SDCC: Marvel Legends 2017 X-Men! Colossus! Polaris! WARLOCK!

Hasbro has clearly begun employing telepathic spies to reach into my mind and suss out exactly what my biggest Marvel Legends hopes and dreams are, because at tonight’s Hasbro panel they didn’t just officially announce the X-Men Marvel Legends 2017 wave with Jim Lee Cyclops, Polaris, Sunfire, Colossus and more–they also announced a Marvel Legends Warlock Build-A-Figure!! We’re going to have to wait until next year for our next dose of X-Men Legends, but these figures look well worth the wait!

SDCC 2016 Marvel Legends X-Men 2017 Figures Display

I’m just going to come right out and say it: I am in a state of shock and awe by the major X-Men announcement that came out of tonight’s SDCC 2016 Hasbro Marvel panel.

While most of us knew the 2017 Marvel Legends X-Men characters that would be announced at the panel due to leaked UPC codes, no one could have guessed that the Build-A-Figure would be the New Mutants Warlock!!

Warlock is in my top 5 Marvel Comics characters of all-time (and may even be number 1), so to see him getting a new action figure two decades after the Toybiz version is a dream come true. Thank you, Hasbro!!

Marvel Legends Warlock Build-A-Figure SDCC 2016 Hasbro PanelThe rest of this 2017 X-Men Legends wave is going to excite many collectors as well, and includes the following figures revealed at SDCC 2016 tonight:

Marvel Legends 2017 Colossus and Jim Lee Cyclops FiguresJim Lee Cyclops

Hasbro confirmed this weekend that they’ll be completing the rosters of the X-Men Blue and Gold teams in Marvel Legends form, and that means that the leader of the Blue Team–Cyclops–was an absolute must in his Jim Lee costume. And lo and behold, here he is! It’s been years since we’ve had a Jim Lee Cyclops figure, and this one looks like the best yet!

Marvel Legends 2017 Dazzler Figure SDCC 2016Disco Dazzler

I had my nerdgasm over Dazzler when she debuted on Thursday, so I’m sort of of over the initial excitement about her now. But seriously: 70’s Disco Dazzler on roller skates. Craziness.

SDCC 2016 Marvel Legends Sunfire and Dazzler 2017 Figures


It’s sort of amazing that it’s 2016 and only now are we getting a Marvel Legends Sunfire figure in his non-Age of Apocalypse look, but I guess better later than never! The multi-colored energy effects fire pieces and unique head sculpt on this Sunfire figure look fantastic. I’m looking forward to this one!

X-Men Marvel Legends Colossus 2017 Figure SlideMarvel NOW! Colossus 

This figure is going to be really divisive, because I know a lot of fans are going to be royally ticked that we’re getting a modern Marvel NOW! Colossus figure when what fans really want is a new version of Jim Lee Colossus from the 90’s. Alas–it appears we’re going to have to wait to fulfill that wish.

Finally, we’ve got the long-awaited Marvel Legends Polaris figure. Polaris has been perennially on Top 10 Lists of most-wanted Legends 6″ figures for like a decade now, and I think fans will be very pleased with the classic look that Hasbro has selected for Lorna Dane. (I actually think it’s kind of cute that she comes with recolored energy effects from her long-time boy-toy, Havok, too.)

SDCC 2016 Marvel Legends Polaris Figure Hasbro PanelPolaris

UPC codes exist for both a Marvel Legends Shatterstar and another Wolverine (of some sort), but those figures were not mentioned at all in the panel. It’s possible that they’re cancelled, store exclusives or moved to another wave–we’ll have to wait and see.

Marvel Legends Polaris and Warlock Build-A-Figure SDCC 2016I’ll post the official, hi-res photos of the figures as soon as Hasbro sends them out to press (hopefully later on tonight), and you can watch the Marvel Toy News Twitter and Facebook Page for updates and more images as they’re posted. Huge thanks to Joshua B. for giving us the go-ahead to run his photos from tonight’s Hasbro panel!

What do you think of the first Marvel Legends X-Men 2017 wave, Marvel collectors? I doubt anyone is as hyped for Warlock as I am, but is this a series that you’re excited to collect? And if so, which figures are you most psyched about?


SDCC: Marvel Legends 2017 X-Men! Colossus! Polaris! WARLOCK! — 36 Comments

  1. Cyclops and Colossus were the only figures I particularly cared about in this wave, but really, I couldn’t be happier with them. They’re the exact versions I wanted.

