Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Vulture Figure Revealed!

Man, Hasbro is really spoiling us Marvel Legends collectors rotten today, that’s for sure! Not only did they send over hi-res photos of the entire Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends 2017 Wave 1 earlier today, but they also sent out the first photos of what’s going to be one of the craziest Build-A-Figures ever! Never mind the fact that the first wave of 2017 Spider-Man figures is just now starting to trickle into stores, because it’s time to look ahead to the Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends Vulture Build-A-Figure!


The first trailer for next year’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming”  was released overnight, and that means that the hype train for that movie is now leaving the station! And so, what better time than now for Hasbro to reveal their very first product for next year’s Spider-Man film: a humongous movie Vulture Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure!

Anyone who said that the Vulture was just “an old man in a jumpsuit with wings” that could never be cool was clearly wrong–this new Homecoming Vulture design is straight-up gold. I’m not 100% sold on the flight jacket yet, but the helmet and especially those wings look crazy awesome.

marvel-legends-vulture-build-a-figure-close-upSadly, you, uh… can’t really see the likeness to Michael Keaton in this head sculpt (seeing as how the head is covered in a helmet and all). No alternate head sculpt is planned for the Marvel Legends Vulture movie figure, so we’re just going to have to do without having a Legends Michael Keaton head in our homes. Alas.

wings-detail-close-up-marvel-legends-2017-vulture-build-a-figureThis figure is absolutely enormous width-wise–and so are these images–so you may need to zoom in on the photos to get a clear view of just how detailed (and did I mention big?) this figure is going to be.


One of the big complaints about this year’s 6″ Falcon figure from Civil War was the lack of articulation in Falcon’s wings, but that’s not going to be an issue with this Vulture, that’s for dang sure: Hasbro has built a full 12 points of articulation into just the wings for this figure, so we should be able to get ample cool poses out of him.

None of the other figures that make up the rest of Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2017 Wave 2 have been revealed yet, and I genuinely don’t expect them to be until New York Toy Fair 2017 in February. I think we can safely assume that a single-packaged movie Spider-Man 6″ figure will be part of that wave, but otherwise, who knows?

2017-marvel-legends-vulture-build-a-figureStay tuned to the Marvel Toy News Twitter and Facebook Pages, where I’ll post more news and updates regarding the Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel Legends figures are soon as they’re revealed (most likely during Toy Fair after Valentine’s Day 2017).

Following the reveals of the first trailer for the movie–and this first Hasbro Spider-Man Homecoming action figure–how are you feeling about next summer’s movie, Marvel collectors? Are you amped to collect merch from the film, or are you taking a wait-and-see attitude until we know for sure just how good this movie is going to be?


Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming Vulture Figure Revealed! — 31 Comments

  1. Those wings are NUTS.
    I really hope it comes with the stand. It needs it.

    We can assume 3 things about this Spider-Man Wave:
    – MCU Spider-Man (Hopefully a good one this time, because the 3-pack one was…..not good.)
    – MCU Vulture (Because the BAF is “Vulture’s Flight Gear” not Vulture himself)
    – Probably an MCU Shocker (we’ve seen picture of him from the movie. Kind of a toss-up if he’s any better than the Shocker we just got)

    I’ll be annoyed if they give us ANOTHER recycled Iron Man…. We DO NOT need an Iron Man figure for the Spider-Man movie line.

    • I’d actually not be surprised if there’s no Shocker. Hasbro often passes over movie villains.

      • Normally, I’d agree, but with this movie they have to pad out the wave with SOMETHING, and I have a hard time imagining the whole wave having ONLY Spider-Man and Vulture from the movie.

        There’s no War Machine, no Bucky, not Falcon, no whole team of Guardians, no Mordo, no Astral form, no alternate suits (that we know of)…..
        That’s why I said we don’t need the Iron Man. Typically, a sidekick or secondary hero is exactly what we’d get to pad out the wave, but we just DO NOT need any more extraneous Iron Man figures….

        I kinda wonder if this wave will have that Mary Jane figure. That would be cool. But again, that’s a comic figure.

        Given that Angela(1st), Darkhawk(2nd), and Symbiote Spider-Man(4th) are all coming out, and that they were the Top 4 from the 2015 Marvel Legends fan vote, I’d say it’s a fairly safe bet to guess that Mysterio (who came in 3rd place) could be part of this Spider-Man wave.
        But again, that’s a comic figure.

        • Why do you have a hard time imagining there being just 2 movie figures for this wave? That doubled what we got for the Ant-Man wave (or does the mini Yellowjacket count?).

          • The Ultron wave also came with….Ultron.
            I don’t think anyone really considered that an Ant-Man movie wave.
            It’s more of a vaguely Ant-Man, in general, themed wave, plus a bunch of miscellaneous villains.
            MCU Ant-Man
            Black Ant

            The Spider-Man wave is likely to be more of a movie wave.
            They’re going all in on this movie.
            And even IF all the Homecoming figures aren’t in THIS wave (which is likely the case), and they’re spread across multiple Spider-Man waves, the way Avengers/Civil War figures were, they STILL need more than two figures.

