Marvel Select Cable Figure Review & Photos!

Diamond Select Toys rarely lets us down with their top-quality releases, so every time I bust open a new Marvel Select action figure, I’m ready for it to be another grand slam. But sometimes it’s not a grand slam–sometimes, it’s more like a triple. Still something outstanding to get excited about, but not quite as jaw-dropping. That’s about how I feel about the Marvel Select Cable figure released this spring. You can still grab the Marvel Select Cable for below retail price and with free shipping online–but is this the right Cable action figure for you? Read on…

Packaged Diamond Select Toys Cable Action Figure The Right:

I’m a 90’s X-Men guy, and that means that I love me some Nathan Dayspring Summers. I can’t place my finger on exactly what it is that I like about Cable (it certainly isn’t his insanely convoluted backstory)–I think it’s that Cable is just so… 90’s!

So when Diamond Select Toys revealed their Marvel Select Cable action figure last summer at SDCC 2014, I was ready to throw my dollars at the computer screen. And a scant 8 months later, I finally got Cable in my hands!

Marvel Select Cable Figure ReviewAlthough he hasn’t received anywhere near the amount of hype and inflated afternarket prices as the Marvel Select Carnage figure has, the Diamond Select Cable figure is absolutely awesome in several areas.

As far as sculpting and paintwork go, this is the best Cable toy ever made. Period.

Marvel Select Cable Action Figure with KnifeThe amount of sculpting and paint detailing that have gone into this figure are outright amazing. From the various belts and buckles of Cable’s shoulderpieces to the leather texture of his holsters to the pouches on his leg and the dark paint wash bringing out the detail of it all, this Cable Select figure is incredible.

There’s even sculpted, textured stubble on Cable’s face! Crazy!!

Marvel Select 2015 Cable Figure in Packaging with AccessoriesWhile I complained a bit last week in my Marvel Select Avengers Age of Ultron Hulk review that Hulk came with a whopping zero accessories, Marvel Select Cable doesn’t have that problem–he’s loaded with extras. In total, Cable comes with seven accessories: four guns, a knife, a gun sheath, and a diorama-like figure stand base.

Diamond Select Cable Figure Big Gun Rob LiefeldCable comes with one ginormous gun and three smaller ones. The big gun feels as if it’s hollow so that it won’t cause Cable to topple over due to its weight. While the proportions of the mega-gun are a bit exaggerated, I consider this a feature rather than a flaw–the way I see it, a classic Rob Liefeld styled Cable figure should have a crazy huge gun.

Marvel Select Cable Figure Gun HolstersThe two smaller guns fit into the holsters on Cable’s thighs (and one of the guns even has an additional sheath inside the holster). I’m not sure that I necessarily needed four different guns (more on the fourth one later), but I can’t fault Diamond Select Toys for giving us variety!

Back of Marvel Select Cable Diamond Select Toys FigureThe knife fits tightly and snugly into the sheath on Cable’s back–almost so tightly that you wouldn’t expect it to come out. The sculpting on the combat knife is surprisingly intricate, with a dirty-looking serrated edge that looks particularly vicious.

Marvel Select Cable Action Figure on Stryfe Display Base StandFinally, Cable includes a decently large figure stand display base. The base features not only some battleground terrain, but also the helmet and cape of Cable’s evil doppelgänger, Stryfe!

Marvel Select Cable Figure Stand Display BaseThe sculpting and paint on the base are top-notch, and I definitely like the special touch that the Stryfe armor pieces on the base add to the piece as a whole.

Marvel Select Cable Figure Dual-Wielding Guns The Wrong:

As you’ve probably noticed, there’s an aspect of this figure that I haven’t touched on yet: articulation. And if there’s one downfall of this 7″ Cable figure, articulation is it. While Cable’s gigantic shoulder gear is spectacular as far as sculpt and paint go, it’s also a major obstruction to the articulation. As in “a major obstruction”.

Cable’s upper-body articulation is, simply put, awful. His head can only turn slightly left or right because of his shoulder pads (which also prevent his ball-jointed arms from having a wide range of motion). As great as the torso on this figure looks, it just does not have much flexibility at all.

DST Marvel Select Cable Figure 2015That’s not to say that Cable’s articulation scheme is a disaster overall–he has very nice lower-body articulation (including double-jointed knees and ankle rockers!), but the upper-body articulation definitely makes many poses awkward (if not impossible).

Marvel Select 2015 Cable Figure BackI’m a statue collector, so I’m okay with having the Diamond Select Toys Cable only able to take on a limited number of ideal poses, but I know that is not the case for every collector.

