Classic X-Force Marvel Minimates Box Set Figure Revealed!

Diamond Select Toys seems bent on making the most comprehensive Marvel action figures line ever with their Marvel Minimates figures. The Marvel Minimates line has been running now for over a decade, and includes hundreds upon hundreds of different figures. At this point, the Minimates Marvel Universe even includes multiple versions of some characters that otherwise haven’t gotten action figures in many years–and we can add several more to the list with this latest box set! The Classic X-Force Minimates box set of figures is now up for order!

Marvel Minimates Classic X-Force Box Set Figures Cannonball Cable Domino Shatterstar

A real testament to the breadth and depth of the Diamond Select Toys Marvel Minimates lineup is the fact that despite the fact that three of the figures in this Marvel Minimates Classic X-Force Box Set are B-Listers, all three of them have previously been released in Minimates form.

As the headliner of the series, Cable has gotten his fair share of Minimates figures in the past. In fact, this will be fifth Minimates Cable figure released (sixth if you count that crazy Cable-pool Minimates Deadpool figure–I don’t).

Marvel Minimates Shatterstar and Cannonball Two-PackIn addition to Cable, the set will include the second-ever Minimates Shatterstar figure, the third-ever Minimates Cannonball figure, and the second-ever Minimates Domino figure.

While the original releases of these characters depicted them in their outfits from the beginning of the X-Force comic book, these new Marvel Minimates Classic X-Force versions of the figures are featuring their costumes from the middle of the first volume of X-Force (including Shatterstar’s sweet orange and white costume).

Marvel Comics X-Force Siryn Teresa Cassidy

If there’s one disappointment I have with this Minimates X-Force box set, it’s that it doesn’t include a Minimate Siryn figure. Poor Banshee’s daughter is the only core member of the classic X-Force team to never receive a Marvel Minimates figure, and I legitimately would have preferred her over a new Domino or Cannonball (as much as I love both those characters).

Siryn has been shafted by company after company over the years, so it’s sad to see her being ignored even within the Marvel Minimates line. We can only hope that DST is aware of Siryn’s omission and has her planned for an upcoming Toys R Us Exclusive Minimates wave (cross your fingers).

Classic X-Force Marvel Minimates Figures Box SetThe Marvel Minimates Classic X-Force figure set is now available for order, and is expected to be released in December 2014. I’m a total mark for figures of the New Mutants and Peter David’s X-Factor roster, so I’ve got this set on pre-order just for the new versions of Shatterstar and Cannonball.

What do you think of Diamond Select Toys’ latest Minimates box set, Marvel collectors? Are you excited for new versions of some of the classic X-Force members, or would you have preferred a set that included some never-before-done characters?


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    • I didn’t say Siryn was part of the team in issue 1–I said she was part of the core classic team. Siryn didn’t join until after the first few issues of the comic, but most of the costumes in this set such as Shatterstar’s and Domino’s are from later in the series as well.

  1. Well. Ok,wow. You found an action figure hole in the marvel universe and in the minimates line no less! I feel your pain,but I am also flabbergasted and impressed. I get my Marvel figure fix through several lines. MM is one that I eventually gave into after being frustrated by Marvel Legends not choosing obscure,arcane,esoteric,and awesome epic marvel chararcters. MM has the only complete roster of Alpha Flight! Including Vindicator and Box! Lockjaw,Airwalker,Sin-Eater,Jewel,Dani Moonstar,Dreadnoughts,Ultron drones, Hellfire Club Guards, and what do you mean no Syrin? Well,I got the lead figurine of her in her black outfit! I said,I get my Marvel fix eclectic style! Lol. Yet,I hope MM or legends,or mavel Infinite or ALL of them will correct this oversight. She needs to be made and in that graphic you posted in her classic green,yellow and black. Thanks Dabid.