    • The wave was leaked ahead of time, and its as follows:
      Spider-Man movie Spiderman
      Spider-Man movie
      Cosmic Spider-Man
      Moon Knight
      Dead No More (X2?) probably Doc Ock or Gwen Stacy (or both)

      I was hoping for shocker too. but Vulture is more important. just glad to be getting a villain honestly. But, Homecoming is going to be a big movie, and although I doubt there will be 3 spidey waves next year (there will surely be 3 GOTG waves, plus there is Thor, X-Men, and possibly Defenders.), we COULD see maybe a 3-pack with some reused spidey (web wings?), tony stark or iron man mark 46 again, and shocker. probably a Tony Stark if anything. tuxedo mold with the 3-pack head.

  2. Well I’m probably going to order the entire wave. That vulture design is just way to awesome to pass up.

  3. So what are the odds we get an actual movie-accurate Spider-Man this time instead of just a rerelease of Civil War Spidey (with a Tom Holland head maybe)?

    • They’ll probably remold it with an accurate spider logo and alternate hands. The hands were very easily removable on CW Spidey.

  4. i think the reason for the flight suit even if it looks out of place is to find a good way to do his ruffled collar

  5. Is this figure going to be sold alone or is it going to be the Buildable one? I really want this but am not looking forward to buying the whole wave.

    • Unclear–the wings will be spread out across the wave, but it’s not clear whether the base Vulture figure will be a BAF or sold separately. I’m betting he’s a BAF all-around though.

  6. Flight jacket is the BEST way to incorporate the fluffy shit around his neck from the comic design

    I’m praying this is the wave I finally get my Moon Knight

  7. I know I’m the minority here, but I’d much rather have an update to the classic, comic book style vulture.

    • Im with you!! I love the classic Vulture!! I would rather have that than the movie version. Maybe we will get both!

    • If the Vulture design for Spider-Man Homecoming weren’t so darn cool, I’d be right up there with you.

    • Being the minority around Marvel nowadays ensures you a spot playing a white person in the MCU. And that’s why I’m not seeing this Spider-Man movie. No less than 4 race lifted characters in Homecoming. Middle finger to Disney.

      • Man, you’re reeeally stretching to use this as an opportunity to complain (and maybe start an argument). Keep that stuff outta here.

  8. I love this design, I’m always a sucker for pilots and robo-birds.

    I really like the flight jacket, it’s a great way to get Vulture’s iconic stupid fuzzy collar involved in a modernized, realistic costume.

  9. I’m betting on some recycling for this Wave given how this BAF looks. My Bet: 1) MCU Spider-man with some slight repaints and retoolings. 2) MCU Shocker 3) Probably an MCU Iron Man 4) Comics Prowler (He would be fairly easy to do on a Bucky/Cap mold, just look at Eel, and he has been in the Comics a lot lately) 5) Spider-punk 6) Spider-Ham or Spider-Monkey or both, (think like Rocket in the Guardians wave, but have a bigger BAF with em’) 7) Maybe a Cosmic Spidey (another easy to do repaint)

  10. I’m seeing a six figure wave with two double-packs, or a seven figure wave and Vulture doesn’t actually come with a BAF part for his wings. Spidey double packed with one BAF part is almost guaranteed. That leaves Vulture by himself (maybe with the stand) and four others with a BAF part.

  11. My plausible hopes and predictions for the 2017 Spider-Man waves.
    Predictions based on evidence:
    – MCU Spider-Man (a good version, not the lame 3-pack version)
    – MCU Vulture (obviously)
    – MCU Shocker
    – 616 Mysterio
    – 616 Mary Jane Watson

    Plausible Hopes:
    – MCU prototype Spider-Man (hoodie, goggles, etc that we saw in Civil War)
    – 616 All New All Different Spider-Man
    – 616 Vulture


  12. Because this movie has both iron man and spiderman maybe we’ll get an iron spider in the wave.

    • Gods, I hope so. We desperately need to FINALLY get a real, good, Marvel Legends Iron Spider.

  13. I hope the set is Spiderman Noir, Spuder-Punk, Spider-Ham, Mysterio, Dr.Octopus, Demogoblim

    • That would put a decent dent in my Spider-wishlist.

      – Spider-Man Noir
      – Demogoblin
      – Mysterio
      – Iron Spider
      – Lizard
      – Scorpion
      – Big Time Scorpion BAF
      – Dr. Octopus
      – Ends Of The Earth Dr. Octopus BAF
      – Mary Jane Watson
      – All-New All-Different Amazing Spider-Man
      – The Jackal (Dead No More version)
      – Prowler
      – Shocker (The classic costume, properly sculpted. Not the lazy modern version they just released)
      – Beetle Mk2
      – Goblin Knight
      – Black Widow (classic and modern 616)
      – Black Widow II
      – Red Widow
      – Arachne
      – Madame Web (both of them)
      – Kingpin
      – Captain Universe Spider-Man
      Redos of all the “Return Of Marvel Legends” Spider-Man figures (because they weren’t great):
      – Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker)
      – Future Foundation Spider-Man
      – Big Time (No Let-Down) Spider-Man