Marvel Collector Corps Year One Box Review & Photos!

When Funko announced a humongous Marvel Collector Corps Year One box last month, I immediately started speculating that the extra $100 the box cost was to cover the cost of a gold Captain America Hikari in honor of the first year Founders Gift and Cap’s 75th Anniversary. One month later and near the deadline to order the Collector Corps Spider-Man box, the ¬†Year One box has arrived! Was I right, and do I feel like this box was $125 well-spent…? Read on…

Funko Marvel Collector Corps Year One Box Review UnboxingThe Right:

Ordinarily my Marvel Collector Corps reviews follow a narrative chronological unboxing style, but this time out I’ll be utilizing my “Right/Wrong/Ridiculous” style of reviews, for a reason that will become apparent (uh-oh).

As promised, this box is notably larger and heavier than any Funko subscription box to come before it. But is it with 125 bucks? Let’s take a look at what’s inside and find out…

Funko Hobgoblin POP Vinyls Figure ExclusiveThe big prize in this box is a totally exclusive Marvel Funko Hobgoblin POP Vinyls figure. A unique near-iconic character in a $125 mystery box?! Wow–very nice, Funko!

Box Back Funko Hobgoblin POP Vinyls ExclusiveWhile he may look like just a repainted Green Goblin at a glance, the Hobgoblin POP Vinyl actually features some new molding and a unique number designation #165 in the collection.

Marvel Collector Corps Hobgoblin POP Box SideOddly enough, Hobgoblin’s chin has a cleft in it in the concept art on the side of the box, but is the fully-rounded chin like Green Goblin’s on the actual toy.

Hobgoblin Funko POP Vinyls Figure Close-UpAs you might suspect with an exclusive figure this major, collectors are forking out over $80 for the POP Hobgoblin exclusive on the aftermarket already. Considering that’s almost two-thirds of the cost of this whole box right there, the box is off to a good start with Hobby…

Marvel Collector Corps Year One Exclusive Dorbz She-Hulk Ant-ManAs expected, there’s also some representation for the highly-promoted Funko Dorbz line. But why settle for one Dorbz when Funko can give us two exclusives?!

Funko Dorbz Ant-Man FigureFirst, we’ve got the first-ever Ant-Man Dorbz! I honestly had forgotten that we never got Dorbz Ant-Man movie figures, but I love the design for Scott Lang in this box!

Back of Dorbz Ant-Man FigureThe Ant-Man Dorbz exclusive has an all-new head and looks fantastic front and back. Love it!

Funko Dorbz She-Hulk FigureThe other Dorbz just might be my favorite item in the whole MCC Year One box: an exclusive She-Hulk Dorbz! It’s crazy to think that in just two months, we’ve got from no Funko She-Hulk figures to having Shulkie as a POP Vinyl, a Mystery Minis figure and now a Dorbz (with the latter two being exclusives)!

Back of She-Hulk Dorbz Funko VinylDorbz She-Hulk is a simple design but she looks great. I love the green box with purple foil etched on it!

Funko Collector Corps I Am Groot Hat POP TopsFinally, in place of a T-Shirt, the box contains the first-ever Marvel POP Tops Hat! We got a C-3PO hat in the Star Wars Smugglers Bounty box in July, but I think this stylized “I Am Groot” hat is vastly cuter. There’s even a little Guardians of the Galaxy logo on the back!

Marvel Collector Corps Groot Hat BackI don’t like the look of hats of this style and wearing them gives me a headache, but this is definitely a well-made and adorable Groot Funko hat. I think folks who enjoy hats will really dig this.

Marvel Collector Corps Year One Pin and PatchThe Wrong:

While they’ve never been my favorite part of the various Marvel Collector Corps boxes we’ve seen released thus far, we have had some pretty cool designs on the pins and patches, like that great Crossbones patch from the Civil War box.

So my heart sunk when I opened the biggest MCC box ever and discovered that the biggest pin and patch ever are just super-sized “Marvel Collector Corps Year One” logos.

Funko MCC Year One Box Patch and PinIf Funko was going to make a “big” pin and patch combo, they should have gone for big characters like Groot or Galactus or a Sentinel or, well… anything but this. I sincerely doubt there are many fans who’d prefer these logos to unique pins and patches of actual characters. Lame.

Funko Hikari Gold Captain America Vinyl Figure ExclusiveThe Ridiculous:

And finally, we come to the big golden elephant in the room–or rather, the big golden Captain America in the box. Yes, it’s true–as I guessed as soon as the box was announced, a Gold Captain America Hikari figure is included in this box.

Box Back Gold Captain America Hikari FunkoI’m one of the biggest Funko Hikari Sofubi fans out there, so I had been really hoping Funko would include a Marvel Hikari in a Collector Corps box to help promote the line. And now they have–at a cost of an additional $100 over the cost of a regular box.

There’s absolutely no way around it: this box is a colossal ripoff compared to the regularly sized bi-monthly Marvel Collector Corps boxes.

