SDCC 2016: Marvel Legends Darkhawk! Titus! Vance Astro!

Hasbro is making a lot of people’s dreams come true with the 2017 Marvel Legends X-Men figures series that they announced tonight at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. But not every long-desired character that was revealed at the SDCC 2016 Hasbro Marvel panel is a mutant! There’s a Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends 2017 figures wave that’s been announced as well, and that will give fans some most-wanted characters including Marvel Legends Darkhawk, Vance Astro and a Titus Build-A-Figure!

Marvel Legends Darkhawk Figure SDCC 2016

The biggest non-mutant figure Hasbro announced for a 2017 Marvel Legends 6″ figure is beyond a doubt Darkhawk! Collectors have been asking for a Marvel Legends Darkhawk figure for over a decade now, and finally Chris Powell is getting his due thanks to his connections to the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe in the Annhihilation series!

I remember picking up Darkhawk #1 in a grocery store as a kid on a whim and loving the series, so getting a super-articulated six-inch Darkhawk figure really is a dream come true.

But that’s not all Hasbro has lined up for the Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy 2017 Wave 1 series…

Marvel Legends Angela Figure SDCC 2016After debuting on the Marvel Live Stream on Thursday, the 2015 Fan’s Choice Poll winner Angela was officially announced as part of the first Guardians of the Galaxy wave today. She’s a 100% new tool and looks sensational!

Marvel Legends Vance Astro Figure SDCC 2016After having already gotten his first 3.75″ figure this spring, classic Guardians of the Galaxy leader Vance Astro (Major Victory) is moving on to bigger things (literally) will also be getting the 6″ treatment next year!

This is a pretty simple figure with little new tooling required, but it’ll be nice to get an original Guardians of the Galaxy member in 6″ Legends form nonetheless. The shiny paint on him looks pretty nifty!

Marvel Legends 2017 Nova Figure SDCC 2016

Also announced on the Marvel Live Stream Thursday was the Marvel Legends Nova Sam Alexander figure! Just in time for Rich Rider to return as Nova in the comics, we get our first teen Nova figure.

Finally, we come to the biggest figure in the wave: the Marvel Legends Titus Build-A-Figure! This Jeph Loeb-created anthropomorphic white tiger man member of the Supernovas is the first major villain of Sam Alexander Nova.

I’m not entirely sure that many collectors are going to care enough about Titus to want a Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure of him, but he’s a cool-looking toy nonetheless.

SDCC 2016 Hasbro Marvel Panel Marvel Legends Titus Build-A-FigureThere will also be Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie figures released in 2017 (obviously), but Hasbro wasn’t able to show any sneak peeks or give us any information about those figures at this time. I think we can safely assume that Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Yondu, Groot and so forth will all be represented as Hasbro 6″ scale figures next year, though.

I’ll post photos of any other figures from this wave that go into the Hasbro booth during SDCC 2016 on the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages, so make sure to follow us on social media for all the latest news. Mega-thanks to Joshua B. for sending in his photos of the slides from during the Hasbro panel and giving us permission to run them!

What do you think of what we’re allowed to see from the first 2017 Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy series, Marvel collectors? Are any of these comics characters on your must-have list?


SDCC 2016: Marvel Legends Darkhawk! Titus! Vance Astro! — 16 Comments

  1. Just update rocket raccoon and gamora face and body in a revamp.

    And prob um. Thanos

  2. Titus is actually pretty fresh. Hes in the new guardians ton on Disney. I think its pretty good.

  3. Aldriff/Angela and Kid Nova are the real stars of this wave, but it’s cool to get a Vance Astro, and I guess Darkhawk looks cool (what, is he a Cylon that tookover being Falcon?).

    But Titus….
    I don’t even know what to think of that one.
    Why Titus of all characters?
    SURELY there must be a better large cosmic character to make a BAF of….
    We need a Marvel Legends Uatu. Don’t think I can say we really need Titus?
    How about the Living Tribunal?
    Eternity? Infinity? Galactus?
    And I’m just naming the obvious ones.

    Titus is a weird choice.

    • The wild thing is they know this choice will be polarizing to say the least! I asked them and they they said “we know it’s an unusual choice”. I responded ” it’s gonna be critically received”!

    • You nailed it. I would REALLY love a Living Tribunal BAF, Uatu is much needed (his Marvel Select has a way too expensive aftermarket). Any of the others would be better than Titus.

    • Well I think a few of those fall under FF and they seem reluctant to make most of those but there are quite a few GOTG related characters who could make a goo choice for a Build a Figure
      1) Magus the Alt version of Adam Warlock who I believe has never been made
      2) Cancerverse Captain Mar-vel (although I am sure some might complain that the first version of him should not be this)
      3) Build a Mini Fig Cosmo
      4) Old School Drax (the one where he was built like the Hulk)
      5) Korvac classic old school villain who has tangled with every version of the GOTG
      6) Ego (although might be too big good tie in to the movie)

      I would laso have said Xemnu the Titan but he is probably as Obscure as Titus

  4. I might have flipped a little when I heard that they announced Titus as the Build-a-Figure.

    I’ve said before that I’m a huge fan of Sam Alexander Nova, and in particular his initial arc by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness. I honestly had never DREAMED that we’d be getting a figure of Titus, so this is an INCREDIBLY pleasant surprise.

    • And he automatically gives Sam someone to fight right out of the case! LOL. With he and Kamala done, what’s left for the Avengers? Iron Man in his current suit and Jane Foster (We’re gettin’ her, I just know it).

      • It does! That’s pretty awesome. That’s half of why I’m so excited for him.

        If I’m the only one who’s really pumped to get Titus, then I’ll happily accept my fate.

  5. Titus or “the figure of Random(X-Factor 92)on the third wave of x men”!!Yheeaaa!!!!

  6. Titus before Uatu?!?!? I think he belongs in the MOTU classics line, not my legends showcase! I hate it when we get screwed on the BAF because here in Canada, Legends cost $30 apiece, so the silver lining to dropping a couple hundred dollars on a wave is building a satisfying build a fig. At least that Angela figure looks incredible!

  7. I would have preferred a Charlie 27 BAF. I love the rest of the line and hope we get more of the classic GotG in the future.

    • I think they are just sticking to the 2008 series…which is why Major Victory was in as he actually was on StarLords team for awhile and the others except for a female Starhawk never really showed up for anything till they pretty mehh Guardians 3000 team

  8. A Charlie -27 BAF would be cool. But the whole line of the original guardians of Galaxy will be cool and wanna see more Asgardian figures as well, like Ulik,Sif,Surtur,Storm Giantsmore Frost Giants,Malekith,Karnilla and Balder.Make the big guys big and the others 6″. Also how bout a weapon X line or Apocalypse & the horseman line? Something to think about

    • I would love an orginal Guardians ( although would prefer the 90s costumes) Charlie, Aleta, Talon, Nikki, Hollywood and Yondu with a build a figure of either Korvac or Firelord