SDCC 2016: Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Series Figures!

Hasbro hit home run after home run today with their SDCC 2016 reveals, but there’s one Marvel Legends 6″ figure wave that’s not getting quite as much love as the others. Hasbro unveiled the second half of their Doctor Strange Marvel Legends series today, with movie and comic-based Doctor Strange figures and the first-ever major Mordo figure! Does this wave deserve more fanfare than it’s gotten so far?

Doctor Strange Hasbro Marvel Legends - Dormammu

At New York Toy Fair 2016, Hasbro debuted half of the Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Series of figures. Five months and a few days later, it’s finally time to see the remaining three figures (with possibly one more still remaining)!

We saw the Dormammu Build-A-Figure at Toy Fair, so there’s really no surprises with it. It looked great the Comic Con exclusive set last year, and it still does look great this year (with a new skull color).

SDCC 2016 Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Comic FigureI was shocked and disappointed to see the comic-based Doctor Strange figure developed for this series. It’s not as bad as I’ve seen some collectors say–there’s more of a difference than just the new cape–but the figure is overall a big letdown from what most fans were expecting.

Since last year’s Hulkbuster Wave Doctor Strange, Hasbro has removed the sculpted gloves from that figure (unfortunately), changed the magic effects pieces to yellow, and used a much brighter red on Stephen’s costume.

Unfortunately, I think this is a case where the “improvements” actually made the figure look worse than the old version, but that’s just me. If you still need a Sheriff Strange figure, I guess this guy will suffice.

Doctor Strange Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Movie FigureThe Benedict Cumberbatch Doctor Strange Marvel Legends 6″ figure made its public debut today as well, and unlike the comic version, this MCU figure looks amazing! 

This may end up being one of the best MCU Marvel Legends movie figures that Hasbro has ever done, honestly. Great work here. I love the snap-on rune “shield”.

Karl Mordo Marvel Legends Hasbro 6 Inch FigureThe other movie figure on this wave is Karl “Don’t Call Me Baron” Mordo. I seriously thought this was a Rogue One character for a few seconds before I remembered what I was looking at.

This figure looks… okay, but unless the Doctor Strange movie is a major hit, I see this Marvel Legends Karl Mordo figure gathering dust on store shelves for quite a while.

SDCC 2016 Marvel Legends Brother VoodooFor those who missed him in last year’s exclusive box set, Marvel Legends Doctor Voodoo (AKA Brother Voodoo) makes a triumphant return in this series as well!

Doctor Voodoo may have built up a larger fan base with his sizable role in the Uncanny Avengers comic book over the last year, so I’m glad to see this figure being made more widely available to collectors (though I’d have far preferred Magik get this treatment, honestly).

Marvel Legends Nico Minoru Figure SDCC 2016

The other two figures confirmed for this series and previously shown at NY Toy Fair are Nico Minoru (bringing us one step closer to a complete A-Force!) and a new green costume Iron Fist.

Both of these figures look terrific, with Marvel Legends Nico being my favorite overall figure in this wave and the Iron Fist being a big improvement over last year’s (years-long delayed) white costume version. And hey–this time, Hasbro even remembered to include an effects piece for Iron Fist’s iron fist!

A UPC code also exists already for an Enchantress figure in this wave, which means that those not at SDCC will more than likely be getting another crack at Amora within the next year, whether it’s in this wave or elsewhere.

Doctor Strange Marvel Legends Iron FistI’ll be continuing posting Marvel toy news from San Diego Comic-Con 2016 all week and weekend long, so stay tuned to the Marvel Toy News Twitter and Facebook Page for updates all Comic-Con long (and then some)!

What do you think of the full Marvel Legends Dormammu Series wave? Will you be buying every figure to build Dormammu, picking out a few of your favorites, or passing on this wave of largely reused figures altogether?


SDCC 2016: Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Series Figures! — 16 Comments

  1. I actually love this wave DESPITE owning the Book Of The Vishanti and the Hulkbuster and Allfather waves.

    The MCU figures and Nico are the only new ones, but I’ll take green Iron Fist over white Iron Fist ANY day, especially with effects parts.
    Dormammu looks like he might have a better paint job, certainly better skulls than the ones that just got lost in the mess of purple.
    FINALLY a new Cloak of Levitation.
    A Brother Voodoo variant to go with the Doctor Voodoo we already have.
    Nico Minoru looks AWESOME.
    MCU Strange looks AWESOME.
    Baron Mordo looks good, though I wish he were 616 Mordo instead…..

    The only real disappointment with this wave for me is the 616 Strange being essentially just the Hulkbuster Strange again, just with yellow spell effects and the Cloak Of Levitation this time…. That’s lame.

    I can understand and almost direct rerelease of some of the Book Of The Vishanti figures for people who couldn’t get a copy of the good book, and if I were them I’d be THRILLED about this wave, but that 616 Strange was already a mass release figure last year, so he’s kinda lame….

    Maybe I’ll slap his Cloak on the ToyBiz Strange (who is still the one that lords over my shelf’s magic characters), or maybe I’ll repaint him to his classic costume.

  2. Hasbro has removed the sculpted gloves from that figure Dr Strange,don´t care, i have 3 figures of the past year y when i see Nico Minoru i said,head without tail and boots for my custom Nina Truhrman(Domino)¡Yheeaaaa!

  3. Credit where it’s due though, that 616 Strange DOES look like it improves on the grey in his hair. It tones it down compared to Hulkbuster Strange.

    But really, no gauntlets, spell colors switched to yellow, a brighter shade of red, less grey hair, and the Cloak…… How can that be the figure they’re choosing to release????

    That’s SOOOO close to completely pointless…..
    What possessed them NOT to make this a complete repaint that matches his current axe-wielding classic-style form???

    Man, that one is frustrating.

  4. Ja,ja,ja, you said ” I see this Marvel Legends Karl Mordo figure gathering dust on store shelves for quite a while”.ja,ja,ja i said “are you my Padawan,that universe you come”.

  5. Seeing the wrapped gloves sealed the deal…give me my immortal Iron Fist and that’s all I need. I will of course buy the whole wave but Immortal Fist (followed by Nico) are the only figs I’m “excited for”

  6. That comic dr. strange dilemma really sucks but at least I didn’t get it in the hulkbuster wave. So STRANGEly enough getting it again with that swanky cape works out better for me.

  7. I think the cape is throwing people off, but the comic Dr. Strange is the Marvel NOW! Dr. Strange (minus the cape). I actually like this repaint and will most likely not pose him with the cape on. Just that badass black and red outfit.

      • I think they were trying to point out that technically, this is an actual outfit from the comics. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still creatively bankrupt and Hasbro being cheap, but this is what Strange wore as of Marvel NOW. It was just his black jump suit with his cloak (which he got back at the end of Bendis’ New Avengers).

        I’m seeing the misconception around the web that Hasbro just made an inaccurate figure by slapping a plastic cloak on the old Hulkbuster Strange, and while that is pretty much what they did, it is technically comic accurate.

  8. The Karl Mordo figure could fit in with the Star Wars line. Maybe a good base for Rebels or Jedi.

  9. This wave makes no sense to me. We got two figs in last years exclusive, we got one in hulk buster wave and the baron Norfolk is a guy in plain colored garbs, not interesting whatsoever. Iron fist is the only one in interested in and it’s unfortunate that they gave us the white one before this one, otherwise I wouldn’t even touch this wave, although I might get nice because she’s a comic fig.

    • Auto correct on I phone is annoying, baron mordo, nico is what it’s supposed to say.

  10. Wasn’t there a UPC code found (or at least rumored) for a Walgreens exclusive astral movie Doctor Strange?