Funko Civil War POP Vinyls Exclusives Revealed! Falcon!

Earlier today I posted the official photos of the upcoming Captain America: Civil War POP Vinyls figures that are due to hit mass retail this spring, but that’s not all that Funko has cooked up for us on the Civil War front! There’s another half-dozen figures that are going to be a wee bit trickier to track down, because they’re going to a variety of retailers as store exclusives! And while five of these figures are just variants of existing characters, the long-awaited and hotly-demanded Funko Falcon POP Vinyls figure is also going to be an exclusive…

Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Falcon POP Vinyls Figure

Funko POP Vinyls Falcon Figure (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Funko and exclusives basically go hand-in-hand. In fact, in 2015, Funko released more exclusive Marvel POP! Vinyls figures than they did regular releases! So anyone who thought that we weren’t going to be getting a whole bunch of Civil War exclusives was just kidding themselves.

But one thing that definitely shocked me is that an MCU superhero who’s appeared in four movies is now getting his first POP Vinyl figure–and it’s a retailer exclusive!

Poor Sam Wilson–first he got passed over by almost every toy company despite his major role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and now collectors will have to brave Hot Topic stores to get his exclusive Funko Falcon POP Vinyl figure! (Sigh. I hate going into Hot Topic.)

Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Civil War Unmasked Iron Man POP Vinyls FigureOn the bright side, we’ll also be able to pick up the newest Unmasked Iron Man Tony Stark POP! Vinyl while we’re at Hot Topic, as they’re the only retailer with two announced Captain America Civil War exclusives at this point. This looks quite similar to every other Unmasked Iron Man that Funko has released, so I imagine a lot of collectors may pass on this unmasked variant entirely, however.

Walgreens Exclusive Unmasked Black Panther Funko POP Vinyls FigureWalgreens Exclusive Funko Unmasked Black Panther POP Vinyls Figure

Of the remaining exclusive Civil War variant POPs, I imagine that the Unmasked Black Panther figure is likely to be the most in-demand and sought-after of the quintet. We’ll have to hit up (ugh) Walgreens stores to claim the first unmasked Funko T’Challa figure, alas.

Target Exclusive Battle Damaged Crossbones POP Vinyls FigureTarget Exclusive Battle Damage Crossbones POP Vinyl

Target gets in on the act with their own exclusive as well! This one is a battle-damaged Crossbones with a torn of face mask and extra battle-damage deco on the body. For a POP! Vinyl, this figure has a ton of paint detailing! I actually think this is my favorite of the three Crossbones POPs.

Wait… did I say “three”?

Funko Exclusive Unmasked Crossbones POP Vinyl Barnes and NobleYup–the Barnes and Nobles Unmasked Crossbones figure will complete the triumvirate of Crossbones variants. This figure is rather ugly, and not really one that I’d want staring at me from the shelf. Even so, he’s got a unique numbering designation (#139), so I’ll be buying him to keep my collecting complete.

Finally, we have the Gamestop Exclusive Action Pose Captain America POP Vinyl. I actually don’t like this Cap–the kneeling and punching pose looks really awkward to me, and this kind of feels like an oddball variant. It’s another unique number, so I have to buy it to stay complete, but I’m not at all thrilled about this figure, even if it is a new mold.

Gamestop Exclusive Funko Action Pose Captain America POP VinylNone of the exclusive Captain America Civil War POP Vinyls are available for order as of yet, but I’ll post an update once they start to go up for sale online and in their respective retail stores. Be sure to follow the Marvel Toy News Twitter and Facebook Pages to get instant updates as more release specifics for these and other Funko exclusives are revealed.


Funko Civil War POP Vinyls Exclusives Revealed! Falcon! — 12 Comments

  1. Please tell me that there will be a Hawkeye. I love the Crossbones, Falcon & Black Panther but a man does need his Hawkeye…

      • Any news on Hawkeye? The Collector’s Corps box is out for Civil War… and I’ll pay for it for my boy Hawkeye… but otherwise it may not be worth it for my collection…

    • I guarantee its gonna be Spidey. By then (April) Spidey will have been revealed in the movie. ( Not that I want that).

  2. I can see why there’s no Spider-Man (Marvel is obviously keeping him under wraps; he’s not in any merchandise thus far), but I’m surprised at the lack of Hawkeye. Does Hawkeye stuff just not sell well?

    No Vision either but I guess that’d be redundant since he’s wearing the same costume and they just released a bunch of Vision stuff for Age of Ultron.

    Stoked we’re finally getting Falcon!

    • Hawkeye tends to be the worst seller of all the movie Avengers. I don’t doubt we’ll see an updated POP of him as an exclusive, though.

    • Isn’t he? It’s a shame that what’s probably the best figure in the whole Civil War series is gonna be a store exclusive.