2018 Marvel Legends Deadpool Wave 2 Figures! Omega Red!

It’s been rather quiet lately on the Marvel Legends news front as we approach the 2018 Toy Fair in New York City, but Hasbro decided to kick off this week with some totally out-of-the-blue announcements that confirm the rumors: a Deadpool Legends Wave 2 series is coming our way in Fall 2018, including new 6” Marvel Legends Omega Red and Lady Deadpool figures and more!

Deadpool Marvel Legends Omega Red Figure Hasbro 2018

A few days ago, some leaked computer listings hit the internet that seemingly indicated a second Marvel Legends Deadpool series was lined up for later on in the year.

I don’t like spoiling surprises and talking about early lineups (because they frequently do change before release), but at least part of the wave isn’t conjecture anymore—Hasbro has gone ahead and confirmed half the series for us today!

The headliner of this wave for most collectors is likely to be the first new Marvel Legends Omega Red since the Toybiz days! I actually think the original version still holds up well, but Hasbro’s is definitely looking mighty fine! The day when the original Omega Red 6″ Figure could be improved upon has apparently arrived.

Marvel Legends X-Men Costume Deadpool FigureSecondly, we’ve got an obligatory Deadpool variant: a Marvel Legends X-Men Costume Deadpool. This is sort of a funny variant, with “X-Men” written on the chest of a classic blue-and-yellow costume, but also a variant I can see many fans hoping to live without.

With only six figures expected in this wave, I’d anticipate that this will have a unique Build-A-Figure piece, however. Hopefully we’ll find out the remainder of the details on this wave at Toy Fair so that we know for certain.

Marvel Legends Lady Deadpool FigureFinally, we’ve got the first-ever 6” Marvel Legends Lady Deadpool figure. Diamond Select Toys released an awesome Marvel Select Lady Deadpool last year, but Hasbro’s looks more articulated and will be a couple bucks cheaper. I was astonished when Lady Deadpool wasn’t in Wave 1, so I’m glad to see she’ll be getting her much-deserved due later on this year.

Titan Hero Deadpool 12 Inch FigureIn addition to the six inch figures, we’re slated to get a 12” Deadpool Titan Hero-like figure in the fall, as well as a role-play mask and katanas aimed at the kiddos.

Hasbro Deadpool Katanas Swords Role-Play ToyObviously the katanas aren’t aimed at us old-timers, but kids are gonna love them. The katanas carry a $20 MSRP, whereas “Titan Hero” Deadpool and the role-play Deadpool mask will have a suggested $10 price-tag.

All-New Wolverine Cover X-23

If the UPC listings that leaked out are accurate, the series could be rounded out by new a Marvel Legends Bishop, an X-23 Wolverine and another Deadpool variant (and presumably a Build-A-Figure).

A Wolverine X-23 Marvel Legends figure is the most prominent noticeably absent inclusion from this year’s announcement X-Men series, so I’d be very surprised if we don’t see her shown (or at least confirmed) at the New York Toy Fair 2018 next month. I wasn’t a fan of the 3.75″ Marvel Universe-scale All-New Wolverine we got last year, but I have a hunch Hasbro will nail a 6″ version.

Hasbro Deadpool Mask Role-Play ToyThe Deadpool Marvel Legends Wave 2 figures are scheduled to be released in Fall 2018, but meanwhile, I’d speculate that we may see online retailers open pre-orders for Wave 1 (the Sasquatch Series) sometime this week.

I’ll send out alerts via the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages are soon as orders open up for the Wave 1 6″ figures, so stay tuned.

Are you pumped about a second series of Deadpool Legends later on in 2018, Marvel collectors? What do you think of the half-wave Hasbro revealed today, and are you happy with the rumored remainder of the lineup?


2018 Marvel Legends Deadpool Wave 2 Figures! Omega Red! — 26 Comments

  1. Everybody is frothing over Omega Red! He does look great, but what size is he going to be? Alexei is a big guy (6’10. Same height as classic Juggernaut). Toybiz got the it right, especially since the 6″ figs were mostly right at 6″ (or shorter). Hopefully, this will be a Colossus/Death’s Head II situation.

      • Actually, I’ve been comparing that torso to everything I can think of, and I can’t find a match.
        Maybe it’s the lighting throwing me off, but it doesn’t seem to match Namor or anything else.
        I really dunno what it is. It COULD be a totally new one?

  2. Yeah it’s a reuse of Colossus deaths head body, the torso is new and has butterfly joints. But I was comparing the legs with my figures today. He’s gonna be awesome.

  3. These look pretty good!

    Omega Red definitely looks solid but one thing I have to laugh to myself about is that here we finally have the first large buck to feature butterfly joints – which is stellar – but they’ll likely be rendered useless on this particular character. I doubt there will be a clean way to pose him with those cumbersome shoulder pads in terms of the butterfly movement. Alas…

    The good thing is that this means future big guys will have that movement. Maybe the new Sabretooth will be on this buck and he’s a guy who will benefit greatly from that range of motion.

    I guess Toy Fair will be the big ticket to confirming all the speculation hanging in the air right now lol

      • Yeah, I had recalled that he and Magneto were allegedly coming in the next X-Men wave. Hopefully they do him the honor of improving him from his last release in the Puck wave by including the butterfly joints we see here on Omega Red.

        One can only hope lol

  4. I’m not really an X-Men or Deadpool kinda guy, so most of this doesn’t excite me much, other than the fact the figures look cool. I’d probably be in for an All-New Laura Wolverine, but other than that, I’d like an Itsy Bitsy (from Spider-Man/Deadpool), Shiklah (Deadpool’s monster-wife), Deadpool 2099, another member of Alpha Flight to go with Sasquatch, or another member of ‘Pool’s Uncanny Avengers (like Synapse or Quicksilver or a modern Rogue). Happy for those are into more Deadpool, and there are definitely peripheral characters they could include who can intrigue me, but for the most part this wave is probably a pass for me.

  5. Anyone else really surprised at the sudden marketing push Deadpool is getting in the children’s demographic. Role play Deadpool masks and katanas, and even a Titans Heroes Deadpool? Never thought I would see the day.

  6. I would take an Omega Red if it isn’t hard to track down at a decent price, but other than that, nothing at all announced even barely interests me. The Build A Figure could force my hand, but it would have to be mighty good… Mighty good.

  7. That Deadpool just looks dumb. Lady Deadpool? Not really a fan of gender switched characters just for the sake of gender-switching. I WANT to see that Bishop!!! Omega Red for thw win!!! Let’s wait for that X-23 Wolverine, maybe she’ll win me over buying the X-Force one.

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