review the Marvel Legends The Raft set figures than now–beginning with the hottest one! Fans have demanded a Marvel Legends Enchantress for years, and she’s selling for more than half the cost of the whole set on the aftermarket–but is Enchantress worth the hype?

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SDCC 2016: Marvel Legends 2017 4″ Figures Hi-Res Photos!

SDCC 2016 Marvel Legends X-23 Wolverine Figure

While the Marvel Legends 6″ line is definitely Hasbro’s marquee superhero product line these days, that doesn’t mean that Hasbro has left the Marvel Universe/Marvel Legends 4″ collectors out to dry!

Hasbro announced a multitude of new 3.75″ Marvel Legends 2017 figures at SDCC 2016, and has sent out hi-res photos of the first wave, including X-23 Wolverine, Moon Knight, Maestro and more!

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2017 Marvel Legends X-Men 6″ Figures Hi-Res Photos!

Marvel Legends Jim Lee Cyclops Hasbro 2017 Figure

Never let it be said that the good folks over at Hasbro aren’t on the ball and ready to please their fans! The Hasbro Marvel SDCC 2016 panel may have only ended about an hour ago, but Hasbro PR has already sent over hi-res photos of all of the 6″ Marvel Legends 2017 X-Men figures that debuted during the panel! We’ve seen images of the slides announcing them and even some photos from the Hasbro booth, but now we can check out Marvel Legends Sunfire, Cyclops, Warlock, Polaris and more in all their hi-res glory!

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SDCC 2016: Marvel Legends Darkhawk! Titus! Vance Astro!

Marvel Legends Darkhawk Figure SDCC 2016

Hasbro is making a lot of people’s dreams come true with the 2017 Marvel Legends X-Men figures series that they announced tonight at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. But not every long-desired character that was revealed at the SDCC 2016 Hasbro Marvel panel is a mutant! There’s a Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends 2017 figures wave that’s been announced as well, and that will give fans some most-wanted characters including Marvel Legends Darkhawk, Vance Astro and a Titus Build-A-Figure!

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SDCC: Marvel Legends 2017 X-Men! Colossus! Polaris! WARLOCK!

Marvel Legends 2017 Colossus and Jim Lee Cyclops Figures

Hasbro has clearly begun employing telepathic spies to reach into my mind and suss out exactly what my biggest Marvel Legends hopes and dreams are, because at tonight’s Hasbro panel they didn’t just officially announce the X-Men Marvel Legends 2017 wave with Jim Lee Cyclops, Polaris, Sunfire, Colossus and more–they also announced a Marvel Legends Warlock Build-A-Figure!! We’re going to have to wait until next year for our next dose of X-Men Legends, but these figures look well worth the wait!

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SDCC 2016: Kotobukiya Vision & Squirrel Girl Statues!

In a few hours we’ll have proverbial longboxes filled with new Marvel toy news and photos to share from the Hasbro Marvel SDCC 2016 panel. But in the meantime, there’s some other companies whose reveals from San Diego Comic-Con 2016 deserve attention, and one of those companies is Kotobukiya! Along with the expected debuts of Bishoujo Loki and Lady Thor and the Spider-Man ARTFX+ Series, Koto also unveiled two totally unexpected surprises: the Kotobukiya Vision Fine Arts Statue and Squirrel Girl Bishoujo!

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SDCC 2016: Marvel Legends 12″ Deadpool Figure Revealed!

Marvel Legends 12 Inch Deadpool Figure SDCC 2016

The second full day of San Diego Comic-Con 2016 is in the books, and while Hasbro was more into promoting Star Wars today than Marvel, that doesn’t mean that they didn’t have some big Marvel reveals today as well!

And by “big”, I’m talking 12 inches of Wade Wilson goodness! That’s right, the Marvel Legends 12″ Deadpool figure is the fourth figure in this year’s new sixth scale series!

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SDCC 2016: Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Series Figures!

Doctor Strange Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Movie Figure

Hasbro hit home run after home run today with their SDCC 2016 reveals, but there’s one Marvel Legends 6″ figure wave that’s not getting quite as much love as the others. Hasbro unveiled the second half of their Doctor Strange Marvel Legends series today, with movie and comic-based Doctor Strange figures and the first-ever major Mordo figure! Does this wave deserve more fanfare than it’s gotten so far?

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SDCC: Marvel Legends 2017 Angela! Kid Nova! DAZZLER!

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends 2017 Angela Figure

And the Hasbro Marvel Legends SDCC 2016 news keeps right on coming! While I was watching the Marvel Live Stream earlier today while writing another post, what should appear on my screen but the first three Marvel Legends 2017 figures! I was watching the Marvel Live Stream myself and screen-capping these figures as they appeared, so if you borrow my images to share–credit us, please. (Or not. It’s up to you.) Regardless, we got our first look at the goodness coming our way in 2017: Marvel Legends Angela, Disco Dazzler and Sam Alexander Kid Nova!

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SDCC 2016: Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel! Jackal! Spider-UK!

Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan Figure

Not wanting to blow its proverbial load of Marvel Legends goodness all in one night, Hasbro has been spacing out its reveals for the convention and unveiling new figures a few at a time! And this morning, Hasbro gave press their very first look at a lineup of figures that retailer UPC lists had leaked a few months back. But even if we knew they were coming, they’re still goodies–it’s the Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2016 Wave 3, including Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan, All-New Spider-Man 2099, Spider-UK, the Jackal and more!

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SDCC 2016: Hasbro Marvel Legends 4″ Figures! X-23! Groot!

SDCC 2016 Marvel Legends Wolverine X-23 Figure

Day One of San Diego Comic-Con 2016 is underway! Hasbro is still keeping the bulk of their major Marvel Legends announcements under wraps until the SDCC Hasbro Marvel panel, but they’ve still shown off a healthy number of upcoming, never-before-seen figures during the first day of the convention as well. Among these showings are eleven new Marvel Legends 4″ figures, which happen to include a despot Hulk, a living tree, an anthropomorphic raccoon and yes–even the world’s best squirrel mercenary, Squirrel Pool!

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