SDCC 2016: Marvel Legends 12″ Deadpool Figure Revealed!

The second full day of San Diego Comic-Con 2016 is in the books, and while Hasbro was more into promoting Star Wars today than Marvel, that doesn’t mean that they didn’t have some big Marvel reveals today as well! And by “big”, I’m talking 12 inches of Wade Wilson goodness! That’s right, the Marvel Legends 12″ Deadpool figure is the fourth figure in this year’s new sixth scale series!

SDCC 2016 Marvel Legends 12 Inch Deadpool Figure

Seeing as how all three of the first figures in the Hasbro Marvel Legends 12″ Series are headliner characters that starred in a blockbuster movie this year, it should come as a shock to no one that the fourth character in the line starred in his own movie this year as well: Deadpool!

Fresh off of being the hottest figure in the X-Men Legends series (and perhaps the hottest Hasbro figure of 2016 overall), Wade Wilson has grown up and will be getting the foot-tall treatment later this year!

Stylistically similar to his release in the Juggernaut series, the Marvel Legends Deadpool 12″ figure will feature removable katana swords, knives and guns in sheaths, as well as having multiple pairs of interchangeable hands.

Marvel Legends Deadpool 12 Inch Figure SDCC 2016But unlike his 1/12 scale counterpart, this Deadpool will come with two extra heads–and one of them is a whole other character! First, the 12″ Marvel Legends Deadpool will include a battle damaged masked Deadpool head with part of Wade Wilson’s grisly face showing through–a feature than the X-Men Legends versions does not feature.

And secondly, this figure will include another accessory the 6″ action figure iteration is lacking: Headpool, the flying zombie head Deadpool! I already have a hyper-detailed Headpool from the awesome Sideshow Deadpool sixth scale figure that was released in the winter, but for those who don’t have $220+ to spend for a 1/6th Headpool, Hasbro has done a pretty bang-up job with this one!

The figure will also include a red gun with the Deadpool head logo on it, as well as a half-eaten (ewwww) burrito. Now there’s an accessory I don’t believe we’ve ever seen released before!

Marvel Legends 12 Inch Deadpool Figure SDCC 2016More specific information and photos of the Marvel Legends 12″ Deadpool figure should be available after the SDCC 2016 Hasbro Marvel panel on Saturday 7/23/2016. I’ll post an update with any more information we learn about what isĀ certain to be the best-selling figure in this 1/6 line thus far as soon as more details are available, and you can follow the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages to get more info on this figure as it becomes available.

What do you think of Hasbro’s decision to make Deadpool the fourth member of their twelve inch figure lineup, Marvel collectors? Are you interested in adding a double-sized, $50 Deadpool Legends figure to your collection, or are you satisfied with the excellent 6″ Wade Wilson in the X-Men Series that just hit stores?

And big thanks to Joshua B. for sending in his photos of this figure that he took today at San Diego Comic-Con 2016!


SDCC 2016: Marvel Legends 12″ Deadpool Figure Revealed! — 17 Comments

  1. Eh.
    I am less impressed by this one than the 6″ one.
    Deadpool looks much better with the bracers and heavy duty boots.

    This one is very very plain for an Icons figure. Same reason I didn’t care about the new Icons Spider-Man.

    Thus far, Cap is easily the most impressive, and Iron Man is pretty good too.

    • While I disagree with you a great deal on your post, you have my thanks for calling these Icons as well. Together we must put our bias aside and stand up to Hasbro calling EVERYTHING legends…
      Here here!

  2. Putting aside my bias as a DP (aren’t we all) I truly think that is the first fig out of the new Icons series that is easily representative of a $50 value. In fact, I’m buying two. Hopefully the case pack for these new Icons (yes I’m tired of calling everything “legends”) is two per case and dp comes two per case…because that would make this transaction REALLY easy for me lol
    Bravo Hasbro, bravo.

    • Have to disagree.
      This one just isn’t great.
      He’s really lacking on detail for an Icons figure, and his head looks HUUUUUGE.
      He looks more like the first Hasbro Legends Deadpool than anything, with similarly underwhelming detail and giant head.

      Cap has much better sculpting and proportions.
      Iron Man too. Great sculpt and engineering. Iron Man just has an underwhelming paint job.

  3. I love this announcement. I LOVE IT. I’m glad I subscribe to your Facebook. Now that I got the plug out of the way, The pistols better be removable. I just noticed the boots and while the army boots will be nice I can see that they’re going for the comic look. One thing that kinda bothers me though are the handle on the two swords. It should look like the handle on the ninja swords. They look like the handle on throwing knives. It looks like an afterthought. I wish they would correct it. I like the other head, it looks like they’re going for the in between look of having a mask and no mask. I find it a bit cheeky as well. Like they’re poking fun at the collectors. Because they know that despite all the imperfections Deadpool 12 inch (especially) will always sell.

  4. Something seems really off with the head and proportions to me anyone else seeing this btw can’t wait for Saturdays pannel

      • As big as the head on this figure looks, anyone else notice the disturbing wrinkles on his mask? Weird figure, definitely. I agree with Phillip Calaway.

      • The head does look big no doubt but I will reserve final judgement on it for when I have it in hand and start swapping the heads around and so forth. I see nothing wrong with deadpools sculpt in these photos so maybe I’m just less picky. Regardless, I’m buying all of these Icons and if we as collectors can vote with our wallets and buy the ones we want, we should get the line off to a healthy start.

        • There’s nothing “wrong” with the sculpt per se.
          It’s just extremely basic and under-detailed.
          It lacks textures and details or equipment to break up the vast swaths of impossibly skintight/obviously just painted on smoothness.

          Varying fabric textures, bracers, greaves, buckles, rivets, seams, more interesting gloves, an ammo belt, some grenades, knee pads, etc etc etc etc…. There are SOOOO many options on ways they could’ve added hugely to the sculpt of this figure, but they just did none of those and left it as a generic body painted in Deadpool colors with a few pouches and a Deadpool head.

          The head, despite being obviously too big, is a couple notches above the rest of the body all on its own already due to the seams sculpted into it for the different colors, and across the mask.
          They could’ve added fabric textures to that to make it even better, but they didn’t. So the head’s still got plenty of room for improvement even while being better than the body…

        • In any case, I just hope this line goes for long enough to get us a new Icons Doctor Doom.
          The original Marvel Legends Icons Doctor Doom is the absolute best Doom figure/sculpt that exists, with the sole exception of the $2000 Legendary Scale Doctor Doom statue (which totally blows everything else completely away).

  5. His head looks too big. And looks like no waist rotation like the recent Spider-man 12 inch figure. Gonna pass on this one. The Deadpool figure from NECA looks much better.

  6. Though he comes with a massive load out of weapons, the swords not being actual katanas bothers me. As does the hyper futuristic rifle.