Marvel Legends Hydra Troopers Exclusive Pack Released!

One of the upcoming items that Hasbro was the absolute most enthusiastic about at the HasCon Marvel Legends panel this weekend was the Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Legends Hydra Troopers two-pack, which was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2017. Collectors have been asking for a while when the set would be released, and not only was there a final packaged sample on the floor at the show, but the first ML Hydra Troopers pack has also now been found in a store (and of course, immediately appeared on eBay)!

Hascon Marvel Legends Hydra Pack Set Packaged

Although most of the Marvel Legends reveals at SDCC 2017 turned out to just be confirmation of leaked “rumors” that had been circulating for months beforehand, there were a couple genuinely big surprises at the show.

And perhaps the most interesting and ambitious of those treats was the first full-on army-building Hasbro ML 6″ figures pack in many years: the Toys R Us Hydra Soldiers two-pack exclusive, containing a Hydra Soldier and a new “Hydra Enforcer” figure!

Marvel legends Hydra Enforcer Figure Close-UpThe Hasbro Marvel brand team was very positive about this set at their HasCon panel, and noted that if the set was a success we could see more troop-builder packs in the future (such as The Hand and SHIELD) packs.

Box Back Toys R Us Hydra Soldiers Two Pack SetOn paper, this Hydra two-pack sounds like it should sell like gangbusters, so let’s hope it actually does so in reality so that we get more types of trooper packs. With a variety of guns, vests, heads and other accessories included, I can see a lot of truly hardcore collectors buying a half-dozen of these packs (or more).

Marvel Legends Hydra Two Pack UPC Shelf Tag Toys R UsFor those who want to try their luck calling or visiting their local TRU store with the UPC of the set, Twitter follower Jacob D. was nice enough to send in a photo of the shelf tag, confirming UPC #630509632121. Thanks, Jacob!

Toys R Us Exclusive Hydra Soldier Figure Close-Up

While the pack is mostly composed of repaints of existing tooling, it includes six interchangeable heads (including an awesome repainted Udon Taskmaster head), so you can make up to twelve different Hydra Soldiers and Hydra Endorcers with the pack, which is a pretty great mix of diversity.

Toys R Us stores in the United States have been starting to put out the shelf tags for this set with the UPCs, so collectors have been anxiously waiting for the actual figures to show up. But while they haven’t appeared in the U.S. yet, at least they’ve arrived in North America!

Marvel Legends Hydra Troopers Two Pack ReleasedA Canadian collector found the set at their Toys R Us store and popped it up on eBay. I don’t encourage anyone to pay extortionate scalper prices for this set, as I’m still confident that it will ultimately be plentiful on TRU store shelves, but at least we can see some in-hand photos of the set.

Based off of the final photos of the set, what do you think of the Marvel Legends Hydra Soldiers two-pack, Marvel collectors? Is this set a winner, and will you be buying one or more of them? And what other army-builder packs (if any) would you like to see in the future?


Marvel Legends Hydra Troopers Exclusive Pack Released! — 28 Comments

  1. If Hasbro wants this set to sell why make it a store exclusive. Try never have enough to meet demand, look at the A-FORCE box set you not find anywhere less then $200. Anyway I shall try and get a few. Like to see Shield, Hydra and Hand set only if they improve on the plastic tunics.

    • A-FORCE has been available on the TRU website forever now. As a matter of fact it was on during their BOGO 1/2 off sale and it still didnt sell out.

  2. Love the set, will probably try to pick a couple up. I’m a little disappointed they didn’t include a smiling Hydra Bob head, it would be nice if they threw in a extra head with one of the new Deadpools.

  3. I believe this will be a hunter’s nightmare for multiple reasons; #1 is obviously scalpers. But our fellow collectors will make it a problem as well. This is an arm builder’s dream. I’m going to be one of those aforementioned “nightmares” as I intend to get at least 5 sets. These reasons combined will make it extremely difficult for those with my intent and especially those that only want 1 set to achieve.

  4. will most likely have them available for order just like the Cyclops/Jean Gray and Spidey/Mary Jane eventually.

  5. Cyclops & Phoenix and Spidey & Mary Jane have been pretty hard to find. These definitely won’t warm the shelves like that Star Lord & Ego 2-pack.

  6. It looks like there are 2 different versions of the Hydra Soldier, one with the chest strap (last photo) and one with a jacket (first photo). Are these actually variants or is one from a test shot/sample?

    • They are indeed 2 different versions. One is the same figure we got in the Captain America Mandroid wave, while the new fig is a larger agent. According to the design team at this year’s SDCC, the larger agents are supposed to be mutated due to experimentation. This is what inspired the different heads. They (Hydra) were attempting to create their own super soldiers.

      • What he is asking is about the basic hydra soldier that is a repack from the mandroid wave the first picture in the article shows him with a yellow jacket while the last photo shows the figure with a chest strap

          • The smaller soldier is a repack from the Mandroid wave. However, this one also includes an additional yellow vest, similar to the one that the larger soldier has. This lets you have even more variability with the soldier’s looks.

    • If you look closely at the photos, you can see that the chest strap is included with the version wearing the vest, and the vest is included with the version wearing the chest strap. So, variant packaging maybe, but the contents are the same in the end.

    • Actually, the pack has both the jacket/vest AND the chest strap/harness. You can see it’s packed with the vest, but the strap is in the bottom of the package, just to the left of the TRU Exclusive sticker.

  7. por mi parte me gustan y voy a ir por ellos! sin dudas hay muchas opciones para hacer. creo que los ninjas de the hand serian muy buena opcion. soldados de shield .. guerreros asgardianos.. el clan de asesinos .. soldados de la atlantida .. skrulls krees shiars nova corps .. soldados de AIM .. guerreros de wakanda .. matones clasicos de mafia de kingpin .. hay muchisimas opciones que espero vayan llegando con el tiempo. BIEN HECHO HASBRO!!!!!