Marvel Legends Captain America 2016 Wave 3 Up for Order!

When it rains Legends, it pours Legends! We’ve known for a few weeks now that the newest series of Hasbro X-Men Marvel Legends and Spider-Man Marvel Legends 6″ figures would be going up for order on June 1st 2016. Two series of $20 each figures at once can be a lot to handle–but out of nowhere, a third wave has been added to the mix tonight! Though we weren’t expecting it until fall, the Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War Wave 3 cases are now up for order–with movie Scarlet Witch figure!

Toy Fair 2016 Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch Movie Figure

Way back at the New York Toy Fair 2016 in February, Hasbro debuted the first two figures from Captain America Legends Wave 3: a comics-based Secret War Captain America (no, not Secret Wars) and a movie-based Civil War Scarlet Witch six inch figure!

And ever since that day… nada. Not an official word from Hasbro at all. Until now–as this afternoon, Hasbro officially began allowing online retailers to take orders for the wave!

Even so, the solicitation text for this series is definitely incomplete–as it still mentions “Giant-Man” as being the Build-A-Figure, even though the Giant-Man Series was already released in April (and I’ve already reviewed most of the figures from it).

Marvel Legends Abomination Build-A-Figure SDCC 2015It’s rumored that the actual Captain America Marvel Legends Wave 3 Build-A-Figure is actually a new Marvel Legends Abomination BAF, but Hasbro hasn’t confirmed that thus far (although they did sneak peek an Abomination Build-A-Figure at SDCC 2015).

Marvel Legends 2016 Secret War Captain America Figure Toy Fair 2016The case ratios for Marvel Legends Civil War Wave 3 are as follows:

(2) Secret War Captain America
(2) “Energized Emissaries” Figure A
(1) Iron Skull (Red Skull)
(1) Energized Emissaries Figure B
(1) The Eel
(1) Civil War Scarlet Witch Movie Figure

Marvel Legends 2016 Scarlet Witch 6" Figure

Yes, get ready for a figure that will even harder to find and more expensive on the aftermarket than Black Panther–the Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch Civil War Movie 6″ figure is in fact shortpacked at one-per-case. Hoo-Ray. I can only imagine the cluster that it’s going to be trying to track poor Wanda down at brick-and-mortar stores this summer.

For those wondering about the “Energized Emissaries”, those are rumors to be new Marvel Legends Crossbones and Captain Britain figures. What those have to do with “Energized Emissaries”, I truly have no idea, so we’ll have to wait for more details and confirmation on these characters.

Hopefully Hasbro will be releasing photos of this wave this week (what with it being open for orders now and all), as it’s really unusual for a series of figures to go up for order from Hasbro with no images available whatsoever of two-thirds of the series.

New York Toy Fair 2016 Marvel Legends Captain America Wave 3 FiguresMarvel Legends Captain America Civil War Wave 3 is now up for order, with the cases scheduled to ship out in July 2016 (man, that is way sooner than expected!). If this wave is going to be anywhere near as difficult to find at retail as the Black Panther series, I’m going to be very glad that I order all my Legends figures online these days.

Now that the series has been officially announced, are you planning on pre-ordering the newest Marvel Legends Civil War Series? And just how ridiculous do you think the hunt for Scarlet Witch is going to be at retail once the wave does hit?


Marvel Legends Captain America 2016 Wave 3 Up for Order! — 15 Comments

  1. i really want a crossbones figure, considering the older ones on the after market is INSANE. I was wondering if iron skull will have a body mold mixed of space suit iron man, and 2014 red skull head.

  2. Hm, wonder if it’s going to be a comic Crossbones or movie Crossbones? Hoping the latter, personally. Not a fan of his comic design.

  3. I really want scarlet witch and captain Britain but I don’t want the rest of them, so maybe I’ll wait till singles are up for president order (which is probably unlikely). Until pictures are released I’m gonna hold off

    • Yea, but then Witch is gonna be like $50, and Captain Britain probably like $30….
      At that point you can just get the whole wave with the BAF for essentially like $12 per figure(including the BAF).

      The instant mark-up the individual hard to find figures get is NUTS.


  4. Im very stocked for all of these marvel legends. I ordered the giant man wave. I wish this wave included giant man as the build a figure though

  5. I got GiAnt Man online and I was able to find Captain America and Iron Man but I just can’t seem to find Black Panther!!! Then thiers the Taget Exclusive War Machine, Wal-Mart exclusive Falcon and Bucky Soldier and now we have Wanda which I definitely want and need from everyone!!! Oh and then thiers the Spider-Man three pack….but I will be checking at my local Super Wal-Mart for most of the figures!!!

  6. I really don’t get this at all. I collect 7″ Select figures & some of the female Legends 6″ figures fit in with them and as Select make very few figures per year?!? Which is a rant for another day !!! So when I saw the Scarlet Witch figure I thought great she’ll fit right in. Why do they do this ? Put ONE of what will probably be the most popular figure per case. It makes no sense at all. Also as I live in the UK we wait longer for figures to come up on eBay etc & at crazy extortionate prices then shipping then 25% V.A.T. Why can’t Hasbro just take my money and sell me a figure? Why would that be so difficult? Is there some great evil conspiracy behind this that I’m just not seeing? ? If someone could explain this crazyness I would be most grateful !!! Right, I feel a bit better now ?

    • Tigra was on the initial list sent to retailers, but isn’t in the final wave. I assume Hasbro has just switched her to a later upcoming series…

  7. I hope the Iron Skull isn’t just a completely lazy reuse of an old Iron Man and an old Red Skull head…

    Didn’t early listings for this wave have Tigra and King Cobra instead of The Eel?

    Do we know what the BAF is yet?

    How many gorram waves are there this year? This is getting nuts.
    I know there’s AT LEAST still the Doctor Strange Wave, and maybe ANOTHER X-Men wave….
    It’s only June!!! We still have literally 6 more months to go.
    It seems almost like they’re doing 1 wave per month.
    That would be NUTS.

  8. All these new releases and I have yet to ever see any of the stuff that was supposed to have been released between April and June. Are these street dates or starts-to-be-manufactured dates?

    • These are the street dates. Just like last year with the Hulkbuster wave, priority has gone to fulfilling online specialty store orders over retail store orders.

      • Well that is good to know. The fewer there are at retail, the more it pushes the buyers to online retailers, that increases the demand at online retailers, that shifts priority away from brick retail, that eventually creates a positive feedback loop where my local retail rounds are becoming obsolete.

        Time to buy a few waves of cases online i guess.