Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man Box Review & Spoilers!

Ordinarily I write up a whole article detailing my speculations regarding what’s going to be in each Funko Marvel subscription box, but after the Deadpool MCC box, I think we all knew what to expect from the Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man box. But before we all order our October Doctor Strange boxes (which I think are gonna be awesome), let’s stop and take a look at what was chosen for the August Spider-Man Collector Corps box…

Funko Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man Box Review

Given how hyped folks were after Tom Holland’s debut at Spider-Man in this summer’s Captain America: Civil War movie, the time was clearly ripe for Funko to release a subscription box celebrating Spider-Man.

I was 90% sure the box would be filled with straight-up items depicting classic red-and-blue Spider-Man himself, but the marketing for the box made me think we might see some diversity. Let’s open the lid and take a peek…

Spider-Man Collector Corps Box Unboxing SpoilersWell, to begin, we’ve got the lovely interior of the box depicting classic Spider-Man comic book art, along with the monthly patch and metal pin.

Funko Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man PatchAs soon as I saw that both the pin and the patch were of the classic Spider-Man costume, I lost hope for the box containing anything but items of Spidey himself. Alas.

Funko Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man PatchI suppose we had to get a Spidey patch and pin at some point, and this box is as good a place as any. The logo pin is a bit boring, but the Spider-Man head patch looks pretty nice. I still have no clue what I’m going to do with dozens of patches, but this is a good one regardless.

Funko Amazing Spider-Man 16 Variant CoverThe comic book this month is a Funko variant cover of this month’s Amazing Spider-Man #16. I already bought this particular $3.99 comic, but I love these adorable Funko POP Vinyls covers and can’t get enough of them. Thumbs up.

Spoilers Spider-Man Marvel Collector Corps BoxUnfortunately, under the comic is the rest of this month’s contents, none of which especially got me psyched.

Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man HatInstead of a T-Shirt, we get another Funko POP Tops hat with this box.

Marvel POP Tops Spider-Man HatWith the Groot hat in the MCC Year One Box I reviewed a few weeks ago and the C-3PO hat from the Jabba’s Palace box, that’s three hats from Funko in under a month–and also three more than I’m ever going to wear.

Back of Funko Spider-Man POP Tops HatThe Spider-Man designs on the front and back of the hat are very well-executed and it’s a nice hat and all, but the number of collectors who wear hats regularly is a small fraction of the number of folks who would wear the shirts. Cut it out with the hats, Funko–please!!

Spider-Man Fabrikations Figure in BoxNext up is a genuine surprising inclusion–a Funko Spider-Man Fabrikations figure!

Collector Corps Spider-Man Fabrikations BoxI seriously did a double-take when I saw this–with the Fabrikations line having been out for over two years, I sort of assumed I already owned a Fabrikations Spider-Man toy! But no–it turns out that Funko was hoarding this particular figure for a future MCC box and held him back from mass retail.

Unfortunately, what Funko collectors really want in these mystery boxes is POP Vinyls, T-Shirts, comics and sometimes Dorbz and Mystery Minis. Unfortunately, as fun as it is to get some diversity in the boxes, I think many customers are going to end up cancelling the boxes if they keep getting items like mugs, hats, scarves, Hikaris and Fabrikations instead of more desirable popular items.

Close-Up of Exclusive Funko Fabrikations Spider-Man ToyI actually kind of liked the Marvel Fabrikations line and own most of them, but the line seemed to flop pretty hard in stores. I’ll be surprised if we see many more released, so I’m glad we got this Spidey before the end (though I know there are going to be thousands of this toy being sold on eBay from collectors that don’t want it).

Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man Leaping Exclusive POP VinylFinally, we come to the headliner of this box: the one exclusive POP Vinyl included, an action-posed Leaping Spider-Man POP Vinyl figure (with unique numbering designation #160).

Exclusive Funko Spider-Man Collector Corps POP Vinyl #160Considering that there are dozens of iconic Spider-Man allies and villains who still need POP Vinyls and even dozens of versions of Spidey himself wearing different costumes who need to be done as POPs, this is a colossal disappointment to many fans.

Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man Box Spoilers Contents Insert

Had Funko given us a Mary Jane POP or a Black Cat Dorbz or a Venom Mystery Mini, I think fans would be a whole lot more cheerful about this Spider-Man box–heck, even a Captain Universe Spider-Man or Scarlet Spider POP would have been amazing.

