Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan Figure Review 2017

Of all the characters in the first wave of Spider-Man Marvel Legends 2017 figures, none of them are getting anywhere near the amount of hype as the new inheritor of the name Ms. Marvel–Kamala Khan! The Pakistani-American superheroine has had plenty of buzz around her since she got her powers two years ago, and the time has come for her first articulated action figure! But while Marvel Legends Kamala Khan selling for a mint right now online, is she also a risky purchase…?

Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan Marvel Legends Embiggened Right ArmThe Right:

It’s hard to believe that Kamala Khan only took up the mantle of Ms. Marvel a little over two years ago, because in a very short amount of time she’s become one of the most recognizable Marvel teen characters ever. And as such, her merch is about to start rolling in!

This is set to be the winter of Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel! Kamala got her first-ever toy in the form of a POP Vinyl from Funko last month, her first articulated Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ figure this month, and she’s even got her own LEGO Ms. Marvel Minifigure on the way next month!

2017 Spider-Man Legends Ms. Marvel Figure PackagedWhile I was overall very pleased with the Funko POP Ms. Marvel vinyl figure, it’s this Marvel Legends 6″ Ms. Marvel I’ve really been waiting to write about. And thankfully, she’s an excellent figure (with one major potential drawback).

Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan Marvel Legends Embiggened Right ArmWhile Hasbro didn’t quite manage to totally nail Kamala’s spark of life and personality with their head sculpt, I think it’s a “pretty good” portrait of her that does a nice job of capturing a lot of her charm. Her facial expression is a neutral smile–something we rarely see, but an appropriate look for this character.

Also, notice that Hasbro did nail the sculpting detail on Kamala’s ever-important bangle bracelet! It looks awesome!

Box Back Spider-Man Legends Ms Marvel Kamala KhanSpeaking of appropriate: I’ve heard some folks concerned about whitewashing, but the skin tone of this figure looks dead-on to the character’s skin color from her ongoing comic books. Her costume’s colors are also suitably bright and vibrant, just the way they should be.

Review Marvel Legends Ms Marvel Kamala Khan Six Inch FigureThe printing of the logos on Ms. Marvel’s torso and scarf isn’t 100% perfect, but it is very close and looks terrific. No complaints here–the shiny paints chosen for the logos look great. And because she uses the teen girl body mold, she’s also in the same scale as and almost exactly the same height as the Marvel Legends Miles Morales Spider-Man figure.

Back of Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2017 Wave 1 Ms Marvel Figure KamalaThough Ms. Marvel is wearing a skirt, it’s made of a very soft and flexible plastic that doesn’t get in the way of posing her at all. Perfect lengths and made of just the right materials.

Range of Motion on Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel Marvel Legends 6" FigureAs far as articulation goes, Kamala is as well-articulated as any other female Hasbro has released in the past few years: almost perfect. Double-hinge elbows and swivel biceps are still absent, but Ms Marvel is packing a ball-hinge neck/shoulders/wrists; ball-jointed hips and upper torso; double-jointed knees and hinged ankles with rockers.

Kamala Khan Marvel Legends Figure and Accessories Sandman BodyBesides coming with the biggest piece of the Sandman Build-A-Figure (his torso), Kamala gets two accessories: an Embiggened left fist and a stretchy right arm with an open hand.

Kamala Khan Marvel Legends 2017 Figure with Embiggen FistBoth of these arms are a great way to demonstrate Marvel Legends Kamala Khan’s super powers, and are overall a ton of fun. Or, at least they would be if I hadn’t run into some troubles with this figure…

Marvel Legends Ms Marvel Broken Arm JointThe Wrong:

If you noticed that my photos of Ms. Marvel are pretty static, it’s because I didn’t want to move her joints around too hard. The Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan Marvel Legends figure is pretty darned great… as long as she doesn’t break. Which mine did–within a five minutes of being out of the package.

See, the first time I tried to swap her Embiggened Fist back for her normal left arm, the peg for her arm ripped off inside of her body and I spent an hour boiling the figure and performing surgery with a needle to dig out the peg.