Close-Up of Exclusive Funko Hikari Golden Captain America

For example, the $25 Civil War box in April contained two exclusive POP Vinyls, a Dorbz, a T-Shirt, a pin and a patch. Here, for $125–five times the cost–we get one exclusive POP Vinyl, two Dorbz, a hat, a pin, a patch… and this Hikari. Effectively, this Golden Captain America Hikari is costing folks an extra 100 bucks.

Even worse, the Hikari Gold Captain America is one of the few unnumbered Hikaris–meaning it’s likely the highest edition size of any Cap Hikari. As a result, people are selling this poor Captain America Hikari for as low as $20 on the aftermarket. This is a real crying shame and a lose for both collectors and the dying Hikari line itself.

Funko Year One Collector Corps Box Unboxing ReviewOverall: Most Funko collectors will love the exclusive Hobgoblin POP Vinyl and possibly the She-Hulk and Ant-Man Dorbz–and so do I. Some fans will like the Funko Groot hat–and so do I. I doubt anyone will care much for the pin and patch this time–and neither do I. And while I love Hikari vinyls personally, even I am not happy about effectively paying 100 bucks for a Golden Captain America POP Vinyl that immediately lost 75% of its value by being forced on folks in this way.

Overall, I like everything in this box except the pin and patch, and it would be an ‘A++’ for $25-$50. But at $125, this box really does feel like a ripoff way for Funko to blackmail collectors into paying full-price for a Hikari Captain America with a huge run-size. I’m glad I bought this box, but I totally understand folks who also bought it and feel cheated.



Marvel Collector Corps Year One Box Review & Photos! — 11 Comments

  1. Dabid, Thanks for doing a great job on all these reviews. I am one of those subscibers who was extremely disappointed with this Year One box. For the cost of $125 and shipping, I expected more. The Founder’s gold captain america statue gift already satisfied my large captain america in gold desires. This Hakari seemed redundant. We aleady got Antman items in its prior box. The groot cap seemed cheap in terms of materials.
    For a “Super Box”, it was mediocre, at best. Something super to me would have meant something literally bigger like Galactus, Juggernaut, or Thanos.
    Add this to shotty quality control issues from some of the items I have received in the past, I will be cancelling my subscription.
    Again, appreciate the candid review.

    • Why are so pissed about getting an Ant-Man item> In addition to already getting Ant-an items in orevious boxes, we’ve also already gotten Groot, She-Hulk and Captain America products in past boxes.

  2. Thanks for the review. I’m so happy this sold out. I could have made a choice to order this. I would have been mad if I did. I completely agree on your price thoughts. The pins suck, no comic, wouldn’t wear the hat and the Hikari is terrible.

  3. Wow. Green Goblin repaint for sure. Classic Hobgoblin’s ears are covered by his hood. OOF.

  4. I was waiting for this review to go up, because I really wanted to know I wasn’t the only one who was disappointed.

    Interestingly enough, the pin and patch are my favorite part of this box. I’ve been planning since the beginning to make a shadow box for all the pins and patches, and these work well as nice headers for the first year shadowbox.

    The only other thing I’ll be keeping is the Hikari, just cause I collect cap stuff, but I’m not really a fan of it at all…

    Oh well, I’ll likely be selling the rest of the box. Which is common for me for the last few boxes…since I don’t like dorbz or the minis…

    • I agree with you on the pin and patch. All of my pins are lined up at the front of my MCC display and this a great addition to the row of year one pins.

  5. I totally agree with your review point for point. This didnt cross any lines for me personally but i have yet to show it off to my friends who are usually interested in my Collectors Corps pulls and its because of the price tag. I mean im happy with it and really love the exclusivity but when i put this next to… well… any other Collectors Corps box and say “Yep, and it was just 125 bucks” its really hard to keep that child-like glow and twinkle in my eye. Man 125 FOR THIS BIG DUMB GOLDEN CAP?!! ………… still though, im a sucker…. sign me up for the year two box.

  6. Wow… I’m uh… totally bummed that I missed this goofy BS.

    Seriously? Some bobblehead looking crap and a hat for Vanilla Ice fans?

    Pepper Potts Rescue? Totally. This? I’d rather be kicked in the crotch.

  7. The Hobgoblin pop has buy it now listing on ebay for the $50-$60 range, the captain barely even sells at $20 with free shipping and the Dorbz go for about$15 each. Meaning you have to get at least $15 for the hat and pins, just to break even. And that doesn’t count shipping costs.

    This box is more than a huge let down. Its sad that Funko blatantly ripped off its customer/fan base. If you actually keep the Hobgoblin, which is a cool figure, it means you have decided to pay about $70, which while its cool, I would never pay $70 for one pop that not even a variant style like GiTD or Glitter or Metallic. And if they ever make another Hobgoblin the value of this will drop even more. Who ever at Funko thinks Hikari’s are worth this much needs to be fired. I feel so dumb buying this box, and I need the Antman Dorbz for my Ant-man collection, and love Hobgoblin ever since watching the animated fox spiderman from the 90’s. Legitamely need these in my collection, but feel so ripped off that I had to pay this much for them, and they are the only things of value in this box. I can’t believe Funko did this.