Marvel Legends Groot Evolution Figure Review & Photos

I’m about as “all-in” as it gets when it comes to Guardians of the Galaxy toys and collectibles, so when an early shipment of the Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends Groot Evolution figure set hit online last week, it was the very definition of “instant purchase”. Three days later, the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends 2017 Groot Evolution Pack has arrived! And I am very, very pleased with the most Groot-iful figure set ever…

Marvel Legends Groot Evolution Figures Review PhotosThe Right:

When Groot was selected as the Build-A-Figure for the first-ever Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Series back in 2014, it was a genius move by Hasbro. No one was sure if audiences were going to take to Gamora or Drax, but Hasbro was reasonably (correctly) certain that collectors would want to build the first 6″ scale Groot figure ever.

The Groot Build-A-Figure was a hit–and the GOTG movie was the blockbuster I hoped it would be–but that left many collectors who couldn’t find or afford the whole GOTG Marvel Legends series Groot-less.

Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Evolution Figure SetIt’s taken two and a half years, but finally a movie Groot Marvel Legends figure is available again for those who missed out. To me, more people getting to enjoy this wonderful figure is firmly in “The Right”.

Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Evolution Figure SetBut so as not to totally step on the toes of those who had the original Groot BAF–and to help preserve its value–Hasbro has created a totally new head for this Toys R Us Exclusive Groot Build-A-Figure. That keeps the original version unique, gives hardcore collectors a choice to upgrade to a slightly new figure, and a Groot available for the masses. Good stuff all-around.

Close-Up of Smiling Groot Head Marvel Legends Evolution Pack FigureAnd about that new Groot head–it’s awesome!! Whereas the original Groot Build-A-Figure head looked rather bored and lifeless, this new head has a perfect depiction of Groot’s childlike smile on it. The eyes even have a spark of life twinkling in them! In short–I love it.

Back of Hasbro Groot Evolution Marvel Legends FigureThose who have the movie figure from two years ago are familiar with the rest of the Groot Evolution Marvel Legends figure’s body: it stands over 9″ tall, features a wonderfully intricate woodlike sculpt, and has more articulation than any anthropomorphic tree man probably needs.

Hasbro Groot Legends Build-A-Figure Running in SnowThe Groot Evolution figure features a ball-jointed head/upper torso; ball-hinge shoulders/wrists/hips/knees; double-jointed elbows; swivel biceps and hinged feet with rockers. Seeing as how he’s not exactly a ninja, I think this amount of super-articulation is more than enough (and doesn’t really distract from the beautiful sculpt).

Groot Evolution Exclusive Marvel Legends Figure in Bubble PackagingBut while the rest of Groot’s Build-A-Figure body is a reissue, that’s not to say nothing else about this set is new–because there’s actually two other all-new figures here: Young Groot and Dancing Baby Groot PVC figurines that are a little under 1.5″ each.

Marvel Legends Dancing Baby Groot Figure 2017 Groot EvolutionFirst up, it’s the first-ever Potted Baby Groot Marvel Legends figure. We got drowned in so many Dancing Baby Groot toys in 2014-2015 that it almost totally slipped my mind that we never got this little gem.

Side of Box Exclusive Groot Evolution Toys R Us FigurePotted Groot is molded in brown, with a white pot and black painted eyes and green highlights on his body. The sculpted texture of the soil is an unexpected highlight.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Groot FigureWe also get the first Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Young Groot figure to be released by any company as part of this set! This figurine is exactly the same height as the full potted one, making for some nice symmetry on the shelf.

GOTG 2 Baby Groot has black eyes and green highlights as well, and is in a cute waving pose. He’ll look really cute perched on top of the Rocket Raccoon someday, although for now he’ll have to settle for hanging out with his older self.

Marvel Legends 2017 Groot Build-A-Figure Toys R Us ExclusiveThe Wrong:

I could complain about the parts reuse here, I suppose–but you know that old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? That’s how I feel about the reused parts on this Toys R Us Exclusive Groot Evolution figure. Hasbro already made a near-perfect movie Groot action figure in 2014, and it would have made no sense to reinvent the wheel by changing anything but the head here.

I’ve heard some complaints from collectors about a previous Build-A-Figure coming back packaged by himself, but it’s been years since he original was available and the head from that one is still unique. I’ve got no problems with this exclusive release using the old Build-A-Figure mold.

Marvel Legends Iron Man vs. Groot Size Scale Comparison PhotoIn fact, I’ve got no issues with this Groot Evolution exclusive pack at all. With the expected MSRP at Toys R Us being $19.99 for a 9″ figure with a new head and two new PVC figurines, this figure set is a steal.

Marvel Legends Groot Young Groot Dancing Baby GrootOverall: Toys R Us lucked out with their latest 6″ Marvel Legends exclusive figure set, because this Groot Evolution Marvel Legends set is aces from top to bottom. The only part of the original Groot BAF that failed to capture the character was the stern face sculpt, and Hasbro has remedied that here with one of their most expressive heads ever. Huge figure, great new head, low price, terrific sculpting/paint/articulation, and a pair of adorable new Young Groot figurines. This is just perfect. The bar is set for you, remaining 2017 Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy figures.



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    • Nope! That was the comics-based Groot in pot recycled from the Marvel Universe 3.75″ line. =D

  1. WOW. I see they had it up again and I kept missing the preorder. :/ Great review 🙂

    • My brother got in the Civil War three pack you get Iron Man, Cap and Spidey. I would recommend that set. My bro was sending me hilarious pics, all posed with Doctor Strange and the Figuarts Ant Man it was glorious fun. Iron Man stole Strange’s cloak too. And the Headsculpt for Tony Stark I think is the best. Either that or the AOU Iron Man.

  2. In speaking of Marvel News, I’ve found out some things. The Vulture wave has been found in the Walmart computer system/registry so those could be coming shortly. Also we have a Dark Phoenix Two Pack! Slated for August and an non-exclusive there is a UPC number for it too 🙂

  3. I’m good for BAFs returning as a full figure. I only wish that Hasbro Toy Shop would make BAF parts available after a certain time to kick the ebay resellers out of the loop. My good humor drops quickly at the sight of either looted Marvel Legends packs (sold at higher than retail with the BAF piece looted), or else BAF pieces sold separately for for the full price of the retail figure.

    I suspect most kids–if they were anything like me when I was a kid–are unable to collect the entire BAF.

    • Same here. The Vol. 2 Star Lord was going for $99! I hate resellers in that regard or scalpers buying it just to sell online (it always pisses me off) XDD And for me I’ve always wanted to complete the Thanos BAF and Groot. Now I’ll have to find Evolution Groot. ALL OF THEM GOT SOLD UP ONLINE. Two, I believe. I missed the second one that accounts for low internet speed.

    • Not fists though.He’s got a big smile on his face. I don’t really think a fist would work with that. Though it would have been cool to throw in a translucent yellow hand though to simulate that glowing seed power he has

  4. Looks like you can move the feet on this one. I don’t remember the BAF having articulation at the feet.