Marvel Titan Hero Ant-Man Figure Released & Photos!

From Marvel Select to Marvel Legends to Marvel Minimates and Marvel Infinite Series, we’re getting mini figures of Ant-Man all over the place in celebration of the upcoming Ant-Man movie! But maybe what you’ve been waiting for isn’t a little figure of Ant-Man… but a big one! And if so, Hasbro has just the low-priced action figure for you: the 12″ Marvel Titan Hero Ant-Man figure has now been released in stores!

Marvel Titan Hero Ant-Man Action Figure 12 Inch Released

Although the Hasbro Titan Hero Series is far from a fan-favorite line with most adult collectors, it remains one of Hasbro’s best-selling lines of Hasbro toys. As a result, these foot-tall “Shampoo Bottle” figures just keep chugging along with new releases throughout the year!

And while we’re still waiting for the Titan Hero Vision figure to make an appearance (despite the Avengers Age of Ultron movie having already come and gone from theaters), the lead character of Marvel’s next big thing has now arrived: the Ant-Man Titan Hero figure!

Hasbro Ant-Man Titan Heroes Figure Box BackUnsurprisingly, it appears that Ant-Man is going to be the sole figure released as part of this Ant-Man Marvel Titan Hero Series.

While Hasbro oftentimes opts for the comic-based costumes for figures in the Marvel Titan Heroes series, there’s no question that this is a movie-inspired Scott Lang Ant-Man 12″ figure through-and-through.

Ant-Man Titan Hero Series Packaging

Hasbro likes to recycle molds for this line whenever possible, but the Titan Ant-Man figure looks to have a ton of–if not entirely–new tooling! Will Hasbro get their money’s worth out of this mold by repainting it with more black paint to recreate the “Blackout Ant-Man” costume in figure form as Funko and LEGO have been doing? We’ll see!

This particular series of affordably-priced large figures is never going to win over a large chunk of collectors, but I think Hasbro done good with this Titan Hero Series Ant-Man action figure. He’s definitely one of the most accurate and detailed releases in the line.

And if anyone was still doubting that Ant-Man would be incorporated into the Avengers in the MCU, note the “Avengers Initiative” logo on the box for this figure. Is that an overt sign of things to come…?

Titan Hero Ant-Man Figure Close-UpThe Hasbro Ant-Man Titan Hero Series 12″ figure has now been released in the United States, and has been spotted at Toys R Us stores. I’m sure Ant-Man will be making an appearance at the other major retailers like Target and Walmart as well, so keep your eyes open if you want this big figure of a shrinking hero.

Thoughts on the biggest Ant-Man figure out there so far, Marvel collectors? Are you up for this $9.99 Ant-Man 12″ figure, or are you satisfied with smaller figures of the MCU’s littlest superhero?


Marvel Titan Hero Ant-Man Figure Released & Photos! — 5 Comments

  1. The design actually looks like his slightly modified suit from Avengers Assemble, where they made it so you can see his mouth. The movie covers up his mouth because they realized you couldn’t actually breath in a shrunken state, LOL.

    So like the other movie Avengers, this seems to be more cartoon-inspired.

  2. Hasbro’s insistence on making Ant-Man figures with an exposed mouth drives me up a wall. The movie costume looks great; but the exposed mouth just looks so dumb on it.