Performing Surgery on Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan Legends FigureI was eventually able to get Kamala’s regular left arm on (which will now be attached forevermore), but her ankles are also stuck and feel like they’ll break if I move them without heating her first each time. And so, she gets only the mildest of poses in these photos.

Marvel Legends Miles Morales and Kamala Khan Action FiguresWhile I could have possibly not snapped her arm if I heated her with hot water every time I wanted to pose her, that’s a pretty ridiculous thing to have to be concerned about.

And from posting about this on social media and reading others’ experiences, it seems breakage and poor plastic quality may be a widespread issue with this action figure. Considering how great this figure is in most every other way, this is a real shame.

Marvel Legends 2017 Ms. Marvel Figure Holding TacoOverall: While the 6″ Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan figure is a very strong figure in almost every aspect from sculpting to accessories to articulation, I can’t in good conscience give an ‘A’ to a figure with potentially widespread breakage issues. Quality control absolutely matters, and it’s sad to see it marring what’s an otherwise excellent action figure. I definitely give this Kamala Khan figure a recommendation, but be careful when posing her or swapping her arms–she’s too expensive and hard to come by to break needlessly.



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  1. This is terrible! Not just because of the breakage issues, but now, after people clamored for this character practically from the time she was introduced (which annoyed the hell out of me. All the characters that deserved to be made into a Marvel Legend before her, at least back then, and people screaming for a Kamala Khan figure?!?!!), but now with these issues, the thrice damned redo nation will be out in droves, which means we’ll get another Ms Marvel figure, probably before we even get an original Ms Marvel ML at some point.

    • “which annoyed the hell out of me. All the characters that deserved to be made into a Marvel Legend before her, at least back then, and people screaming for a Kamala Khan figure?!?!!”

      She’s probably one of the most popular new characters Marvel has created in years. Who is and isn’t deserving of an ML figure is highly subjective anyway (if I were doing a list of ML candidates you can guarantee Red Guardian and the Eel wouldn’t have been anywhere near the top of it).

    • I mean… we already got two Carol Danvers figures, dude.

      They’re not her First Appearance costumes, but her Warbird and Captain Marvel costumes are generally accepted as her most iconic looks, so…

      We DEFINITELY have had more than one Hasbro-produced 6-inch Marvel Legends figure of the original Ms. Marvel.

      • Not surprised you’d say something like that, considering your name.

        Anyways, calm down, asshole. Don’t start anything.

        • Yeah don’t go voicing your opinion or anything. Don’t wanna upset the snowflakes. Then they’ll have to run to their safe space and color.

          • Yelling “SJW” isn’t voicing your opinion, it’s spewing a meaningless buzzword that only serves to stifle meaningful, or at least non-stupid, conversation.

          • Nobody yelled “SJW”. Although maybe they should. Nothing a SJW says is meaningful or “non-stupid”. Quite the opposite, in fact. Back to your beta-cuckery, princess.

  2. Hey, Hasbro is usually very good about returns, you should get in touch with their Customer Service about getting a replacement

    • Thanks, but I’ll return Kamala to the retailer I bought her from. For the purpose of the review, I’m more concerned with the fact that this seems to be a widespread issue with MANY collectors experiencing breakage already, unfortunately. It’s really too bad, since this figure is otherwise quite excellent!

  3. I’ve seen a lot of similar complaints about the recent Nico Minoru figure being extremely easy to break too. Are the new teen girl figures using similar construction?

    • The teen girl body has a recurring problem with breakage, unfortunately. My Nico was fine, but my Mayday Parker broke in 2015. Kamala has the worst QC of the lot based on what I’m hearing, though.

      • Seems to me that the smaller frames of the female figure means the pegs aren’t as big as they need to be to be sturdy.
        Still, I’ve been lucky so far, I guess, and haven’t had any break on me.

  4. You forgot to mention that the powered up stretch arms have zero wrist articulation, which I’m is a huge problem. Without those arms she is a very lackluster figure and the posing options with the arms is incredibly limited. Just my 2 cents.

    • I don’t completely disagree with you, but the fact that her elbows bend in either direction means she can actually get some decent versatility in her poses. It kinda halfway replaces the missing wrist rotation.

