2017 Marvel Legends X-Men 6″ Figures Hi-Res Photos!

Never let it be said that the good folks over at Hasbro aren’t on the ball and ready to please their fans! The Hasbro Marvel SDCC 2016 panel may have only ended about an hour ago, but Hasbro PR has already sent over hi-res photos of all of the 6″ Marvel Legends 2017 X-Men figures that debuted during the panel! We’ve seen images of the slides announcing them and even some photos from the Hasbro booth, but now we can check out Marvel Legends Sunfire, Cyclops, Warlock, Polaris and more in all their hi-res glory!

Marvel Legends Warlock Build-A-Figure SDCC 20162017 X-Men Marvel Legends Warlock Build-A-Figure

Now that the 2016 Marvel Legends X-Men wave with Deadpool is readily available online and starting to hit stores, it’s time to start looking ahead and talking about next year’s series! I’m honestly not sure how much of a draw the Warlock Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure is going to be to people who aren’t lifelong New Mutants fans the way that I am, but I am eternally grateful for this magnificent, jaw-dropping figure that Hasbro is bestowing upon us next year.

This figure looks like it will require a ton of unique tooling–I wonder what other characters these Build-A-Figure parts can be used to create…?!

2017 Marvel Legends Sunfire Figure SDCC 2016Marvel Legends 2017 Sunfire Figure

I’m sort of glad that it took Hasbro so long to finally get to producing a Sunfire 6″ figure in his classic attire, as this figure is downright breathtaking. The shiny paint used and the multicolored fire effects on his fists look fantastic! This is a great figure that should sell really well of an X-Men character that traditionally isn’t all that beloved!

SDCC 2016 Marvel Legends Colossus X-Men Figure2017 Marvel Legends X-Men Colossus Figure

I fully expect Hasbro to get some push-back from fans about their selection of the modern Colossus costume for this six inch figure. We can only hope that a 90’s Colossus figure is also in development as well, whether it be for mass-release, as an exclusive or a box set figure for the X-Men Gold team.

2017 X-Men Marvel Legends Polaris Figure SDCCX-Men Legends 2017 Polaris 6″ Figure

The blue-and-yellow X-Factor Polaris costume is “my” Polaris, but seeing as how fans have waited over a decade for a Polaris six inch figure, Hasbro was probably right to go with the classic look. I wonder how long it will be until Hasbro releases a Magneto figure with “magnetic energy effects” like the ones that Lorna Dane is sporting here?

SDCC 2016 Marvel Legends 2017 Hi-Res Photos DazzlerDazzler Marvel Legends X-Men 2017 Figure

And speaking of energy effects, the psychedelic rainbow light energy effects that Dazzler comes with look amazing! This is definitely the best use of those effects pieces since they debuted in 2015 with Scarlet Witch!

Finally, we have the Jim Lee Cyclops Marvel Legends figure that fans have always wanted. We’ve had a number of Scott Summers figures in this costume in the past, but this is unquestionably going to go down in history as being the ultimate Marvel Legends Cyclops figure.

Marvel Legends Jim Lee Cyclops Hasbro 2017 FigureAt this point I don’t expect to see Hasbro announce or show any more of their 2017 Marvel Legends lineup at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 this weekend, but when the rest of this wave is officially announced (and it should include both Wolverine and Shatterstar, according to leaked lists), I’ll send out photos and alerts via the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages.

After scoping out the humongous, beautiful hi-res images of the wave, how do you think the X-Men Legends 2017 series stacks up to the wave that was just released this summer, Marvel collectors? Will you be picking up this entire series and building your own techno-organic alien mutant member of the X-Men?


2017 Marvel Legends X-Men 6″ Figures Hi-Res Photos! — 29 Comments

  1. That’s two whole female characters! That’s too many! Grrrr!

    Seriously though I cannot wait for Dazzler. She’s the star of this wave.

  2. Was Polaris always ugly? Seems like a letdown in the face.

    Cyclops wrists look weirdly bulky.

    Colossus with his painted on shirt looks whack AF.

  3. FK yeah to Cyclops, Colosus, Dazzler, and Sunfire! Why can’t we get Jim Lee’s Polaris? Never was a fan of Warlock but I guess I’ll have to accept this wacky looking big dude.

