Diamond Select Lady Thor Femme Fatales Statue Photos!

While I thought it was going to be a quiet week due to that “Star Wars” thing going around, it turns out that we’re actually getting bombarded with fresh Marvel toy news! And one ¬†of the new items announced regards one of the hottest characters of the past two years: Lady Thor! Diamond Select Toys drew first blood with their Lady Thor Minimates figure earlier this year, and now they’re turning to the statue front: the Lady Thor Femme Fatales statue is now up for order!

Diamond Select Femme Fatales Lady Thor StatueNatalie Portman is my favorite thing about the “Thor” movies other than Loki, so I was pretty stoked when it turned out that the female Thor was none other than Natalie Portman’s character, Jane Foster. (Yes, I know Jane appeared for decades before Natalie Portman was born, but I never cared about her then.)

Despite her top-selling comic book series and the media attention she’s receive, Jane Foster Thor has only received two pieces of merch up until now: a Marvel Minimates figure and an exclusive Funko POP Vinyl figure.

But Diamond Select is aware of the popularity and demand for the Goddess of Thunder, and as such, she’ll be the second figure released in the Marvel Femme Fatales statue line (after Carol Danvers Captain Marvel).

Femme Fatales Thor Statue Diamond Select Toys

Thankfully, sculptor Sam Greenwell didn’t go with a “provocative” (*cough* slutty *cough*) look Kotobukiya regularly does with their Bishoujo statues line, so Thor is able to look as strong and serious as she does in the comic, standing atop a rocky terrain.

There’s no question that the paint and sculpting detail on this piece aren’t up to the same level as Sideshow or Bowen Designs, but this is also a ~$45 figurine and not a $250-$550 statue like those companies produce.

And while I’m not utterly enamored with the pose of the statue itself (it looks like Thor is just out for a stroll), one thing I do genuinely love about these DST Femme Fatales statues is the low pricing!

Lady Thor’s MSRP is set at $44.99 (and $5 cheaper than that for pre-orders at BBTS)–a crazy low price for a 9″ statue these days! These statues are 100% plastic, mind you, but it’s still nice to see unique sculpts affordably priced even lower than Kotobukiya does.

Lady Thor Statue RevealedThe Diamond Femme Fatales Thor statue is now available for order, and is scheduled to be released in May 2016. No other female Thor statues have been rumored yet by any company, so this is likely to be the only statue released of the character until at least 2017.

Is the first-ever Jane Foster Thor statue to your liking, Marvel collectors? Will you be picking up this Lady Thor statue? And if not, what would you have preferred to see?

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