Marvel Legends X-Men 2017 Warlock Series Figures Released Early!

While the staff and photographers of the biggest Marvel toy news sites across the world (and me) were all congregating in New York City last weekend for New York Toy Fair 2017, a pretty crazy thing happened–and I mean crazy. Even though Hasbro still hasn’t allowed online retailers to even begin taking orders for this year’s X-Men Marvel Legends 2017 Warlock Series figures, the figures physically appeared (and disappeared) on store shelves at Target stores across the country–and shortly thereafter began flooding ebay at inflated prices…

Marvel Legends X-Men 2017 Figures Released

I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that it absolutely was not purposeful, but it still almost feels a bit like a mean trick Hasbro pulled by having the 2017 Marvel Legends X-Men figures 6″ series pop up in Target stores last weekend while so much of the toy collecting world was either in New York for the 2017 Toy Fair or focused on the show.

As a result, I missed the first round of the wave in my New England Target stores and have been chasing after the figures relentlessly for the past week. And this morning, my efforts finally paid off in full–with a full set of Cyclops, Old Man Logan, Colossus and the rest of the gang!

Marvel Legends Cyclops 2017 Figure ReleasedNow, there is a trick that can help you to tell when your local stores get in the newest X-Men wave, but it’s definitely not fool-proof.ย  You can use the DPCI #087-06-5418 on the BrickSeek website in order to check the saleable quantity of Hasbro X-Men Legends that all of your local stores (and even your non-local Target stores) have in stock.

Hasbro X-Men Legends 2017 Warlock Series Figures in StoresBut there is a catch–! And that catch is that that same X-Men Marvel Legends DCPI 087-06-5418 is shared with last year’s series of X-Men Legends. I checked BrickSeek every day this week, seeing quantities of 4-7 figures in-stock each day–but when I saw the number of in-stock figures jump to 12-15 this morning, I knew my local store had gotten in the Warlock Build-A-Figure Series.

Hasbro X-Men Legends DPCI Number Colossus Warlock SeriesSure enough, the pegs were nice and full this morning and my long dreamed-of Marvel Legends Warlock BAF will be being built by me this afternoon. Look forward to full reviews of all eight figures in this set over the course of the next few weeks!

Hasbro 2017 Marvel Legends X-Men Series Sunfire Figure ReleasedFor those who have been messaging me asking why in the heck these figures are turning up in Target stores long before their anticipated March/April 2017 release date, I have my own totally unconfirmed suspicions.

Old Man Logan Marvel Legends 2017 Figure Released

My best guess is that a small fraction of the shipment of this wave was able to make it out of China prior to international shipping shutting down for Chinese New Year, and that Target either purposely or just by happenstance happened to get the small quantity of these cases available.

Theoretically, online retailers and other stores will get their allocation once the rest of the wave reaches the United States (although BBTS stated this week that they won’t open orders until mid-April–ugh).

2017 Marvel Legends Figures ReleasedIf you’re having trouble tracking down any of the new X-Men Legends six inch figures locally, the problem is likely multi-fold: 1) There’s only one-per-case of every figure in the set except one, so only one collector at a time can complete a set; 2) the Old Man Logan Legends figure is ultra-popular and selling out instantly despite being two-per-case; and 3) scalpers are devouring this wave and popping it on ebay as quickly as they can find it.

With this series not allowed to be solicited yet by online specialty stores such as BBTS, EE and Amazon, the market is truly ripe for re-sellers to make a killing on these new Hasbro X-Men Warlock Series figures if they can find them right now before they can be reserved anywhere online.

Have you managed to find any of the 6″ Marvel Legends X-Men 2017 Wave at your local stores yet, Marvel collectors? If so, which figures have you decided to pick up and what do you think of the series so far?


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    • BBTS has said they won’t be getting theirs until late April, so I really doubt we’ll see Amazon get theirs any sooner. I promise I will absolutely be posting about it and sharing links on our Twitter and Facebook the moment Amazon does have these up for order, though.

      • Thanks so much. I look every day but it is difficult…. Especially because I am from Germany…. and you know. I think I will have to wait months still we get something here. ^^

  1. I took me 3 weekends, but I completed my set today. Brickseek saves so much time. I picked mine up at the Fullerton CA store

  2. Good grief people just wait… don’t give in to scalpers…they’ll be all over the place in a few months SMH ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

      • I mean….yea?
        These figures aren’t out yet.
        When they come out, you’ll be able to order them on Amazon for $21.99 with free shipping.
        I ordered the entire 2016 X-Men wave for $21.99 each from Amazon.
        I could’ve bought several Deadpools for that price, but elected not to.