But with one figure only that’s a variant of Spidey and a hat and Fabrikations toy that many folks won’t want, I can easily see this being the most disliked box Funko has put out yet in any theme.

Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man Box Spoilers Contents InsertOverall: As far as the various Funko Marvel Collector Corps boxes that have been released thus far go, I think this particular subscription box is easily the weakest. It’s not bad, mind you–there’s clearly more than $25 worth of content included–but I’m just not impressed with anything in the box.

If you’re a hardcore Spidey fans who’s open to ball caps and the Fabrikations line you might love this box, but otherwise this Spider-Man Collector Corps box is purely for collectors who can’t live without the Leaping Spider-Man POP Vinyl.



Marvel Collector Corps Spider-Man Box Review & Spoilers! — 18 Comments

  1. I like the comic and POP. My daughter will probably like the fabrication. The hat sucks. I don’t own any spidey shirts and thanks to the inclusion of the hat, I still don’t. I have liked some of the different stuff they have put out. My wife liked the scarf, I liked the mug and my wife and kid liked the women of power stuff.

  2. You know what would’ve been cool? A three pack of Spiderman costumes, including the Big Time, silver Armored, and Amazing Bag Man costumes, or other variations. Funko is lucky I love Spiderman.

  3. Have to agree with you about this box and the possibility that MCC is in a downward path. Too many hats and not enough surprising cool stuff lately. Oh yeah, I’m still waiting for my box to arrive. It’s stuck in processing Hell! Having seen these images I wish I could have canceled this box. Thanks for doing such a thorough job on the review.

  4. Thank god I got a new card and, the auto re-new didn’t have a chance to go through. With June’s box being a complete turd and now this, I’ll be waiting a while before I get in on another box.

  5. I love your mcc reviews, and because of you I subscribed to the box. But I disagree with you about basically everything. I love the pin I think it’s amazing. I love things like hats, mugs and scarfs. I really love this pop. The only thing I agree with you about this box is that I love the fabrication. Grade A+.
    (I mean no offence dabid)

    • I will probs find more use for this though, cause I’m 13. I will use the cap to put all my pins on and I will add the Spider-Man to my main marvel collection as it is my first Spider-Man pop vinyl and finally I will add the fabrication to my second shelf.

    • No offense taken! I can only review based on my own opinions, but I love hearing other peoples’ viewpoints! =D

  6. I guess I’m in the minority, cause I really dug this box. I like the leaping pose being unique to the MCC and while it’s not a shirt, I thought the hat was cool too. And on top of that all, the Fabrication was a nice surprise!

  7. Looks like I made the right choice not to subscribe this month. I’m not a big Spiderman fan any way, so this would have definitely been a big let down.

  8. I’m not fan of the collector corps at all……. To be honest the only thing that calls my attention every time are the boxes it self.

  9. As a major Spidey fan this was still a bit of a let down. The new pop is cool, but it reminds me too much of the recently released Civil War Spidey, as the third Spider-Man pop in essentially the classic red and blue I’m kind of getting tired here. I mean after the release of Hobgoblin in the Year One box, they could have at least given us a great exclusive, like Mysterio, Lizard, Rhino, Vulture, or even Mary Jane or Black Cat. Heck they could have even held the Hobgoblin pop for this box and figured out something else for the Year One box. The hat and Fabrikation were kind of cool, but still not overwhelmingly awesome.

  10. Worst box yet. The hat is ugly (my wife started laughing when she saw it and she is as much a comic fan as I am) and my pop arrived with a damaged box. This was a huge disappointment as Spiderman is one of my favorite Marvel heroes, I was very much looking forward to this box. I may still purchase the November Dr. Strange box but at this point, I feel I maybe better off buying the pieces I want off eBay or Amazon.

    • I feel your pain, Jer. Seems this box was pretty divisive–I’ve had quite a few angry readers message me to complain about my negativity in this review. Oh well!

  11. Too many hats? As a standard subscriber this is the first one and whilst I won’t wear it, it does look great as a collectors piece. I’m against the majority on this box. I wasn’t expecting much but I was really surprised and impressed, especially with the hat and Fabrikation. Looking forward to the next one!

  12. I’m doubly irritated that I forgot to cancel the subscription before it auto-renewed. I don’t want any of this stuff!
    Does anyone here have experience selling this stuff on Ebay? Like would it be better to just sell it all in one go, or part it out?

    • From my experience, you’re better off trying to sell the whole box. Other than the POP, no one’s going to want to buy the other stuff in this particular box individually for more than a couple bucks. 🙁