Exclusive Walgreens Ant-Man Marvel Legends Released!

Remember last year, when the Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Agent Venom figure was revealed at SDCC 2014, and then we had to wait what felt like eons for it to finally start arriving at retail stores…? Yeah–this isn’t gonna be like that. This year, Walgreens has their act together and is ready to strike while the iron is hot. After just debuting in the Hasbro showcase at SDCC 2015 one week ago, the exclusive Walgreens Ant-Man Marvel Legends figure has already begun hitting stores this week!

Marvel Legends Antman Walgreens Exclusive Figure Case of 8

I suspected that Walgreens was going to want to get their Marvel Legends Ant-Man exclusive figure out as soon as possible in order to best capitalize on the hype surrounding the release of the Ant-Man movie in theaters, but I genuinely thought that there was next to zero chance of its release coinciding with the movie opening.

However, just as they surprised me with their transition into being a top retail destination for hot exclusive toys, Walgreens has shown me up again by launching their exclusive Ant-Man action figure in the same week as the actual movie!

Walgreens Ant-Man Marvel Legends Exclusive Store DisplayThe Walgreens Marvel Legends Black Ant (Irredeemable Ant-Man) figure is being shipped out in straight trays of eight figures per case (although some Walgreens stores are splitting cases with nearby stores, thus many stores are receiving four or less of this Ant-Man figure).

The figure is retailing for the regular MSRP of about $20, although Walgreens does frequently have sale on items in their humble toy department. So if you want to save a couple dollars on this exclusive, you may be well-served waiting a few weeks to see if Walgreens ends up running a weekly sale discount on this action figure.

Walgreens Marvel Legends Ant-Man Exclusive Box Back

For those unfamiliar with this particular Ant-Man costume, it’s the “Black Ant” Ant-Man costume from the pages of “Secret Avengers”. Black Ant isn’t even actually Eric O’ Grady at all–it’s a robot impersonating the Irredeemable Ant-Man (no, really).

Honestly, I think that Hasbro could have saved tooling money by just repainting the movie Ant-Man Marvel Legends 6″ figure into Blackout Ant-Man and that figure would have been more desirable and a hotter seller for Walgreens, but it’s still cool to get the first mass released sort-of Eric O’ Grady Ant-Man figure in Marvel Legends form nonetheless.

Ant-Man Walgreens Marvel Legends Exclusive Figure ReleasedThe Walgreens exclusive Marvel Legends Ant-Man 6″ figure is currently selling on the aftermarket for $35-$40 on average, but I implore collectors not to give in and feed the scalpers for this action figure.

Last year’s Agent Venom exclusive ended up going on clearance in many stores (and can even still be found in some), and let’s face it–this Irredeemable Ant-Man impersonator isn’t nearly as popular of a character as the Flash Thompson iteration of Venom is. I really don’t see much chance of this figure commanding a premium above his retail price in the long run.

Have you found the new Walgreens Marvel Legends Ant-Man figure in your local Walgreens store yet, Marvel fans? If not, have you been looking–or is this irredeemable superhero not even on your wish list?


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  1. Si bien la pelicula me gusto mucho y vi como a niños le encantó no creo que se venda de la misma manera que el agente venom …. si vonsigo un precio adecuado ire por esta figura por coleccion … la verdad es que ant man será mas popular despues de la pelicula

  2. No such luck in the Raleigh, NC area. Hit 12 Walgreen’s and nothing. They looked at me like I was speaking jibberish when I asked employees about it too….

    • This is one of the reasons why I don’t use the wic or dcpi. Besides it’s not the same as actually finding them on the shelf for me.

  3. I checked 13 walgreens stores in my area and did not see any of this guy. To the poster of this, was the display you found in the toy aisle or just on a random end cap?

  4. I actually found some here in Colorado, you have to ask the manager to look up the WIC # which is 908992 in the system to see if they have them in the back.

    • Ive done that so many times… the manager and employees are lazy and look at you as if you wanted them to do actual work…

    • I got mine today. The manager told me what day the shipment would arrive and what day it would be available. A clerk stocking the shelves offered to go into the stockroom and open the case for me. All in all, every employee was helpful and responsive. Maybe I just have a good Walgreens.

  5. I couldn’t find things in my city either. Thanks jiveseven, is this your handle on IG also?

  6. I found them this morning. I like to wait until I actually find them on the shelf, there’s nothing better than walking up to the aisle to find what you are looking for, I never do that dcpi or wic.