        I’ve bought every Marvel Legends figure since the start of 2015, aside from like….20 (that’s only slightly more than 2 waves I skipped). With the exceptions of SDCC stuff, I got them all for $21.99 on Amazon or cheaper.

        If you wait for months after the figures are out, until they’ve all been bought up, then yea, sure, the price COULD get ridiculously high.
        You can STILL go buy the Marvel Legends Deadpool on Amazon for $27. That’s not exactly an insane price…

        Don’t buy from early scalpers.
        It’s stupid.

    • I’m with u. I will not give into these pricks that either have a hookup at the store or nothing better to do then be able to hit every store every morning looking. I’m a single dad and my 10 year old son and me collect them together. We get one figure each to complete set and build the baf. One of the funniest things about collecting sometimes is the hunt. So I’ll wait and find retail before I pay some jobber $100 bucks for Old Man Logan, Cyclops etc. I wish everyone had the patience to do this and eventually when the scalpers are stuck with their product time after time they might stop buying bulk just to flip. Leaving the figures for someone who is actually buying them for themselves

      • I always hate these scalper arguments. I do not do it. I will buy figures for the baf and sell the baf or buy figures and sell the unwanted baf. I find the lowest prices one on eBay and sell whatever unwanted part or figure for less then that. I am not wealthy and have to make the most out of my purchases. Am I a scalper?I left 2 old man logans on the shelf at target for the next guy.
        I don’t buy just for the purposes of reselling,but this is America. It’s capitalism at its finest. That’s how we got where we are. They wouldn’t do it if people weren’t happy to pay. They go out spend there gas and time and somebody sits at home and is willing to pay a little extra so he doesn’t have to. I admit it makes it hard on collectors. I hunt and end up empty handed more often then not. Still haven’t found a green goblin figure,but I don’t think it’s because of scalpers because I find plenty of symbiote spidey. Idk. I think it’s a small percentage of figures that are actually bought and “scalped” pick any new hot figure and see how many listing there are and consider how many thousands of them hit shelfa.

  3. Bupkis for Mid-Missouri! I hope this doesn’t turn into Space Venom and Rocket Raccoon waves all over again.

    • I never saw the space venom wave either in stores. I’m just now seeing sandman wave this past month and of course GOTG.

      • Ouch.
        The Venom SpaceKnight wave was one of the best waves of last year….
        Aside from Spider-B!tch, every figure in that wave is great, if not AWESOME.

        That Ultimate Spider-Man Peter Parker figure is literally THE BEST Marvel Legends Spider-Man figure of all time. Even better looking and better articulated than Pizza Spider-Man.

        The Miles Morales is the same exact mold, and basically exactly as good, except that the classic Spidersuit is just a better looking costume than Miles’ suit.

        Silk has one of the absolute best female headsculpts in all of Marvel Legends, and comes with TWO versions of her head. And the red to black spider web fade on her chest is amazingly well executed.

        Hobgoblin is a phenomenal new Hobgoblin figure. Arguably the best Hobgoblin figure, aside from his slightly under-sized glider.

        Electro is a great figure with two PHENOMENALLY well sculpted heads. He’s not QUITE a classic Electro design (instead being based on the modern unmasked Electro), but once you pop on the classic-style masked head he’s so close to the classic version that it’s fine.

        Venom SpaceKnight is a huge and weirdly satisfying figure. The buttery smooth, but sturdy, joints are just oddly delightful. He’s a perfect sculpt of the Venom SpaceKnight design. If he came with an open-mouthed head option, and some symbiote weapon arms, he’d be PERFECT.

        Spider-B!tch… She’s okay. The colors don’t pop. She’s stuck with just two fists. Has no accessories (should’ve come with a shotgun). Boring figure. But her head sculpt is pretty great. *shrug*


        If you guys didn’t get that wave because it didn’t show up in your local stores….well, I really do recommend grabbing ’em on Amazon.

  4. Wow! Lucky man! …well, lucky and persistent… and resourceful…

    I pre-ordered mine.. hopefully they get them in soon too. Whole set for 158 (includes 2 Logans that I don’t care about).

    Do you have Marvel Select Colossus? Which is better?