    I’m pretty fond of Colossus’ modern costume, and Cyclops’ 90’s design is absolutely my favorite- he’ll fit in well with Rogue and Wolverine. (Any chance we’ll get 90’s Storm love soon..? Pretty please..? Maybe a 90’s non-BAF Jubilee..? I don’t wanna have to pay 200 bucks on eBay for my favorite X-Men character…)

    Most of the rest of the wave are characters I don’t much care about, but they’re solid choices. I might pick up Dazzler, if only because her appearance in my favorite run of Deadpool (the Gail Simone run, collected in Deadpool Classic vol. 9, buy it today!) was pretty great.

  2. SHOCKED that they revealed 4 more X figs and I guess we will see the rest at Toyfair…and they better have a Maverick in there! These figs coming in 2017 is no surprise but again, damn nice to 5 figs of the wave already.
    Well done Hasbro!

      • If I remember correctly, Hasbro makes pretty minimal appearances at NYCC, mostly displaying stuff they’ve shown before if they display anything- if this wave is anything like the previous one, they’ll probably display the last two figures via Hasbro Pulse before releasing this wave for Q4 2016 or Q1 2017.

  3. Are you waiting for hasbro to hopefully announce daredevil before covering the other Netflix figures?

    • As soon as they get approved (all of the Netflix characters are merely prototypes and can’t be massed produced yet), Daredevil is coming.

  4. Enough with the female figure overload already, Hasbro, you’ve made your point, now you’ve just got stuff clogging up pegs because after doing so many, it’s now come down to really obscure cookie cutter damsel hero characters with no appeal to anyone. There’s stuff the majority consumers of your lines really want and its not getting done fast enough.

    • I’ve actually been wanting a Polaris and Dazzler for YEARS!!! Personally I’m really happy with the announced figures.

    • And yet all the dude characters warming pegs hasn’t stopped them from making male figures! Funny, huh?

      • What’s really funny is no matter what Hasbro does, there will always be someone who not only complains, not only makes it sound like Hasbro has, is and will always screw up, but will after all that, march their whiny azzes into the stores and buy every figure they either claimed they didn’t want, or complained anyway!!!

      • But some of this year’s figures are much bigger! I’ll tell you what, we’ll go out today and get you 2 more figures.

    • Oh my god you couldn’t be more wrong. I am so thankful that they’re making waves that have more than one female figure in them! It’s a blessing beyond imagination. And as far as peg warmers go, while I did see a few Scarlet Witches sticking around at my local stores, it wasn’t worse than any other figure in that wave. And the recent X-wave has majorly sold out, with Rogue and Phoenix especially flying off the shelves!

  5. Dazzler is easily the star of this wave so far.
    Other than her… It’s an okay wave.

    Polaris and Sunfire are appreciated, and I guess Cyclops is kinda mandatory since I’m apparently collecting X-Men now.
    Not a huge fan of Cyclops in general, and the Jim Lee version isn’t my favorite look for him, even if it’s the most iconic and goes with all the Jim Lee X-Men who ARE my favorite incarnations.

    Marvel NOW! Colossus is……not my favorite Colossus design.
    Kinda weird.

    • “Dazzler is easily the star of this wave”


      However, if they do throw in 90s ShatterStar and Maverick down the road…Dazzler will drop to #3 in the wave for me.

      If there winds up being another 8 figs in this wave (probably not but that would be great) please please please make it Old Logan Habsro…please

      • Fingers crossed for X-23, X-23 Wolverine, or Old Man Logan. We desperately need all three.

        Maverick I doubt is anywhere on Hasbro’s radar. But I would’ve said the same about Shatterstar, who apparently is.

  6. YES Warlock! Now can we get the rest of the New Mutants. They would be easy to make. Hasbro should make a teenage male buck for the X-Men trainig suits and use the one they made for Kitty then they could have whatever mutant they want to. Easy way to make the New Mutants.

    • Hasbro already just made a male teenage buck, first being used on the Ultimate Spider-Men in the Space Venom wave, and also being slightly modified for the Sam Alexander Nova coming next year.

      • I can see them at least giving a Doug Ramsey head (if only a Head) in a future wave. Warlock needs his little buddy.

  7. I have to say I will be getting this wave. I love the sunfire, cyclops and warlock

  8. How is this “blue/gold teams complete” when we don’t have Storm, Nightcrawler, Beast or Bishop? Also, where is Gambit (who I personally don’t care for, but he is a member!) and of course, Banshee is LONG overdue. Original Colossus, perhaps Forge…and last but certainly not least PROFESSOR X ! I prefer the original wheelchair but the hover thing will work too.

    • There’s no such thing as a “precise date” with action figures–we’re not talking about movies or video games here. Even some toys with hard street dates often end up getting released late, and 99.9999% of figures don’t have hard dates.