    • So did they just put them in the main toy aisle or did they have the little display set up somewhere? I love finding them on the shelves too. Its the best. I haven’t gone today but while I was hunting the black ant yesterday I did find an agent venom;) didn’t mind picking up an extra one. Only $12 and some change too.

      • Yea they were at the front of the toy aisle, I’ve read some reports of people finding them at the register. One scumbag scalper on the ark posted a picture of like 4 antman figs, then he goes on saying he was limited to just one but him and his son went to four other walgreens. I call bs, what are the chances he would find the figure at every walgreens he walked into, plus he’s still being a greedy douche because he went around buying up all the antman figs. Regardless he obviously scaled a store. This same guy is always constantly posting pics of his 8 visions and bragging. I can’t stand people like that.

  7. I agree with you both. I get my waves by the case now because I got tired of competing with scalpers and usually coming up short. The downside is losing the thrill of the chase. I loved looking for Agent Venom last year and I’ll enjoy looking for Ant-Man and Daredevil this go round. The feeling of seeing what you want on the pegs/shelves is unparalleled.

  8. “The Walgreens exclusive Marvel Legends Ant-Man 6″ figure is currently selling on the aftermarket for $35-$40 on average”

    Nice, coming from the guy thats SELLING THESE on ebay for that price. What a hypocrite.

    • Wha huh? I’m not selling anything on eBay. I didn’t even buy Black Ant for myself, honestly–not a character I’m interested in. I actually advocated for folks to NOT pay eBay prices for this figure, as I’m sure he’ll be fairly easily available in a few weeks.

      • Wait a second, your pictures clearly show that you took the entire display, but whatever.

        • Those are photos a reader sent in. I believe they’re from an eBay auction. I don’t buy figures I don’t like (unless they have a Build-A-Figure part I want), and certainly not multiples of ones I don’t like.

  9. I went to 5 stores here in IL, and I find a ton of Agent Venoms, Carnage, and the White Boba Fett. LOL.

  10. Used the WIC at a local store. Non in the area yet. Hopefully soon. Did see some Spidey Legends and Black Series Yoda and TIE Pilot.

    Did they stop selling Funko POP? I haven’t seen any or even a spot for them lately. I’m also waiting for The Walking Dead Rick Exclusive to arrive. Found the Target Hershel.

  11. They should have done Hank Pym Ant-Man instead, seriously who cares about Eric O’Grady?

  12. Where are the Accessories for these figures ??? You know it was nice when every figure released came with extra hands or a weapon of some sort. I mean we are paying $20+ for them. We should get more then a exclusive figure ! Hasbro what a joke !

  13. Found mine in the second store I called. Matter of fact it wasn’t even in that store, the manager, a GREAT guy, knew that another Walgreens had some and it was on his route home, about an hr away. Well he called the store, had them put one up and picked it up on his way home. He brought it to my semi local Walgreens the next morning, called me saying he had it for me and I promptly went and picked it up. If that’s not customer service I don’t know what is! And I absolutely love the look of this costume and helmet and also that they used the pizza Spidey mold for this figure. Which means it can get into deep crouching positions and just has all around great articulation. Thanks alot Patrick!

    • Exactly my point about Hasbro… They use the old Mold for this figure. Then don’t even include any of the extra hands. What a joke !! It really grinds my gears !

  14. No luck in my area yet. Checked 3 local Walgreens this morning. Hopefully he shows up,soon.

  15. I thought this was supposed to go up on their website today…but no luck so far. Anyone know when it will be posted for sale online?

  16. I’m in Bridgeport, CT. nothing so far I found the Agent Venom when it came out. From what I can gather the stores split their shipments between other stores, with A.V. I only found him in one store. We’ll see what happens. I think the fall release of Daredevil will be a challenge, but I have the Marvel Legends black and yellow.

  17. Found mine yesterday! Cool kid working in the photo lab went to the back and pulled out the display for me.

    Seriously considering having it traded. It is absolutely perfect, I mean I watched him open the shipping container, lol!

  18. Found mine a couple weeks ago no problem. Just walked in to the store and grabbed one.

    ProTip: check the Walgreens website for stores that carry the item in question. I just went to the one listed as having them.

  19. Aug. 3 I found the Ant – Man today at the same Walgreens in BPT. ,CT. nearly 2 weeks from the last time I posted here. With the Agent Venom I found 3, but only one Ant – Man today. This has been the only Walgreens to have the exclusives here, there are about 4 stores in this city, and at least 10 stores on the outskirts of BPT, I’m sure others may have them, but so far lucky in the one location Stratford, Fairfield, and Milford have plenty of stores in those area’s, just a little work to run around to them, but lucky in my city BPT.