  5. Thanks for the advice. I went to the closest target and got myself Old Man Logan, Shatterstar, and Dazzler. They’re fantastic. I also found Polaris but opted to leave it to throw other collectors a bone. I know how much it sucks to look for something and be empty handed.

    • Honestly…..Polaris is the one of those that impressed me the MOST of those. Which is nuts, since I don’t give a damn about Polaris, ESPECIALLY not in her all green Scarlet Witch/Enchantress-style hybrid costume.
      The paint job on Polaris is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than I expected.

      • I agree but I thought that was one I thought I should hold off on for now. But the figure I want most is Sunfire.

    • Because Hasbro is not allowing online retailers to take orders for these figures yet. Posting that link here could lead to them getting in trouble (or worse, me for linking out to it), which isn’t what you or I want.

  6. Saw Polaris and O.M. Logan and passed on them. I’ll get them eventually when I can order a whole set without having to trek to every Target in the Austin area. Besides, I have a comic shop that is willing to special order them for me. I just don’t have the energy anymore to hunt like I used to. Getting old over here.

    • Same here. Time was I’d rush to the store right away if there was even a glimmer of hope…oftentimes only to get there and be disappointed. I live on the opposite end of town of my local Target, and I don’t relish the idea of making a potentially pointless trip out there and wasting the gas…

      • You guys make me feel guilty for living in the middle of Houston, surrounded by nearby Targets, Wal-Marts, Walgreens, Toys R Us, etc…..and then ordering most of my Marvel Legends on Amazon anyways….

        • I’d be going the exact route as you if I lived in a bigger Metropolis! ๐Ÿ™‚ My town (Springfield, IL) has only one Target, but we have three Walmarts and several Walgreens stores. I just don’t have the energy to run all over town anymore like I used to!

  7. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate this post. Took some finesse but I got a near complete set thanks to a fellow New Englander! Some advice to other collectors, lots of Targets have these in the back. If the DCPI is high but you’re only seeing Juggernaut wave stuff tell customer service you can’t find the specific ones you’re looking for. They’ll give you the same song and dance about not being able to get items from the back but go back the next day and you’re almost guaranteed to see this wave on the shelf. As a bonus I got a near complete GOTG Groot wave since I just recently conceded to collecting movie figures as well. Anyway, happy hunting all!

    • Yea…
      Tricksy tricksy Target.
      They’re definitely putting out the Guardians Of The Galaxy 1 Groot Wave figures in an attempt to sell them as if they belonged to the upcoming movie.

      I went to my local Target this morning and they literally had THE ENTIRE Groot Wave.
      I already had Nova and Iron Man, so I picked up Star-Lord, who I wanted anyways for the accessories and the ability to upgrade him with head swaps from the upcoming Star-Lord figures.

      Now I kinda regret not grabbing Rocket, Gamora, and Drax just to finish off the set. >_>

      Buuuuut I already have the GotG box set 616 Groot, and the Groot Evolution set is about to come out, and the upcoming Drax is the same figure with better looking blue pants, better head, and a missile launcher….and Gamora is just a pathetic figure, and the new one looks a bit better……and Rocket is cool, but tiny and badly articulated, and the upcoming Rocket is wearing the better blue and has plenty of articulation……
      SO hard to justify completeing that GotG 1 Groot Wave, even when it’s super convenient. <_<

      • Quite the predicament bud. I’ve learned the hard way that any time I pass up on any figure, even one I don’t like, I go a little bit crazy and obsess a bit too much about it. So for my own mental well being I just buy the SoBs if the price is right.

        • That’s kinda what it’s coming down to.
          I’m just OCD enough for it to bug me perpetually.

  8. It took me 2 trips to the store. On the first I found old man Logan only. Saturday morning I saw the quality at my closest target go up by 8. Was there when the doors opened and completed my set. Luckily they were finishing the stocking because there was no shatterstar on the shelf. I asked and I guess they had pulled it because the pegs were full. I now have warlock and he is awesome. Cyclops leg bands are a bit of a bummer though

    • Yea, I’ve only got a 1-legged and 1-armed Warlock torso so far, but I can already tell that he’s going to be AMAZING.

  9. Saw this post late on Saturday so went out looking at a few local Targets to no avail, but did find the GOTG2 wave 1 figs I was looking for while out and about. I was able to score a complete set of X-Men figures yesterday morning, though, when I saw the stock had increased. I saw that three more stores also saw their stock increase this morning, and sure enough, two of them had complete sets on the pegs when I stopped before work. Thank you!

