Marvel Legends Miles Morales Spider-Man 6″ Review & Photos!

It’s a testament to the insane popularity of Spider-Gwen that the figure I’m reviewing today isn’t the most-anticipated Spider-Man Legends figure of the year. He may only have been created a half-decade ago, but Miles Morales has earned himself a loving fan-base, his own 616 Marvel Universe comic book series, a spot on the Avengers–and now his first real Hasbro 6″ figure! The Marvel Legends Miles Morales Spider-Man figure is available online now for below MSRP: here’s why you should get one…

Marvel Legends Miles Morales Figure ReviewThe Right:

Those who haven’t been collecting for a long time (or those that don’t remember sub-par store exclusives) may not recall this, but Miles Morales Spider-Man has had one Marvel Legends 6″ figure released in the past, so this isn’t actually his debut six-inch scale figure. His “rookie” action figure was an awful Walmart exclusive repaint of an adult body mold, mind you, but it was still his first.

Fans of the Brian Michael Bendis-created Ultimate Spider-Man have had to wait a few years for Miles to get a second chance, but this make-good by Hasbro is really good. Here’s my review…

Marvel Legends Miles Morales Spider-Man Figure PackagedOftentimes Hasbro doesn’t make the “right” decisions when it comes to which figures to double-pack in a case and which characters to short-pack. This isn’t one of those times: the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Miles Morales figure is packed two-per-case, just the way he should be.

Miles Morales Marvel Legends Packaging BackAt one-per-case, this Miles Morales 6″‘figure would be an absolute nightmare to acquire on the aftermarket. Double-packed, everyone can acquire this essential modern Marvel Universe character for at or even below MSRP. Thanks, Hasbro!

Miles Morales Marvel Legends Spider-Man 6" FigureWhenever you’ve got a figure that features black as the primary color on their costume, there’s worries about paint applications and quality control. Thankfully, the Hasbro factories outdid themselves for this release–there’s zippo in the way of messy paints or uneven lines on this figure to set off my OCD radar. Bravo!

Articulation on Spider-Man Legends Miles Morales Six Inch FigurePerhaps the most important quality of any Spider-Man figure is articulation. And in this department, Miles Morales is a huge winner. The Spider-Man Legends Miles Morales figure features a ball-hinge head, ball-hinge shoulders, swivel thighs, calves and biceps, double-jointed knees and elbows, ball-hinge wrists, upper torso ab crunch, swivel waist, ball-jointed hips, and ball-hinge ankles with ankle rocker pivots.

Marvel Legends 2016 Miles Morales Spider-Man Figure Handing Upside-DownShort of the controversial butterfly shoulder articulation from the Pizza Spidey mold, there’s not a single point of posing potential missing that I’d want. This new teenage boy body mold has tremendous flexibility which should be enough to please any fan.

Size Comparison Marvel Legends Teen Boy Body Miles Morales Spider-ManAnd speaking of “new teenage boy body mold”–yes, that’s right: Hasbro has developed an all-new, never-before-used body mold for teen boys that debuting on both the Ultimate Spider-Man action figures in this Venom Space Knight wave!

Spider-Man Legends Miles Morales Six Inch FigureMiles stands just over 5.5″ tall, so while he’s clearly not a child, he’s also not a full-grown adult. He looks perfectly scaled next to adult Peter Parker to me!

Back of Marvel Legends Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man FigureAnd have no fear–Hasbro did not cut corners with the paint deco on this figure. Miles’ costume is fully-painted on the front and back of the figure, just as you would expect it to be on a Marvel Legends Collector’s figure.

Hasbro Miles Morales Spider-Man Head Sculpt Close-UpI also really dig that Hasbro has actually sculpted the “spider eyes” onto the mask for the new head sculpt seen on these Ultimate Spider-Man figures. This gives the head a real 3-D feel and looks far better than past figures which have just had the eyes painted onto the smooth plastic head.

Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales Marvel Legends Figure and AccessoriesOn the accessories front, you get six with this figure: an interchangeable unmasked Miles Morales head, four extra hands and a Space Venom Build-A-Figure arm.

Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales Unmasked HeadThe Miles Morales portrait actually looks really nice to me, which is a pleasant surprise, as unmasked figures aren’t always Hasbro’s strength. Instead of looking like an expressionless bore, Miles actually has a youthful grin on his face with a hint of a smirk. Love it! Miles spends a fair amount of time in costume with his mask off, so this is a really solid option to give collectors.

Alternate Hands for Hasbro 6" Marvel Legends Miles Morales FigureThe six total hands this figure comes with allow Miles to have any combination of fists, open palms or web-shooting hands. These are all the major options that I want for a Spidey figure, and I’m fully satisfied with them.

