Marvel Legends Sasquatch Build-A-Figure Revealed! Deadpool Series

We’re just one week out from the inaugural HasCon event in Providence, Rhode Island (which I am super-psyched for, for some reason), but before Hasbro makes their HasCon reveals, they had one more figure that they wanted to show off first at FanExpo Canada in Toronto this week. Hasbro said they didn’t want to show the 2018 Marvel Legends Deadpool Series Build-A-Figure at SDCC 2017, and now we know why: it’s because he’s Canadian and wanted to make his grand debut in Toronto! The Marvel Legends Sasquatch Build-A-Figure has now been revealed!

FanExpo Canada Marvel Legends Sasquatch Revealed

Once upon a time–over a decade ago–Toybiz released a Marvel Legends Sasquatch figure (and an awesome white Snowbird Sasquatch variant!) in their Marvel Legends toy line. That figure is still pretty well-regarded today, and I haven’t heard a lot of call over the years for Hasbro to redo it.

But evidently, Hasbro has their sights set on topping a Toybiz favorite once again (and reusing some of their own new tooling), because they dropped the curtain on the Marvel Legends Sasquatch Build-A-Figure that many were predicting at the Canada FanExpo that opened today!

Deadpool #1 Cover by Joe KellyFor those scratching their heads and wondering what the heck Wade Wilson and Sasquatch of Alpha Flight have in common, it’s that they’re both Canadian–and more importantly, that Sasquatch appeared in the very first issue of the first-ever ongoing Deadpool comic book series by Joe Kelly. I read that issue as a little tyke (okay, I was like 15, but whatever), but had plum forgotten about it myself until several readers reminded me!

Close-Up of Sasquatch Marvel Legends 2018 FigureTroy Zaffino was on-hand at the event, and sent over photos of the new Sasquatch Marvel Legends figure, which he said looked good and he was impressed with. Thanks a ton, Troy!!

Marvel Legends 2018 Deadpool Domino Cable FiguresFor those who don’t remember (SDCC 2017 was over a month ago, after all!), the rest of the revealed Deadpool wave figures thus far are:

I think it’s very likely that we’ll be seeing more from the wave–if not all of the remaining figures from the wave–at HasCon 2017 next week. Look forward to it!

Marvel Legends 2018 Sasquatch BAF Deadpool Series

But anyway–back to Sassy Q. As many collectors guessed as soon as we saw the Man-Thing Build-A-Figure revealed, the Sasquatch BAF is in fact built upon the preexisting tooling from Man-Thing.

Here’s what Troy, who saw Sasquatch firsthand in Toronto, had to say about it: “It’s literally man thing but it’s good. It’s funny because the man thing had holes at the top near his shoulders and it makes sense. There’s an added piece/fur.

Marvel Legends Deadpool Series Build-A-Figure Sasquatch AnnouncedThe Marvel Legends Deadpool Series is scheduled to be released in Spring 2018. As the Deadpool 2 movie is estimated to be released around June, I’d guess we’ll see this wave start to hit stores around March/April 2018. I’ll post links to pre-order the Deadpool Marvel Legends series as soon as Hasbro gives stores the go-ahead to open orders, so be sure to check the site and our social media if you want to get your Deadpool Series figures as soon as they hit stores.

Now that he’s made his grandiose debut in his homeland, how do you like Hasbro’s interpretation of Sasquatch, Marvel collectors? Is this a true upgrade to the Toybiz Marvel Legends version, or are you sticking with your original (or white!) Sasquatch?


Marvel Legends Sasquatch Build-A-Figure Revealed! Deadpool Series — 35 Comments

    • I hope this little figure goes the way of Juggernaut in the scale be bigger than that out man thing.

  1. Sasquatch will be an awesome figure. In my opinion I’m quite glad Hasbro does these types of BAF because it brings marvel characters that have been In the dark and places them into the light so that they can become more well known.

  2. I hate to say it….but no interest at all in this wave. Easier on the wallet thankfully lol:) Figures look decent, but just not my thing. We need a more “buy all of it to complete it wave”, Gladiator Hulk was close but the relaxed head sculpt and horrid sagging weapons killed it for me sadly. Sasquatch was for sure seen upcoming, but eh I’ll have to pass this round.

  3. I think I like the New Cable figure we got a bit better than the old one, same with Deadpool. I’m happy about the Deathlok and X-23 though, I think they both need an update. I’m assuming the “Back in Black” Deadpool doesn’t have a BAF with him? I wish the Sasquatch had a little pair of glasses as I remember him wearing them in the comics

  4. I agree with abomb43. I really have no interest in the wave figures, but have always LOVED the original Sasquatch as first introduced by John Byrne. Hmmmm… still not going to get these figures though. Perhaps I’ll just get the Sasquatch on the after market.

  5. I have very slight interest in the figures listed, but there isn’t much that can stop me from getting a Sasquatch build-a-figure. Alpha Flight was my childhood obsession. Anything they release from that original series line-up will practically get a blank check from me.

  6. I’ll assume we’ll need 6 BAF pieces to build Sasquatch. Based on the figure identified, thus far, we’ll need the exclusive Gamestop figure, unless there’s another figure to be announced by Hasbro.

    Well, Puck will finally have some company!

  7. I called it back when they revealed this wave, but I kinda agree with everyone here – I just don’t care much for this wave.
    Deadpool is wildly overrated, and the Deadpool and Cable we already got are WAAAY better designs than the ones in this wave.
    I need a Domino, and Deathlok looks amazing (Looks like he’ll be EASILY the best figure in this wave), but everything else is kinda of a disappointment.
    X-Force X-23 is basically the LAST version of X-23 that I’d want.