Shoulder Mounted Gun on Cable Select FigureIn addition, Cable’s fourth gun is an oddity, in that it’s meant to be positioned on Cable’s shoulder–but can’t. Somewhere along the line, the production of this figure went astray, as the shoulder-mounted gun simply cannot be shoulder-mounted.

I’m satisfied with Cable’s other three guns and knife, but if you were looking forward to the shoulder-mounted gun, be aware: it doesn’t work as intended. At all.

Marvel Select Cable 7" FigureOverall: If a Cable statue had the high level of sculpting and paint detail that this Diamond Select Toys Cable does, it would earn an easy ‘A+’ from me. Unfortunately, this is an action figure, and that means I have to factor articulation into the score. The upper-body articulation of this figure is unquestionably a train wreck, and somewhat mars what is otherwise another all-out excellent DST Marvel figure.

So is this 7″ Cable Marvel select figure for you? If you don’t mind semi-permanently posing Cable in one of a handful of cool poses, you won’t find a better-looking or more detailed Cable action figure. But if you’re hardcore about super-articulation and posing your figures in loads of imaginative poses, this is simply not the Cable for you.

Personally, I love him, and think he’s one of the most underrated Marvel figures of 2015. Marvel Select Cable is well worth the $21-$24 you can still snag him for, in my opinion. If you can cope with the lacking upper-body articulation, I highly recommend grabbing this gorgeous DST Cable figure while it’s still cheap.



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  1. Well, while I’m glad to see that the MSelect Cable “wang” sculpt has been fixed, this is as much of a confident pass for me as possible.

  2. Me gusta y me encanta que select ponga personajes nuevos .. no dudo de la calidad de marvel select .. peri si de la eleccion de personajes que llega a hacerse repetitivo … sigo esperando que algun dia marvel select traiga a nuestras manos a ronan (movie) groot o algo nuevo

  3. I’m glad we got at least one X Men character this year, (unless you count zombie Sabretooth, which I could care less about). This one is nice. Really nice. I’ve seen pictures of other people attaching the gun to the shoulder mount though, so I kind of want to break mine out of it’s “cryogenic chamber” just to see if I can do it. Anyway, maybe we’ll see a Psylocke or Rogue next year. I know they are on the “shortlist” at DST, whatever that means exactly, I don’t know. Also, shouldn’t there be one or two more 2015 figures? I think they do 14 a year and we have so far, Bleeding Edge Iron Man, Carnage, Cable, Thor, AoU Thor, AoU Hulk, AoU Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Zombie Sabretooth, Hawkeye, Ant Man, HulkBuster, which makes 12, and I can’t remember when Electro is late 2014 or a 2015 figure. I might be missing one… Someone help me out here?

    • Bleeding Edge Iron Man was late 2014 as well as Electro. Making it 11 for 2015 so far. Ya, can someone confirm what is the exact figure # for Marvel Select releases each year? As we all know Diamond Select Toys are very careful, selective and secretive on what they tell us about upcoming figures. I am constantly posting on Ask DST to request as well as find out more on upcoming figure plans. I think from what I have seen with movie Mystique and Watcher figure cancellations that behind the scenes there are a lot of crap going on like legal stuff, product rights etc. that complicate just having fun and releasing great figures to the collectors and fans…I think DST try their best to make us happy but other parties involved mess it up for us. Also on Facebook when I message DST they are great at answering and do it right away. Let me know if you find out anything more on upcoming MS Figures.

      • Right, yeah the Ask DST artasylum blog is excellent and just the fact that it exists makes me very happy even if the answers are obscure most of the time (understandably). I was sad to see Mystique cancelled. I believe the person handling the facebook page told me it’s because Jennifer Lawrence changed her mind about having her likeness in an the action figure and DST cancelled it without a fuss just because she asked. If that’s the whole story, I respect that. That’s around the time “The Fappening” broke the internet so maybe that has something to do with why she changed her mind? I just received the two Hulkbusters from Marvel Shop (the worst customer service ever by the way). The only flaw is that the head seems too far down inside the body and it’s a little smaller compared to some of the Hulks they’ve released, but otherwise looks great.

      • Oh yeah, I asked about the number of figures per year and it looks like there isn’t a set amount as many factors weigh into the decisions.

  4. BTW I had to have Cable’s cannon on his shoulder so drilled a small hole through both mounts and put a small shortened nail through it. Now it is perfectly mounted and looks great. DST said when asked that this was an unfortunate production mistake. I like that they answered me straight about it. I also would have like bicep swivels as well. Other than those 2 points it is an amazing figure.

  5. I will wait on a Hasbro marvel legends infinite figure. It’s an easy one because it only requires some retooling to the Stryfe figure we already have.