    • Exactly. Yes, Jim Lee X-Factor Polaris is what I want.
      This one is alright. Like a somewhat more sensibly dressed version of her “sister” Scarlet Witch. Proper shoes, a top that’ll keep things under control, a cape that’s not so long she’s going to trip over it….
      She’ll be able to pose on the shelf without a huge hassle(unlike Wanda), so I’m okay with this figure, and just happy to get a Polaris of some sort.

      Jim Lee X-Factor Polaris would be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better, but I guess this is her modern look, just like they did modern Havok.

      Maybe they’ll go back and start doing Jim Lee X-Factor stuff later on?

      • I just can’t stomach too much green costumes I guess. I have a hard enough time differentiating Polaris, Viper, Enchantress, DC Enchantress, and other generic green costumes on women.

        • GREEN is the color of money. Who doesn’t like Green? Plus those you mentioned none have green mint hair. Polaris is amazing and her costume is the best. Just like Storm, who always wearing BLACK and how many BLACKS we seen out there on other female characters? Take Warbird as a perfect example. They are identical if you ask me.

          • Late reply but depending on which Storm costume. Storm’s costumes are very unique even if they are black. They usually have the cape connected to her wrist and have gold accents. I personally prefer Jim Lee’s silver storm costume. So there’s no conflict of “black costumes” for me yet. I see what you are saying but Warbird is so hypersexualized that she makes Enchantress seem tame.

    • I hear you man, but this years con was a very strange one, I think the idea hasbro has is to have something for everyone this year. If you like super classic you get dazzler, Jim lee fans get one figure, then there’s all the other crap. I still find this year to be a disappointing one. I don’t get why it is so hard to give us a few more Jim lee X men. I am very happy with cyclops though.

  4. While I haven’t read any New Mutants comics( before my time), I loved Warlock in the Annihilation Conquest storyline, so getting him as the BAF will be nice.

  5. While I’m no fan of Warlock by ANY means, I must say that the sculpt and paintjob on this Warlock figure are CRAZY GREAT.

    If the production version ends up pulling of a paintjob close to that good, then yea, he’ll have to find a place on my shelf.

    It’s genuinely impressive.

  6. Polaris finally. That costume is an updated version of the original, it was used during “Rise and Fall of Shiar Empire.” and kept while she was a Starjammer.

  7. Hasbro is putting out some beautiful stuff here… but Warlock!?! Really? How about Sauron? Or a nice bulky Silver Samurai? Dark Phoenix with a huge flaming Phoenix Force accessory? Maybe five years down the road a Warlock BAF would be cool but for now there are way cooler figures I would rather build!

  8. Oddly enough just the other night I was thinking “how is there not a 6″ Marvel Legends Cyclops yet? I’d love to see that”.

  9. This con was very strange imo, where are all the interviews? It seems like a lot was left unanswered.

  10. I love Colossus and Polaris. I don’t know why people are complaining about. If they do the X-factor Polaris they would’ve say ” I want Polaris with the green Costume” I just don’t get these people now a days. They are all AWESOME and I can imagine how Polaris’s fan are going crazy over this. I like Dazzler as well and finally Marvel decided to do this characters.

  11. The 2016 X-Men marvel legends is one of the best waves ever. I’ve never done a BAF because it seems you usually end up with 1 or 2 figures out of a wave that are really great with a bunch of d Listers or lame versions of stuff that’s already flooded the market. I love every character in this X-Men set and 6 or 7 of the figures. I think k that’s pretty rare. Juggernaut is great(even though the left arm doesn’t snap in, hopefully Hasbro will help me out after 160 bucks worth of plastic) and so are the rest. The females lack the awesomeness of the male’s but that’s mostly the character design and some costumes. Cable and Deadpool have a lot going on visually and a great sculpt.

    The next wave I’m really only I treated in Cyclops. Jim Lee’s Cyclops is MY Cyclops, obviously, since I was a kid with comics in the 90’s(and the X-Men cartoon!).

    Wish the colossus was the 90s version. I’ll be skipping him and nearly all the others in this line.