Hasbro Quicksilver Marvel Titan Hero Figure Released!

Ever since toy manufacturers began revealing the lineups for their Avengers: Age of Ultron toys, collectors have been complaining about the lack of Scarlet Witch, Vision and Quicksilver figures. We’re getting LEGO and Minimates versions of all three, as well as comics-based Marvel Legends Vision and Scarlet Witch figures. Quicksilver has really gotten the bum’s rush, however. But now you can rejoice, collectors–because Hasbro has finally released the Quicksilver action figure we’ve all been waiting for: the Titan Hero Quicksilver figure has now been released!

Hasbro Marvel Titan Hero Quicksilver Iron Man War Machine Exclusive Set

…Okay, I admit it. I may have inserted just a little bit of sarcasm into that opening paragraph. This is, in fact, probably not the Quicksilver figure that most folks (or any folks) have been waiting for. That said, it’s the only Hasbro Quicksilver figure in a larger size than 3″ expected to be released in 2015, so we’re just going to have to make do with Titan Hero Quicksilver (or not).

Of course, even if you do want this Quicksilver Titan Hero figure, he won’t be coming alone. Nope–you’re going to have to buy him in a special Toys R Us exclusive three-pack with repacks of Titan Hero Iron Man and War Machine!

Hasbro Quicksilver Titan Hero Action Figure Close-UpTo be perfectly honest, I think that this Titan Heroes Quicksilver 12″ figure is one of the nicest Titan Hero figures that Hasbro has come up with so far. He has articulation in his wrists, bringing Quicksilver to a whopping total of seven points of articulation! For a Titan Hero, that’s like being super-articulated!

I also really like the great sneer that Hasbro sculpted onto Quicksilver’s face. Really, as far as Titan Hero figures go, Quicksilver is rather terrific.

Titan Hero War Machine Figure Close-Up Toys R Us ExclusiveAnd while the Titan Iron Man figure has been available perpetually for years now, the War Machine Titan Hero figure has actually been quite hard to come by. Originally only released as part of a different three-pack of Titan Hero figures back in 2013, there are actually probably many Titan Hero collectors who will be excited about being able to add a 12″ War Machine figure to their collection.

Marvel Titan Hero Quicksilver War Machine Iron Man Box Back

This exclusive Hasbro Marvel Titan Hero box set also includes some bizarre armor add-ons, giving War Machine flying wings (for what–War Machine flies already without wings?!) and crazy gatling-gun shoulder armor and extra chest armor for Iron Man. Thanks for wasting a bunch of plastic and driving up the price for these sets with useless accessories, Hasbro! (Sorry–sarcasm again.)

Hopefully this Hasbro Quicksilver 12″ figure gets a solo release down the line (a la last year’s “Exclusive” Titan Hero Green Goblin, Electro and Venom figures), but there’s no word on that at this time. And even if Quicksilver does get released as an individual Marvel Titan Hero figure, it likely won’t be until 2016.

Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Titan Hero Pack Iron Man Quicksilver War MachineThe Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Titan Hero Series Three-Pack is now shipping to Toys R Us stores, and is priced at $34.99. That’s a pretty weak price for a three-pack of figures that usually retail for $10 each, but this is Toys R Us pricing, after all, so what are you going to do, right?

Anyone out there planning to expand their Titan Hero figure collection (or start one) with this TRU exclusive Quicksilver set?


Hasbro Quicksilver Marvel Titan Hero Figure Released! — 11 Comments

  1. They went with movie designs for Iron Man and War Machine (it’s the same armor design for Rhodey that has appeared in Hasbro’s Age of Ultron line and has been shown in promotional stuff for the movie) but not Quicksilver.

    That’s ties back with what I was saying before that the lack of merchandising probably has something to do with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch having boring street clothes in the new movie. They went through the trouble of doing MCU-accurate sculpts for the others but went with a more “costumey” comic design for the Quicksilver figure. It’s very telling.

    • As much as that’s probably true, I think the reason they went with this set selection is because all of these are molds they had on hand.

      We’ve seen that Iron Man about eight billion times, and the War Machine is a repack of the War Machine that was recolored from Iron Patriot that was single-pack released.

      Quicksilver is Electro with a new head, which is why his hands are open instead of curled into fists or something. Quicksilver’s head is the only new sculpted part in this set, whereas if they’d gone with movie Quicksilver, they’d have had to sculpt an entirely new body.

      The Titan Hero series is, ultimately, a line designed to churn out a quick buck- Simple figures with comparatively simple sculpts, that they can use and reuse and recolor for inexpensive kid appeal toys. I don’t collect them, but if a line like Titan Heroes is required to fund the amazing Marvel Legends lines we’ve been getting, I’m willing to suffer their existence.

  2. I have most of the Titans heroes in my collection and I like this new one. I currently collect busts, statues, and action figures . I use the titans as back ground accent pieces in my collection.

  3. still no lady titan figs… sad that hasbro don’t notice the growing female fanbse, I know my niece would love a Spider Woman or Captain Marvel fig like this but alas it’s not be!

    • I hope that they soften their stance when Captain Marvel comes out. The good news is they said here they want to try to do more to appeal to female customers.

  4. The armor for Ironman is the same armor for the same as the Bunker Buster Ironman (Gold and Black) that was only available in Canada originally. The War Machine Wingsuit is a repaint of the Wing Suit Ironman.

    I have every Titan Hero figure except for these figures and the unreleased Vision, Ultron, and Antman figures.