Marvel Legends 6" Miles Morales ReviewThe Wrong:

While it’s true that I got my special (non-existent) nitpicking magnifying glass out to look for flaws, prepare for disappointment (or not)–I’ve got nothing to gripe about with regards to this Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales action figure.

While I utterly loathe sounding like a Hasbro sycophant, from quality control to articulation to accessories to even the case ratios, Hasbro cut off all my potential whining points at the pass in this instance with an excellent all-around product. Nice work!

Marvel Legends Miles Morales and Peter Parker Spider-Man Figures Size ComparisonOverall: I really don’t like handing out perfect ratings like candy, but hell if I can find anything legit about this Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Man figure to complain about. Amazing articulation, a great unmasked Miles Morales head, loads of extra hands, top-notch paint apps and a 100% new mold make this figure everything fans hoped it would be. Outright outstanding and highest possible recommendation–grab this figure now if you have any love for Miles at all, because this is going to be an expensive figure on the aftermarket a year or two from now.



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  1. I really want to know why you designs for Miles Morales seem to be a consistently higher quality and better looking than those for Peter Parker.

  2. I actually managed to get the Miles and Peter figures yesterday at Walmart, they were the only 2 figures left from the set which isn`t surprising but i wish i could of got a Hobgoblin because it looks so sweet. They also had the civil war Giant Man BAF series too with all the figures but Black Panther, but I did grab Nuke because you gave it such a good review.

      • I really like it, i even got to grab a Black Panther and Hobgoblin figure today at my Walmart. We always get new series later than everybody else. Hopefully we get the X-men series so i can snag a Deadpool and Cable. If there`s any one from Sudbury, Ont looking for a Black Panther, their was one left at the south end Walmart when I left at 5:30 today.

  3. I noticed the pegs for the hands seem revamped a bit, they seem less likely to break off in the socket, which ive only had happen once.

  4. I’ve got both Pizza spidey and the new Miles Morales but it never occured to put them side to side to see the difference. But if they were full size humans it looks like Miles is at least a foot shorter.

  5. I loved picking this figure up for target practice. I’ve always wondered what Marvel Legends look like on the inside. The remnants made some interesting flame colors in the fire pit too. So that was fun.

  6. As a fully grown adult male that stands just slightly over 5’5″ tall, I take slight umbrage at your comment. j/k, I’m rather short for a super hero. If this mold is supposed to be a 5’5″ teen then it is appropriate for the Ultimate Peter Parker, and a tad large for the 5’2″ Miles Morales. Should this trend continue, I want to see some new “adult” molds made for Wolverine and his 5’3″ stature. My default “short” Wolverine is still the Apocalypse series Astonishing, and that toy is going on 11 years old.

    • The Wolverine they just released in the new X-Men wave is pretty short (mybe not quite short enough, but he”s definitely significantly shorter than the other adult male bodies).

  7. Honestly, I think this Miles Morales is the best Spider-Man figure Hasbro has released in the Marvel Legends line. And hot on the heels of Pizza Spider-Man, that’s saying a great deal.

    As much as I love that figure, for some reason when they revamped it from the Superior Spider-Man figure that it’s based on, they decided to make Spidey a little taller by lengthening the torso, and limited the hip articulation a little. Lengthening the torso bugged up the figure’s proportions a bit, but I’ve been able to ignore it for the most part- but since Miles uses a new mold, he doesn’t have that problem. (Plus I always love the big eyes on Spider-Man figures. The size and shape of the eyes hits a real sweet spot for me.)

    Despite the lack of butterfly joints in the arms (which I was never a fan of anyway except for the X-Men wave’s Wolverine) Miles’ articulation is better than any of Hasbro’s previous Spidey efforts- with increased articulation in the ab crunch and hips, he’s able to pull off poses even better than Pizza Spidey. His musculature isn’t as sculpted as other Spidey figures, which is perfect since he’s a younger character. Plus, he comes with just the right alternate hands and head- I honestly couldn’t ask for more from a Spider-Man figure.

    I owned Miles’ first Legends figure, the Wal-Mart exclusive one from the ASM wave that reused the Tarantula buck (which itself was shrunken down from the Bullseye buck)- it was a truly awful figure. I sold it as soon as this figure was announced because I knew that this figure would be- if you’ll pardon the expression- the superior Spider-Man. I found a seller at Boston Comic Con that was selling Miles for $17, and I grabbed him immediately- best choice I’d made the entire con. This is possibly Hasbro’s best Spider-Man figure, and Miles Morales absolutely deserves it.

  8. Haha I love the picture of the two Spider-Man figures… Reminds me of that meme…. Don’t talk to me or my son… Ever again.

  9. Not that it’s a big deal but there is one obvious omission: no web. Most of us have plenty to share but it’s kinda strange to get a spidey with no web.