Marvel Legends Human Torch Released! Photos & Impressions!

No one ever said building a new Marvel Legends Fantastic Four would be easy (or fast)! It’s been a lengthy wait since the new Marvel Legends Invisible Woman first appeared in January, but Sue Storm’s little brother has finally flamed onto store shelves in North America… in Canada (and on ebay), at least! We’ll be waiting just a wee bit longer for Johnny to reach the United States, but in the meantime, here’s some in-hand photos and impressions of the Exclusive Marvel Legends Human Torch!

Marvel Legends Human Torch 6 Inch Figure Out of Package

When Hasbro announced Medusa and Mr. Fantastic–the third and fourth Walgreens Exclusive Fantastic Four Marvel Legends (not counting Namor)–at San Diego Comic Con 2017, it seemed like the long-awaited Human Torch figure was destined to arrive shortly thereafter.

Well, it’s been a bit more than a month since SDCC 2017, but the Human Torch Marvel Legends 6″ figure has finally reached North America, where he’s now showing up at EB Games stores in Canada (though he’ll be a Walgreens exclusive in the United States)!

Marvel Legends Human Torch Exclusive PackagedCanadian Marvel Toy News reader Fin G. sent in his impressions of the new 6″ Human Torch, along with the photos in this article. Thanks, Fin!!

Marvel Legends Human Torch Figure ReleasedThe back of the package for the Marvel Legends 2017 Human Torch figure doesn’t show any other figures, since Johnny Storm is shipping in straight cases by himself and there’s no Build-A-Figure for the “series”.

Here’s what Fin had to say about the newest iteration of Johnny Storm…

Walgreens Exclusive Human Torch Hasbro Figure“He has a good color scheme, a darker orange body that is slightly translucent and a brighter orange for his head, shoulder accents, arm accents and foot accents.”

Fantastic Four Legends Human Torch Figure Six Inch Head Walgreens Exclusive“As his head is lighter I found it looks more translucent than the body but I chalk that up to it simply being lighter.”

Marvel Legends Invisible Woman and Human Torch Fantastic Four Figures“I like the shoulder accents as they really add to the figure and give a good impression of him being on fire.”

Marvel Legends Exclusive Human Torch vs Juggernaut“His eyebrows are painted on in a darker orange as well and really pop, as with his “4” and his belt.”

Fantastic Four Legends Human Torch Figure Lower Arms“His Torso arms and legs are a reuse of the medium sized body that we have seen for quite a few figures but his lower arms, hands and feet seem to be new molds and look great ( I haven’t seen them before and I have most ML figure up to now).”

Human Torch Marvel Legends Figure with Sunfire Effects Pieces

“He does come with a new set of fists that have the fire ball accessory that the new Sunfire had. He has all the large amount of normal articulation we expect with ankle rockers. The joints are all good on mine but there are some paints spots here and there.”

I wasn’t really sure that I needed a new Human Torch action figure (I’ve had a few over the years–like, all of them), but seeing the loose photos of this version really sells me on it. The translucent plastic looks gorgeous on this figure, and I actually like the varying hues of orange and yellow on the figure more than I thought I was going to. Y’got me, Hasbro (or at least, another twenty of my dollars).

Back of 2017 Marvel Legends Human Torch Six Inch FigureThe 2017 Marvel Legends Human Torch 6″ figure is now starting to show up on ebay and also at Canadian EB Games stores, and should be arriving at Walgreens locations in the United States over the course of the next month. I haven’t heard any confirmed sightings in the U.S. yet at Walgreens, but it should be any time now, so don’t pay scalper prices for everyone’s favorite matchstick unless you really can’t wait.

Now that you’ve seen some in-hand photos of the final figure, what are your thoughts on the latest Human Torch six inch figure, Marvel collectors? Is this the best Human Torch action figure we’ve seen to date, or are you satisfied with having previous Johnny Storm figures that have been released (or maybe none at all)?


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  1. Cant wait to get this guy. Im actually love the last torch figures hasbro released- but its been so long without any new FF ml. Definitely need them all-

  2. I live in NYC and have NEVER seen the Invisible Woman figure available at retail anywhere in the 5 boroughs. Our Walgreens / Duane Reade still have TONS of yellow/red Daredevil figs. I’ve even seen boxes of the Namor still around! Is it just here that we haven’t gotten Sue yet?

  3. Finally a well crafted and good looking Torch… except for that lighter head. It just looks misplaced to me, but I need to se it in person to be sure. I’m definitely picking this one up though.

  4. I like the sculpt and flame effects but am having a hard time getting over that abrupt color shift for the head. I’ve heard it described as looking like he’s wearing a red containment suit.

    The fact that you can make out his uniform at all is a little strange as you generally can’t see the 4 on his chest or boot outlines in his comic depictions – that’s a minor nitpick though.

    For now, I think I’ll stick with the torch version from the ML box set (got it on ebay awhile back). Its certainly not a perfect version but I think I prefer it to this. I do like the look of Walgreen’s Invisible Woman and the upcoming Reed figure looks good too!

    I’m really hoping that the rumors of a Walgreen Super-Skrull figure are true.

  5. Wouldn’t it be an ML collector’s dream had Walgreens included a BAF piece to build the Watcher? Sigh…

  6. I agree that a proper Torch would have fire lines all over him and none of his costume would show at all. See every single issue of Fantastic Four for 50 years for examples of how he should look. It’s not hard to figure out.

  7. I’m definitely going to buy this, but I would have liked a flaming flying stand of some sort! Even the Minimates one has that.

  8. “When Hasbro announced Medusa and Mr. Fantastic–the third and fourth Walmart Exclusive Fantastic Four Marvel Legends…”

    Dabid – You mean “Walgreens”, right?

  9. We have had this in the UK since beginning of August. I have most of HT figures from the past this is nice, you can use the stand that came in the House of M box set.