  5. I think your grade here is off. I know you need a bottom line and that’s fine. This figire should be an A+. It has great paint, great articulation and a spectacular sculpt. It is a great presentation of one of Marvel’s most popular charecters. None of that is debatable in my book. However, this figure should be an A+ but it is an F, a stinging F at that. This is an action figure not a statue, from one of the largest manufacturers of toys and novelties on the planet. That you can’t pose it without breaking it ruins it purpose. That it’s downfall is quality engineering (materials choice and joint design) is unacceptable. Look paint screw ups happen they are forgivable part of modern manufacturing (could be solved but maybe not with in cost constraints). This happened at headquaters, not at the factory. So what have we got is a poorly sculpted and posed statue or an action figure you can’t move. You give that a B? In my book that is an F.

    • If I gave Ms. Marvel an ‘F’ for potential breakage issues, I’d have to give every girl using the teen body an ‘F’. All the teen girls figures have heightened fragility–it’s just most prevalent in Kamala.

      I can’t discount the articulation, paint, accessories, and sculpting on this figure just because it has potential QC problems.

      • I don’t see this as a quality control problem, its more of a design/engineering problem. A QC problem would affect a certain percentage of the production run AND could be traced back to specific problems in manufacturing. You said it yourself, if you acknowledged the problem in this figure you would have to acknowledge it across all the “teen girl” figures. Thats says this is a consistent problem across builds and runs (which generally rules out quality control). Also in your case this wasn’t a potential breakage issue it was an actual breakage issue. So the question becomes was it a fluke, poor handling on your part, a design issue, or a manufacturing issue? Your own response in the article and in the above comment suggests a consistent problem. I think the culprit here is pretty straight forward, poor quality plastic (not just poorly manufactured, poorly spec.ed) that is stressed beyond its structural capacity in this application. This isn’t the case for all the figures in the line (like those with bulkier builds), and it isn’t a problem for every lanky, petite or thin action figure out there (better plastic/design). But here we have this: “seems breakage and poor plastic quality may be a widespread issue with this action figure” (you said it first I was just agreeing). And as you said above the same could be applied to every “teen girl” release. So Hasbro made choices here that affect the quality of the final product in a way that produces a high chance of failure. I was really looking forward to this figure but like you have seen the reports of failures. The question I would ask is why put up with this sort of thing, why pay for a clearly flawed product and again why give this a pass,much less a pretty good grade?

        • This sure as hell isn’t an F, and if it didn’t have the possibility of breaking it wouldn’t be an A+ either.
          It’s an A- figure at best.
          The missing wrist articulation on her elongated arms, and the lack of elongated leg parts automatically mean it CAN’T be an A+.
          The distance between what we got and what we ideally SHOULD have gotten is simply to big.

          The QC issues are a problem, sure, but they don’t seem to be widespread enough to be a huge deal. Hasbro will likely replace it if it’s broken.

          Factoring in the QC problems, a B is perfectly fair.

  6. I’m sure I’m in the minority here and not at all looking to start a debate, but I honestly can’t stand this character and think she looks ridiculous. Just my opinion. I am definitely not interested in this character or figure at all.

    • Is that an intentional pun, Capt? “Minority” as a non-fan of Ms.Marvel rings of wry humour. Some individuals dislike Dr.Reed Richards(a white male) due to his power set, but I enjoy Mr.Fantastic and Ms.Marvel’s shape-shifting skills.
      I could list my specific reasons for my taste or distaste of a character. Therefore,I kindly ask you, what don’t you like about her? What makes her “ridiculous” to your taste?

      • Stretching powers can often look very ridiculous, especially when they are stretching and growing for no reason (seriously, WHY is Richards ALWAYS pointlessly stretching his neck?!?). Its when they use their powers creatively that I think that stretching powers are cool.

  7. Got a Ms. Marvel last week and her ankle broke off. Exchanged it and I really like this figure. Great sculpt, paint apps, and vibrant colors! A little worried about changing up the arms, but I gave her some other effect pieces and she’s fine. She doesn’t need to stretch that much anymore.