Hot Toys Age of Ultron Thor Photos & Order Info! MMS306

Here’s a factoid to give Marvel Hot Toys collectors nightmares: Hot Toys has already posted a double-digit number of Avengers Age of Ultron Hot Toys sixth scale figures for sale this year, with a total cost of over four thousand dollars–and the team isn’t even complete yet! But after today, the roster will have just one empty spot remaining–the MMS 306 Hot Toys Thor Age of Ultron figure is now up for order! And to my surprise, this Thor is a lot cooler than I expected…

MMS 306 Hot Toys Thor Age of Ultron Sixth Scale Figure

One of the big mysteries surrounding the release of the Hot Toys Avengers Age of Ultron figures has been the whereabouts of Thor. While the new AOU Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk 1/6 figures went up for sale long before the movie came out, the God of Thunder has been MIA.

But the most godlike Avenger has finally been fully-revealed today, and now we can see what the holdup was–Hot Toys was making lots of new additions to a figure many feared would be a straight repaint!

Thor 2 Hot Toys Thor Light Armor Sixth Scale FigureSee, way back in fall 2013, Hot Toys released a sleeveless Light Armor Thor 1/6th scale figure as a limited exclusive release. I made fun of the existence of two $200+ Thor figures with the only difference being his costume being with and without sleeves at that time, and I didn’t see a whole lot of use for a figure of a costume that Thor never actually wore in Thor: The Dark World (it was Loki hi-jinx).

Avengers Age of Ultron Hot Toys Thor MMS 306 Sixth Scale FigureBut as things turned out, the sleeveless look ended up being the primary costume that Thor wore in Avengers: Age of Ultron, creating a whole new legion of collectors who prefer their Gods of Thunder sans sleeves. And now those sleeve-haters can have the Thor of their dreams at an affordable price, as Hot Toys is reissuing the Light Armor Thor body (with seamless rubber arms!) in the revised colors from the Avengers Age of Ultron movie!

Hot Toys Thor Avengers Age of Ultron Head Sculpt Chris HemsworthAnd while virtually everyone was anticipating that Hot Toys would simply reuse the Thor The Dark World head for this figure, Hot Toys decided to pull the rug out from under those folks by giving us an all-new Thor head.

I’ve heard some early criticism of this Chris Hemsworth portrait, such as the opinion that it looks like Thor is pondering the mysteries of the universe, and that the head looks more like Paul Walker than Chris Hemsworth (it really does), but I think Hot Toys is 95% of the way to an authentic head sculpt here for Thor. With the minor tweaks and revisions that regularly happen during production, I’m expecting this to be a top-notch head sculpt once it’s actually released.

Hot Toys Thor LED Light Up Hammer with Effects PiecesThe high point of this Thor figure’s release for me isn’t the figure itself at all, though–it’s his hammer! I’m a total mark for effects pieces, so I was psyched to see a lightning effects piece was included for Mjolnir this time. But then I realized Hot Toys had actually one-upped my expectations: this time, the Mjolnir hammer has an LED light-up function!

Even though I own a couple of Thor Hot Toys figures already, there’s just no way I can live without the coolness that is a glowing blue chared-up Mjolnir hammer, surrounded by translucent effects pieces! Nice work, Hot Toys!

Hot Toys Avengers Age of Ultron Thor Augemented Reality App

While the MMS306 Thor Hot Toys figure contains unquestionably the best Mjolnir we’ve ever seen with an action figure, the figure is also coming with what is almost indisputably the dumbest “feature” ever: an “Avengers Age of Ultron AR Experience” Augmented Reality app. Really, Hot Toys? Really?!

Marvel started putting these AR experiences into their comic books a few years ago, and I can count on zero fingers the number of times that I’ve bothered to utilize one. Now, I don’t have a degree in business or anything, but I have an amateur hunch that the target demographic for a $200+ Thor sixth scale figure is not the audience that will be enticed by an Augment Reality app. Just call it intuition.

Hot Toys Thor Age of Ultron Figure and AccessoriesThe Hot Toys Avengers Age of Ultron Thor figure will go up for order later today, and is expected to be released in fall 2016. With Thor now solicited, that leaves just one Avenger to be put up for pre-order that we haven’t seen yet: Quicksilver. We know that Pietro was planned for this line at one time, but with no updates in many months, will Hot Toys Quicksilver ever see the light of day…? We’ll see…

Are you planning on picking up the newest sixth scale Thor figure, Hot Toys collectors? Or are you satisfied with one of the earlier iterations of Hot Toys Thor that have been released?


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  1. Nice. About time Hot Toys does something different!
    If the price was $189.00 ,might consider pre ordering …

  2. They didnt release him with Iron Man and Cap because the Thor 2 figures are still available in stores. Fans likes the sleeveless one because it looks more like his comic book look, not because its movie accurate in the Avengers 2 movie. What was the time frame between Scarlett Witch and Thor? Now wait that same amount of time and they will probably reveal the Quicksilver. Saying they wont is just needless worrying. They made a base of him for that convention, they are going to release. They just are releasing him last because his costume and hair sucked really hard compared to the X-Men version. He was all about the running shoe endorsements. I wonder if Hot Toys actually has to pay Nike for the use of the shoe or if its the other way around..? Maybe they dont want to pay licensing to Nike. I personally would rather it if they made a Kick-Ass figure.

    I used the Marvel AR app. I am happy to tell all about how much it doesnt ever work and is really useless. Some tech company got paid $$$ and it does not work at all. They should be fired. But fortunately for them no one checks their work and notices their incompetence. (Just like the non-existent Iron Man 2 tech specs website with no links on it.) I was so frustrated that I sent an angry letter to Marvel. When you try to put the iphone camera on the comic book it just does not notice the AR and does nothing 99% of the time. I got it to work three times, I think. Mo matter how close or how far you are from the page or how much you jiggle it, it will not pick up the AR. It makes a person look silly if theyre trying to demonstrate it for friends. When it finally does work it launches a webpage that either shows you a piece of story concept art that they could have much more easily included in the book itself or just on their webpage. Other times it launches a video where the artist or writer talks about the book for 20 seconds but once again would have been much better on their website the way that Sideshow does it. I will never try it again to see if they fixed it, its completely borked. I will definitely NOT be trying this either. I already have sleeved Thor so I dont need this figure although the light up function is cool. I wonder if it will be very bright though..?