    I definitely want Sasquatch, even if he’s not the best thing ever, and I know I’m going to get the whole wave anyway, but I’m just not all that hyped for this wave.

  8. It doesn’t look like it shares any parts with Man-Thing. Go take a close look at your MT BAF and you’ll see what I’m talking about. He has leaves and roots molded into almost every single piece of him. You couldn’t just paint him brown and pass it off as fur.

  9. I’m no expert but this doesn’t appear to share ANY parts with the Man-Thing BAF.

  10. What a lovely teakettle chest. This strikes me right in the heart as I bought a Sasquatch from an online seller mint a few years that​ I never received through a steaming pile of BS. And he’s been one of I’ve always wanted that I’ve never got back around trying to get. On top of that when I was a teenager I was extremely obsessed with cryptozoology so any figures that have that feelto them I usually want.

  11. ‘Squatch looks good, but since he’s based off the Man-Thing BAF and judging by the photos, he’s too short. Langkowski is 10’ tall. This BAF should be HULKBUSTER height, or at least Juggernaut (BAF) height, since he’s technically too big (based on his original/classic design).

  12. Literally not a single bit of this figure is from Man-Thing. Look at how smooth this one is and how gross and detailed Man-Thing is.

    I thought that maybe the torso was since Man-Thing has that rubber poncho thing going on but look at how the neck is set up differently.

    Either way Sasquatch looks really cool

  13. Who the hell posed him though. He looks weird as hell doing that thriller thing especially with the awkwardly twisted fist. And why is his torso bent back​ with him doing his best to look straight forward. Hasbro get anyone but this guy to pose your figures because he’s worse than my little cousin who origamis my figures just because they’ve got swivels everywhere and double hinges. You know what I mean. When they twist the head around and make every limb twist backwards.

    • The poses of the figures on the back of the boxes are just as bad. Seriously, check out Nebula’s pose. Like wtf is that?? Also doesn’t help that it’s a terrible figure lol

  14. I’m so excited to see Sasquatch, not because of him (boo hiss), but because Alpha Flight has got to be a shoo-in now, right? Right? *le whimper*

    • We got a Sasquatch long ago, and then we got a Puck.
      That’s as far as we ever got.
      Wouldn’t say Alpha Flight is a given just yet, but I’d say it’s a bit more likely now.

  15. Pretty happy with my toybiz sassy. Another wave with a baf thats a redo you can skip if you have the original. Abomination, sandman, juggernaut, rhino were all skips for me.

    • I hear you on the redo’s, especially where some of the older toybiz versions aren’t necessarily super-expensive to find .

      On the flip side, I do wish that Hasbro would do more of re-issuing at least the smaller BAF’s from older waves as single cards, much like Ares this year. I sure would like an Annihilus or a Ronan figure but not at the prices on e-bay and the like. I understand the desire to reward BAF collectors but its been at least 10 years for Ronan and Annihilus, right? And they didn’t seem to mind releasing Groot as a single card (I’m pretty sure a Mantis will be released as a single card when GotG 3 comes out, too).

  16. I think Sasquatch is a cool looking BAF although agree with others that he doesn’t quite have the proportions we saw in Byrne’s depictions of the character.

    Overall though this wave doesn’t do much for me. Deathlok looks cool, Domino is a maybe for me, the rest I will probably skip.

    I do wonder if this is a precursor to incorporating other Alpha Flight characters into upcoming waves. Northstar, Aurora, Guardian, Marina, even Shaman seem like they would be pretty easy to pull off.. with Puck I guess they could just reissue the old BAF like they did with Ares this year. Snowbird might take some work and who knows what they would do with Box.

    Alpha Flight isn’t exactly my top priority in terms of figures (Nightcrawler, please!!!) but this BAF certainly bodes well for AF fans!

  17. I like his sculpt, but judging from the photos with Deadpool underfoot (which I admit don’t necessarily show scales very well), Sasquatch looks too small. I remember from the old comic books he’s 10 feet tall and noticeably taller than other big characters like Hulk and Thing. I guess the real Litmus Test for me is how this new Sasquatch compare to the Toybiz one scale-wise.

    Otherwise this is a wave I’ll be getting. That Domino and Deathlok are great upgrades from the old versions, and I am fundamentally dissatisfied with the Juggy-wave Cable because of the oversized head so a 90’s version is welcome. As for the others, I’m really not interested in X23 as a character, and the 90’s Deadpool is redundant since the Juggy-wave one is good enough for me. Gotta wonder who the missing last figure is, though.

    • I asked the Hasbro design team about this and why is it that only the villainous or insane characters have expressions. They basically said if they made the heroic characters with expressions, you’d get some collectors complaining about the expression so they’ve opted for “neutral”. Makes sense because they’re right! Peeps WOULD complain.

  18. IDK how people are disputing that this BAF has reused parts from man-thing. The 3rd picture: look at that left arm…now look to the left panel on the screen, the ad for the netflix punisher which comes with man-thing arm. Same hand, same arm.

    • Sort of….
      6 figures + BAF = $120
      BAF = $50

      So that BAF alone is almost HALF the cost of the whole wave….

      So if you buy the whole wave and subtract that $50 for the BAF, the whole wave of 6 regular figures is only $70.
      $11.66 per figure.
      That’s why I pretty much just buy every entire wave where I want the BAF anyway. The price per figure is just too cheap to ignore if you’d otherwise end of buying the BAF on eBay or whatever.