Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Punisher Released!

Fans in the United States have had to wait a little bit longer than folks in some other parts of the world, but finally the last of the 2016 Marvel Legends exclusives announced at New York Toy Fair 2016 have begun hitting stores in the United States! Don’t pay the scalper prices on the aftermarket for it, because the new Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Punisher figure is now arriving in stores!

Marvel Legends Punisher Walgreens Exclusive Figure Released

It’s been a few years since Frank Castle was last available, but Hasbro surprised collectors in February at the 2016 New York Toy Fair by previewing the new Spider-Man Legends Punisher Walgreens exclusive figure!

Although this Jim Lee Punisher 6″ figure started hitting some stores overseas a couple months ago, we’ve been waiting for him here in the U.S. for what seems like ages–and now he has finally arrived!

Punisher Marvel Legends Walgreens Exclusive Figure PackagedAlthough this figure is considered to be part of this 2016 Spider-Man Legends Wave 1 series, you wouldn’t know it from looking at the front of the packaging–there’s a big Punisher logo and guns on the sides of the package, and no logos or mentions of Spidey anywhere.

Box Back Punisher Marvel Legends 2016 Exclusive FigureThe back of the box, however, does show a little stripe of photos of the rest of the figures that were released in the Absorbing Man Build-A-Figure Series.

Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Punisher Figure ReviewThe biggest things that set this figure of The Punisher apart from past versions is the two interchangeable heads: Jim Lee inspired white headband-wearing Punisher and greasy-haired Punisher with strands of hair in his face. Both heads are totally unique sculpts and welcome alternatives to the standard style of Punisher head we usually get.

Also, this figure has some really nicely-painted webbing on his body that I can’t remember ever seeing on a 6″ Punisher figure before (help me out, readers–can you?).

White Gun of Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends The Punisher Six Inch Figure

In addition, Frank is packing an arsenal of three weapons: two guns and a rocket launcher. The rocket launcher and shotgun-looking gun both have extra paint deco on them and look really nice, but that white gun is really garish and horrible. Oh well–two out of three ain’t bad!

The only big failing of this figure is that Hasbro forgot to give this Punisher a trigger finger on his hands, so if you want him to hold the guns properly, you’ll have to try to mod him yourself.

Close-Up of Punisher Walgreens Exclusive Figure GunsThe Marvel Legends Spider-Man Punisher figure is now available on the aftermarket and in some Walgreens stores, and is expected to hit most Walgreens locations in the United States by the end of this month.

Though it’s selling for $35 to $50 on ebay right now, I’d recommend waiting until you can find this figure locally, as it should be pretty common and widespread once it hits full distribution. The Walgreens website has also started carrying their exclusive toys, and I’d expect this six-inch figure to show up there as well eventually. Big thanks to James G. and Alex O. for giving us permission to run the photos they uploaded to Facebook of this new Punisher toy!

Now that it’s officially out there and you’ve seen loose photos, what do you think of the Marvel Legends 2016 Punisher figure? Is this new version of Frank on your must-buy list this summer, or are you sticking with an older iteration?


Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Punisher Released! — 25 Comments

  1. I managed to grab one already. And I will say that yes, this figure will be widespread and available, but NO WAY it stays on the shelves as long as Namor and Yellow DD. This figure is flat out amazing!!!! Comparible to the latest ML Deadpool.

  2. I’ll pick it up if I see it. But the weapons are a rehash with the exception of the M-60. And the M-60 doesn’t even have any ammo belt! And that ugly white paint on the shotgun. Hasbro really, really needs to do a great job with weapons. He should have a pistol and a revolver too. Armed to the teeth bcause he’s the Punisher.

    • He should have more accessories than (or the same amount of as) Deadpool, because they don’t need to budget for anything.

  3. I went to two diff walgreens this morning and found one at each walgreens with a fresh case of spidey figs. It looks like he is being packed into spidey cases so depending on what they get, it looks like he is only one per case in some stores.

  4. The white shot-gun is one of the worst idea’s I’ve ever saw…just lazy…I mean really? Otherwise, the figure looks pretty good. If only they would do more detail with the weapons, such a waste for such a good figure….

    • It’s a waste because of one gun? This is a great figure with great accessories. The bazooka and m60 both look amazing but your calling it a waste because of 1 shotgun. Don’t display him with one gun sincere the all 2 other weapons and he only has 2 hands and all I think you will fare well.

      • No, I didn’t mean the figure was a waste lol. I meant it was a waste for him to not have gotten a cooler weapon with so many options he could of had.

  5. Those cheap navy seal action figures you see in stores usually have a nice amount of realistic looking guns that will fit your 6 inch ML figures pretty good.i just get those and discard the little guy in the package lol.

  6. Pretty nice figure, but I’m gonna stick with my older Frank. On a side note, does anybody else think that Northstar and Aurora would be good Walgreen’s exclusives? I’m just curious to see what you all think.

  7. If Hasbro is gonna give us a shotgun for the Punisher then they could’ve just given us a regular shotgun instead. Those American made pump action ones are a classic and seriously look badass. And with a simple black and brown paint.

    I love this Punisher figure no doubt but they need to step it up with these weapons. They could even charge extra for extra weapons and accessories. People will pay for it if they look badass. Come on Hasbro.

    Thos cheap navy seal figures do have nicer weapons but you still have to pay extra like 10-15 bucks with tax.

  8. Thanks for the tip. Went immediately to my local Walgreens. Website said they had 10+ Namor. Weren’t on the shelves, so an employee went in the back and found a whole box of both Namor and Punisher. Bought one of each. Score.

  9. Went to my local Walgreens and all they had was Namor……which I quickly snapped up because there was a fucking scalper trying to grab the entire shipment.

  10. Shipping in cases of eight (witnessed at two Walgreen’s locations so far in Springfield, IL). This figure should be pretty widely available soon.

  11. I picked one up today. It’s so awesome! I put the second head on my ToyBiz Punisher.

  12. Found 2 at Walgreens in Largo in FL. Commented then that it was a good-looking figure but I’m mostly in this for my X-men. Didn’t even know it was a Walgreen’s exclusive, probably would’ve picked him up.

  13. No luck @ 4 locations and surrounding areas in CC, Tx. Anyone know if they will be available online??

  14. I found one at my local Walgreens and noticed a sale sign for the Spiderman wave, presumably the Rhino set, but as they don’t really distinguish it was an easy argument to get the price adjusted. I got Punisher for $14.99 with their member card. Check for the yellow tags.

  15. Is it true that there a red variant with red skull and extra head with red war paint? I saw one on eBay but think it may be a custom/scam- went to half dozen stores that just got truck and no red variant found.

    • Yeah that’s a custom re-paint. No such thing as a red version. There was a Thunderbolts (red) version of him in the old Legends wave from ’13-’14, however.

  16. You can’t count on them to be there. I checked my local store online and it said that they had 6-9 in stock. I went up there and they didn’t have any.