  10. That DCPI really helped. Saw this morning that the two closest targets to me both had a jump in figures over night. Went this morning to one of them and the entire case was still in the box unopened sitting on a cart. Grabbed it and went straight to the checkout!

  11. Yes, add my voice to the round of thank yous to Dabid for sharing the DCPI info!! I know I initially said I wasn’t going to make a special trip, but when I checked it Monday morning, it showed a jump in numbers from the previous day. I went out there right away but only managed to snag Dazzler, Polaris, and Sunfire. I can wait on Logan, and I may just buy the Warlock leg separately instead of picking up yet another Cyclops (even though he is in a different costume…except, however, he might look halfway decent as representing Young Cyke next to the other new Champions like Miles, Nova, and Ms. Marvel…)

  12. Wandered blindly into Target this morning, found Sunfire, Dazzler, Polaris, and Old Man Logan, as well as THE ENTIRE Guardians Of The Galaxy 1 Groot BAF Wave….
    Seems Target is sneakily trying to clear out their old Guardians figures ahead of this new movie. XD

    Contrary to Old Man Logan being super popular and hard to find, there were actually several of him hanging on the peg.
    He and the GotG1 Star-Lord were the only figures they had multiple of… *shrug*

    Now I just need Cyclops, Colossus, and Shatterstar, and then I can build my glorious Warlock BAF…
    I only have a 1-legged and 1-armed Warlock torso so far, but I can already tell that heโ€™s going to be AMAZING.
    He’s going to be absolutely TOWERING, and aside from the limits to the up and down range on his ankle joints, he’s going to be INSANELY poseable.


    It’s worth noting that this Polaris figure totally blew me away.
    Which is nuts, since I donโ€™t really give a damn about Polaris, ESPECIALLY not in her all green Scarlet Witch/Enchantress-style hybrid costume.
    The paint job on Polaris is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than I expected.
    Her face and hair sculpt are FANTASTIC, and her cape is delightfully soft.
    But the paint….
    Man, the eyes are painted perfectly, and the entire figure has AT LEAST -SEVEN- different types of green.
    – the light green of her costume
    – the dark green of her costume and cape
    – shiny green of her armored bracers and tiara-thing
    – the green of her eyebrows and eyes
    – the green of her hair
    – the metallic green of her lips, cape buckles, and hairband
    – the translucent lime green of her magnetokinesis effects parts
    I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a figure do so much with variations of a single color… At least not on purpose.
    And it’s a damn good thing, because this take the potentially boring green on green on green on green, and turns it into one of the most nuanced paint schemes Marvel Legends has ever done.

    Dazzler, as expected, is awesome.
    Easily the neatest figure in the wave, due to her sculpt and accessories.
    But where they went crazy with the paint for Polaris, Dazzler actually has very very little paint, and mostly gets by with the plastic just being the right colors.

    Old Man Logan is….fairly great, I guess.
    His head sculpt is awesome.
    The sculpt of his clothes as a whole is pretty great.
    The paint is solid.
    The articulation though…….eh. His arms can’t hang anywhere NEAR to straight down at his sides, and his elbows could use just a LITTLE more range of motion.
    Also, his joints aren’t quite as tight as I’d prefer. A BIT loose.

    Sunfire is probably the least impressive of the 4 figures I picked up this morning.
    He’s a solid figure.
    The paint is good, but it could definitely be better. The lines are all clean, but the gold fire patterns on his gloves and boots aren’t bright and shiny enough, and they kinda get lost in the red.
    Most of his costume is just the simple, flat, red and white. Pretty basic.
    He uses the new Spider-Man 2099 body mold, which is a technically great mold that I’m just not a huge fan of, for some reason. (Is that just me???)
    His head looks pretty great though. The eyes are painted great with a sort of glowing effect, and the gold between them looks better than on the rest of the figure, since there’s enough of it to stand out.
    The reused Iron Fist flame effects look great on him. They are what really do the most to make this figure pop.
    Too bad the red on his suit wasn’t more of a metallic red, and the gold wasn’t a more saturated, brighter, yellowish gold, the way it looked in the product shots. THAT would’ve made this figure a lot more impressive.

    Kinda feels like Polaris and Warlock ate the majority of the paint budget for this wave. ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. Found them on a humble..need colossus and cyclops then ill be done i wander if walmart or toys r us will get them.h

  14. Stopped in to two Targets the other day, but the only thing I found was one lonely Shatterstar figure. There are a couple more Targets I can check this weekend, though, so we will see …